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overcast 80 °F

Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts and Montana.

Great training week right out of the gates after Nationals. Got in some solid focused work with a higher quality on execution and mental focus. Every now and then I’ll think I am doing a good job staying focused on my goals and making lifestyle changes to better and more efficiently reach them….and then all of a sudden I crash thru to this new level. And its just like BOOM, My mind is at this new level of hungry for more. Choice leads to change. If getting faster was as simple as choosing to want to…then everyone would be doing it. The key is in persistence. Recognizing that each and every small action affects the machine, and that to get to where those big dreams can be reached will take nothing less than an extremely fine tuned machine.


Tradition & Commitment.

It’s been a while since I’ve lead a group in the outdoors. Since this time last year actually. It wasn’t ideal timing but I made a promise to the girls last summer that the Wauka tradition would continue. So, this past week my little sister and I were able to take a group of the most impressive, confident and strong girls out into the beautiful Adirondacks to spend some time close to the earth. The only thing that even comes close to rivaling my passion for triathlon is outdoor education. I am beyond proud of what our Wauka ladies accomplished this week, as individuals and as a family.


Kalispell, Montana

Spent a few days in Montana to share in the festivities of my brain twin, dearest friend and future old grey-haired lady best friend get married. It was a beautiful weekend. Lots of homemade touches to make the ceremony and reception seem so genuine and thoroughly about their love and who they are.

Then spent a few days just trying to get back home....broken planes = cancelled flight and another night in Kalispell....booooo

Other Random Thoughts

Substituting sleep with a double dose of Emergen-C and quad shot lattes does not work. It’s now proven science.

Why is it every single time my computer yells at me for ‘low battery’ I just click OK and then let it die on me 9 minutes later…repeatedly.

I miss track workouts, hugs and inappropriate text messages...(AKA Nick, get your butt out here to CO!)

A heart that is overflowing with happy, is something to never take for granted. I am thankful everyday. <3

“Without Limits” by Chrissie Wellington is a M-U-S-T read.

I think I might need to write a book on triathlon. “Training & Racing for the Homeless Athlete” It will highlight how to stay organized, focused and prepped when you are constantly on the move. I’ve been on over two dozen planes this year…visited 10 states…have had to break down and build my bike 8+ times (so far)…haven’t had an official address in two months…and it’s been pretty awesome.

Did you know this is the absolute best gluten free cereal in the world?
Well, now you do.

Finally back in Boulder.
I could tell right from the get-go that everything from here on out was going to be smooth sailing, you know why? Well. I'll tell you.
1. My checked bag was the first one to be plopped on the conveyer belt (yeah, how often does that happen!?)
2. Within 2 hours of being on the ground in CO I was in the pool at a Masters swim at Rally.
3. Within 5 hours I found a place to live, that is not my car or someone elses house.
4. Within 6 hours I was at Coot lake with my love, bestie, coach and all around wonderful people getting gearing up for team run.


Colorado just wins. Hard.

Here's to peace, being silly and once again ignoring low battery warnings,

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Age Group Nationals & Prep For London

sunny 75 °F

I've spent the last year entirely sure that Milwaukee wouldn't be able to stand even close to the incredible venue of Nationals the last two years. Burlington, VT was spectacular. A great city, beautiful waterfront, great course..It was awesome. And then Wisconsin happened. No joke. An equally fantastic city, a waterfront that looked more like the ocean and a much more thoughtfully designed course. USAT played their cards well on this one.

Prep Mode

After packing my bags via headlamp in the driveway. I was ready to rock. Got a lift to the airport from this amazing guy I know....and arrived to Milwaukee early afternoon. Assembled bike in rental car area...because per usual the car wasn't ready and I found myself having time to kill.
Found a great cycling shop (although nothing compares to New England Bicycle and got out for a brick workout on the course. Grocery shopped and passed out..hard.

Picked up pops at the airport, got a nice easy ride in and nailed a ton of practice on T2. Was going to be racing with new flats and didn't want to be fumbling all over the place. No no butter fingers, butterscoutch!!! We picked up our packets and were totally surprised to find bags that weren't just filled with lame flyers and a single gu. Shirt, hat, socks, and even free compression socks. Totally awesome and totally not going to happen at another race venue until next years Nationals.


Met up with Corey for some open water practice. Got a good feel for the water, and my new wetsuit. Huge love to Blueseventy for posting up a great prize at the Cohasset Triathlon. We all were feeling good in the water and were starting to get a litttlllleeee bit fired up. Went back to the hotel to rest...which really translated into dancing around the hotel to some Ghostland with my cap and goggles on. #energywasting (but soo needed)


Got in a great starting space and I shit you not was able to swim a majority of this race with out getting caught up, hung up, kicked, trampled, or even trampling anyone...It was wild. I found myself sighting a little bit too frequently in the beginning because I kept thinking that I must be wayyyyy off course since I wasn't experiencing the aquatic stampede. Paced myself well, established my stroke and after the turn cranked it up a bit to start making passes. Had a best time 22:06 - f-ing finally. I had felt plateud on the swim for quite some time now, so when my dad called out my time to me heading into T1 I got STOKED!

Boom. Eh maybe a little hangup on the ol' timing chip, but efficient for sure.

Best average for Watts - without overdoing and being toasted for the run. It was a good course. Fast. Roads were a little less than sexy and smooth but overall rockin'.


Had a plan and actually executed it. Got a just barely PR, but still a PR. I think the most important thing for me on this run was I learned more about how I function during the 10k, what things should feel like when you BUILD instead of FADE.

12th in age group
36th Chica overall
Faster than before...Not fast enough.

Back to MA

As much as I miss my Boulder life, spending time with family is priceless.

Up & Coming

Witch City Sprint : 2 days
My Brain Twins WEDDING in MONTANA : 7 days
Back to my boy, my friends, my coach, my lattes and everything Boulder: 10 days (that was a long one)
Boulder Peak: 14 days
World Championships: 30 days

Motivation of the Day


Here's to peace, bike make-overs and hugs

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Silly Aubers....Where did July go?

Happy 9 days till Nationals!

sunny 90 °F

The thought of re-capping the past month is a little overwhelming.
So instead. Some fun.


So...You want to date a triathlete?

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you ever try to bridge the gap between romance and multi-sport.

Side note: The mixing of the two does become significantly easier when both parties are in fact silly, obsessive athletes....it just makes all the weird little quirks seem less weird. i.e. Lasering your feet, wrapping ice on ankles and talking about swim splits over yogurt and fruit can be considered quality couple time...No Big Deal.

However, if tri's just aren't your groove but your sights are set on a swim-bike-run junky....Keep the following in your bag of tricks and you might be alright. Thanks to friends, family, strangers and google for sharing observations and contributions!

Insights into dating a multi-sport chick:

She can't change a car tire or add air to it....but she can change a flat on her bike in three minutes.

She might smell like chlorine and/or sunscreen at all times.

Try not to guilt trip her when she's ready for bed at 10 PM on a Friday. That's already past her bed time.

Yes, buying matching race gear could be the highlight of her week.

When she's gotta go she's gotta go...behind a tree, a car door it doesn't matter. No judging allowed.

She won't ever wear a diamond bracelet....but will wear the garmin and consider it an accessory.

Swimming, biking, and running are, in fact, the greatest things going on in her life at the moment. You are the icing on the cake.

Be prepared to provide plenty of forgiveness for the amount of training gear strewn between the front door and the kitchen.

Daily trips to the grocery store have the potential to be very exciting if properly embraced.

She does own a closet full of clothes that aren't spandex....give her a reason to wear them, after all that's what recovery days are for.

Compliments to or from other triathletes like “sexy wheel set,” “sweet aero gear,” or “nice calves” are not meant to incite jealously.

“I’m sleeping in this weekend” actually means “I'm not setting an alarm, but I'll probably be up for a swim and a three hour bike ride before 10”

“I’ll be over in a bit” probably references a 30 recovery ride around town and then showing up at your door in sweaty cycling gear.

Dinner & a movie simply implies that there will technically be a movie playing in the background while she eats and gets ready for bed.

She will never want a $400 purse, but will want a power meter for the road bike...or new running shoes

Looking at and talking about future races, race results and competitors splits....will never be old or repetitive.

Be sure to appreciate date nights.

Don’t worry if she bursts into tears, it's most likely hunger or exhaustion taking over.

Always remember that race season is the 5th and most important season of the year.

Insights in dating a multi-sport bro:

Bring food offerings early and bring them often. They won’t go to waste.

Don’t question their sanity when they get upset about running 10 seconds slower per mile. That’s normal.

Timeliness to meals will always be rewarded; lateness will be frowned upon.

“I’ve got a few things to do after work” usually means a bike-run workout followed by cooking, stretching, and falling into bed.

He will need to be subtly reminded that all meals don't need to be eaten while standing up in the kitchen still in bike kit.

Shaving legs are a rite of passage. At times his legs will be smoother than yours, its ok. He doesn't notice or care.

There will definitely be more than one trip to the grocery store on any given day.

Race day means you're getting up at 4am. No complaints...you just need to drink coffee and have a water bottle / banana on deck. He's racing.

Learn the lingo: Shiv. Negative Split. PR. Aero. Brick. Bonk. Zonky. T1 and T2. Fartlek.

Know his stats at the finish line.

After food, race gear and race fees you will be the 4th most important thing he spends money on.

Always remember that race season is the 5th and most important season of the year.

Quote of the moment:

The A - Race: Nationals - 9 days. Yikes.

Here's to peace, mountains and getting faster,

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Holy Sh*t!

June just literally rocked my socks off

sunny 90 °F

30 days done right

Sitting back to think about the past month is a little bit wild. I can't believe how much was jammed into this single calendar page. I'm also pretty damn excited to have a Mrs. Murphys iced coffee by my side. I haven't had a decent iced coffee in over a year. No lie. For you non-western massers...'murphs' is THE best coffee shop on this planet. Now you know.

Tally Time

5 Races. 4 Podiums. 3 States. 2 Overall Wins.
1 week of snuggles with Deely.
3 rounds of Bingo with Uncle Ray, Aunt Barbara, Nonnie and Pepe.
7 miles of ridiculous hill sprints and mile repeats with Nick
1 cup of clam chowda with JW and an oceanside view.
60 minutes of intentions, and hill repeats at 10pm with camp crew
3 open water swim dates with my Adam.
5 - number of rides I got caught in torrential downpour, and loved it.
92 hugs and counting from Meghan Emidy ; )
110% of dripping, gross, sticky humidity.
90degree heat of the day session of broken 800's at the track
6 Dr. Appointments. Woof.
18 - number of times I wished I knew how to french braid my hair
3 days in Vail with cool people, awesome dogs, bikes, boats and mud.
1 movie date with momma in Seattle
7 days of messed up training because I was sick. BUT the world didn't actually end like I thought it would.
1 epic fail of leaving the ipod on airplane. f-ing seat back pouches.
4 minutes of post-race TV interview


Up & Coming:

Epic new film project on the horizon. This will be a combined effort of EK endurance athletes and the Boulder tri club crew. Planning stage has begun, and oh man, hang on to your boot straps because this is going to be pretty intense. Goal = 100,000 youtube hits. And so far Elizabeth and I have a good track record when it comes to our crazy idea expectations.

Quote of the moment:


Proposal for Y-O-U

Take 3 minutes, write down 3 goals that you will accomplish within the next 3 weeks. Look at your list....erase one of those things and replace it with something bigger, something more of a reach.
Why not right? Get started. Have fun. Get it done.

Here's to peace, flippin' so much caffeine and even more humidity,

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Seattle, WA Recap

rain 60 °F

Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t lying….it sure rains a lot in Seattle. Thursday cats, dogs and other small animals were falling from the sky most of the day. This kept me inside for a bike and a swim.

24 Hour fitness sure is an interesting place. The air had more of a college party vibe than a training facility. People were dressed to impressed, color coordinated, accessorized, made-up, pumped up and doing their own unique version of a swaggery-strut as they eye-balled similar creatures of the opposite sex sipping on their protein or smart water bottles. It was an experience.

Oh and I didn’t realize that the ‘Axe body spray’ craze was still in existence. I thought this was something that was left behind somewhere back in the depths of middle school. Maybe the west-coast just has their own unique thang going down…but in my opinion no matter how ripped your bod might be if you smell like teenage cologne drenched boy….Woof. Just go home, have your mommy make you a sandwich while you play your video games and stop checking me out in the mirror while I awkwardly flop around on this foam roller! Geeeezzzzzz!!!

Oh. Also…
*Sorry this gym experience was just really pretty hilarious.
Since I did a good job at keeping these thoughts in my head while actually AT the gym..I have to get them out now.

1. Kipping pull-ups? Really.
I don’t care how many you can do, they are not real.

2. If my calves are more cut / bigger than yours....
that’s a deal breaker, k bye.

3. To the ladies: Sweating won’t kill you.

Ok. Enough for now. Phew. I feel better.

Opener day was much better. Skies cleared up big time. Nothing at the venue got rolling till the afternoon so mom and I got up into the Space needle for a little sight-seeing. It was beautiful. Aaaannd who would have thunk it…the rock and roll seattle marathon course and expo was being set up right there. They were to race Saturday as well. I got a little zippy in my step as I felt the marathon energy. Can’t wait till October!

This race was created with the intent of mimicking the ITU professional circuit from everything to race start time, transition set-up, rules , course layout. It drew competitive fields, including several girls who had spent 2012 racing pro. Yikes! Not that I need the reassurance but events like this do nothing but confirm my intense and unwavering desire to continue to grow within this sport and make it my life. There truly is no plan B.


We’ll keep this short and sweet.
First off, I absolutely have to mention how lucky we were with the weather. Mt. Rainer is one of the most difficult mountains in the U.S to get a clear view of. Even rarer than Mt. McKinley in Alaska which you only have a 40% chance of seeing.
Well. We got it. On race day. For the entire day. BOOM.

I no longer feel like a swimmer and no, I don’t care to elaborate on this right now.

I was able to come out of the water with two other girls however, which is huge since the event was draft-legal. We were the only group on the bike – everyone else was working solo (huge disadvantage) Pulled things together after a while. We caught up to two other girls who joined our group. Being the strongest rider in the group I was frustrated, and repeatedly tried to pick up the pace. I opted to stay with the group and not make a break-away because I really had nowhere to go/no one within bridging distance and we were making progress and catching up on 3rd place. Sticking with the plan of not doing too much more work than everyone else in my group and having the rest would prove to be worth it on the run, a mistake I have already made once before in Clermont. After the fourth lap I did break away from the group – 2nd and 3rd were only 25’’ up and I wanted to have a little bit of a gap on my group going into T2.

A girl from my bike group passed me early on, ¼ mile in. I stayed on her shoulder and pulled way ahead of her by ½ mile. (She did like zero work on the bike which was uber obnoxious so there was no way I was going to let her fresher legs place ahead of me) Anywayssss…… Pushed hard. Dug as deep as I could and held my 4th place position.

I’m telling you though... Sprints are not my jive. I would rather do double the distance any day.

I think as a crew we all really brought our A-game and their were such impressive performances across the field. I was able to connect with and meet some awesome girls, several from Colorado, even right in the Springs! Totally looking forward to logging some epic training hours with these ladies who can really bring the heat!

Mom & I post race

Ok. Maybe not super short and sweet on the recap side of things.
I just got excited. ; )

Quote of the moment:

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential….these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius

So. I tend to fixate on a song. I’ll find one that just does something to me, either pumps me up thru the roof, relates to my thoughts or emotions particularly well or just makes me dance around my room by myself…maybe even all three of those things. Once I find a song that has this affect….I’ll listen to it over and over and over…never tiring. Until the next one comes along. So.
Announcing the new category…

Sending it hard on repeat / Song of the moment:

Click here to JAM

Here’s to peace, opening your mind and staying true,

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