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Observations from Fitness Centers

Inappropriate Actions & Bad Choices Volume I

sunny 64 °F

As promised I have begun work on a compilation of all those WTF moments one observes while in public fitness facilities. Thank you to those who contributed, and as sure as people are weird this list will grow ; )

Before and After

- Public hair dryers are not meant to venture below your waist. (This is exponentially more important to know if you plan on balancing your 300lbs of naked flesh on one leg while the other is propped up on the bench)

-Reconsider your life choices if you apply make-up and accessorize in preparation of your work-out.

-Taking pictures of yourself flexing should be reserved for your private bathroom space.

-When you post these pictures on facebook people ‘lol’ at how lame you are.



-Wearing your tinted goggles in the hot tub doesn’t hide the fact that you are not using the hot-tub jets for their intended function. Gross.

-If your workout involves 20 minutes of goggle adjustment, 45 minutes of swimming and then 25 minutes of chit-chatting in the shallow end it does not equal a 90 minute swim session.

-Doing 50’s on 3minutes does not constitute an aerobic workout.

“Picking things up and putting them down”

-Walking around the weight area with a gallon jug of water does not make you look like a bad ass.

-Seek proper instruction for using free weights. This does not mean watch someone who looks fit and copy what they are doing. You will get hurt and people will silently giggle at your mashed-up weight lifting dance.

-FYI to 80% of the dudes:The human body has more muscles than just bi's, tri's and shoulders.

-“ I just love those shirtless sleeves and hearing your echoing grunts while you bicep curl” Said no endurance athlete ever.



-Singing out loud when you are wearing headphones…..is actually kind of awesome, that can happen. : )

-The mirrors are there so you can people watch. Stop checking yourself out.

-People notice that you are checking them out in the mirrors, don’t be a creeper.

-If I have overheard you telling somebody about your PALEO post-race snack more than 3 times chances are they too have heard you and want you to shut the f*ck up.

The Treadmill Race

-Every time the person next to you adjusts their settings doesn’t mean you need to spend 30-45 seconds awkwardly gawking at their ‘data’. Instead of worrying about me, just run faster.

-If you are running on a treadmill, looking out the window at beautiful sunshine and clean roads….you just fail.

Quote of the Day:
If you know what you want, why would you settle for anything but that.

The results are in. Back to back race days.
Stay tuned for the scoop, the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop.

Here's to peace, new friends and sun shiny days

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Long Weekend Bliss

#waffles, steaks on the girl, boulder training day, registrations, and a bike-run, bike-run, bike-run afternoon

sunny 50 °F

EK-14 Boulder Edition

This was a top-secret training session with coach Eric Kenney and several other athletes up at Rally Sport in Boulder, CO.
I'd tell you the details, but that defeats the purpose of top-secret. But, I can tell you that it was the best possible way to spend Saturday morning.After a nice lunch I met up with my beloved JK, which also makes Boulder days the best : )

Did you know?

1. Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp.
2. There are 13 Land Before Time movies. How on earth does that happen? (Talk about ruining a good thing)
3. Air Jordans account for more than 50% of the global shoe market
4. Peanut Butter cheerios exist. And they are AWESOME.
5. Spandex was invented in 1959. And it wasn't sexy then either.
6. The first bicycle race is believed to have been a 1,200 meter race on May 31st 1868 in Paris.

Triple Brick & BBQ Love

"Let's stop at Criterium Bicycles on the way up to Cherry Creek today. It'll be super fast"
90 minutes, and half a paycheck later......we were on the road!!

Spent the afternoon switching back and forth from threshold bike intervals to quick brick runs. Back and forth. Back and forth.
It was awesome. Fought a huge head wind for most of the training session which is frustrating and exciting all at the same time.
Justin did some high quality grilling while I cooled down and we had a perfect lake-side steak dinner. : )


This encompasses triathletes pretty well....

"This is carbon right?"
"It's just a 'b' race, you know, a training race"
"I just really need to replace my electrolytes right now"

Other Updates

You know what sucks? Mis-reading a race date.
Thinking and planning a travel race under the impression that race day is SUNDAY, and then finding out it is Saturday. Yeah, that sucks.

Got an email the other day from Bill Burnett, Clermonts race director. There is a special offer for the draft legal athletes to 'double up' and also race in the age group race on Sunday. His email was asking if I would like to race back to back. Two days, two races.....Is that really even a question?

Quote of the moment:

“Tis' better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else's perfectly.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert


18 days: Clermont Draft Legal
1 month and 1 week: International Waffle Day

Here's to peace, greek yogurt and altitude

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Dear Colorado:

Have I told you lately that I love you?

snow 26 °F

Pre-Season Update

Boulder Round II

Justin & I spent the day in Boulder towards the end of January. We got in a 3 hour ride which included our first climb up Flagstaff Mountain. It was a total throw back to our Europe trip, good switchbacks, beautiful views and lots of getting mildly misplaced as we tried to ride through downtown. Ended our 'date' with a brick trail run and then a nice late lunch at Mountain Sun. You've definitely found something special when quality time with the person you love can coincide with a good training session.

Winter Series III

My first DNF...ever. (DNF = "Did not finish") Opted to throw in the towel after 5.5 miles, tendons were too tight. This was one of the few times I have ever prioritized the big picture of training and race goals over the present moment/event. It's an important thing to remember, especially when your on the stubborn side of the athlete spectrum. There will be days that you need to ease up, in order to be stronger and more consistent for when it counts. Race day. Race day which is less than one month away now! Yikes : )

Gearing up:

Brick workout: 2 hour ride, 30 minute brick run in Z3. (*to be followed by a swim later in the evening) gottalovesundays!

Cherry Creek State Park.

Beautiful view from the setting of a threshold ride.
2 hour ride with 4 x 10minutes max effort. Goal being consistent!!

Quality advice:

No matter how old, how busy or how tired you might be.

Other Bits of Advice*:

"*advice that I have told myself several (hundred) times and have yet to follow"

1. Do not have peanut butter before any type of training session.
2. Stretching takes a few minutes. You will not be fine if you skip it.
3. Not even one spoonful of the PB, just walk away.
4. A wet bathing suit in left in car is worth the trip back outside, because a suit-icle is beyond UNBEARABLE.
5. Dear Aubrey, instead of having peanut butter go outside and consume a rock. The feeling will be the same on your interval run.

Find of the week:

Drop everything you are doing right now, get your butt to the store and indulge on this childhood throw-back.
It's not quite the same since the berry ones are no longer the shape of grape clusters. But, mix this up with some cheerios and you can't go wrong.

bPositive Shout Outs

Got me a pair of yoga pants for $12 and some of the softest t-shirts I have EVER owned! Use the code "inspiredtri" at checkout to save 10% ANNNNDDDDD help support my 2013 race season. Good kharma points will also result.


Clermont Elite Development: 25 days

Quote of the Moment:

Be thankful for everyday. Even the rough days.
It is the hard days that move us forward, encourage growth and inspire new goals.

Here's to peace, not living in New England, and snuggly Labradors,

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January in Colorado Springs

T-shirts, a dusty bike trainer, trail races and sunshine.

semi-overcast 60 °F

Pikes Peak Winter Race Series

Cheyenne State Park 7 mile: 8th place
El Pomar 8 mile: 12th place

Lessons Learned:

First off. Ladies here can RUN! If there is one thing I have learned in Colorado it is that all races start fast. After a little while, you think that initial rush will slow down, maybe at least just a little bit. But then it doesn't. The pace is just fast, consistently fast. So fast. Colorado houses a lot of beasts.

Secondly. I need to remember that many of the gals at these races, are runners. They don't have a swim workout to complete later in the day. They did not spend hours on the bike the day before. They can focus on the RUN. They also show up to these races, tapered and with pacers. Sigh. What do fresh legs even feel like?

Just for Fun

The first three words that you see, will be things that are sure to come your way this year.
What do you see?!?!
Mine: Honesty, Win, Freedom

Boulder, CO

Spent the morning riding and having a delicious lunch with Kyle.
Then got to catch up with my lovely lady Buttons.
Thankful for Good friends. Bikes. Beet Burgers. & Bhakti Chai.


Part of my sponsorship with bPositive this year is an individual promo code. Purchases YOU make with this code will receive a 10% discount. In addition, a portion of ALL purchases will come back to help sponsor race entry fees this year.

So, please.....get something nice for yourself ; )
Enter Promo Code @ Checkout: inspiredtri

Post Workout Smoothie:
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1.5 cups almond milk
Ice cubes
Complete a butt kicking, mentally challenging, body breaking workout. Then combine ingredients in blender for 30-45seconds. Pour in tall glass. Sit on soft, smushy couch and enjoy.

Did you know?
If the average person knew that it takes 1 mile of running to burn just 100 calories....
1 scoop of icecream = 2 miles
Cheeseburger = 7-8 miles
Piece of pepperoni pizza = 3 miles

We all deserve our treats, splurges and cheats. Hell, I owe 4 miles just for a few late night white chocolate truffles last night. Being AWARE keeps us healthy, smart and focused.

Quotes of the moment:
“Running is a mental sport, more than anything else. You're only as good as your training, and your training is only as good as your thinking.”
― Lauren Oliver

Countdown to Clermont:
1 month; 12 days

Here's to peace, consistency and sun dried tomato chicken penne

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Goals, random stuff, training updates, sponsors and some old school flashbacks to kick off the new year!

sunny 50 °F

2013 is upon us....yikes!
How does time go this so fast?

Only a few days in, and already things are lining up in an exciting way for the season. Training is amping up...getting strong, staying focused. And the support is incredible...


First and foremost, I gotta give some love to Litefighter Systems for supporting and believing in my dreams this year.
Litefighter Girl here we gooooooo!

Let's not forget that proper recovery is key to racing success
Trifecta Wines

Amongst many things, I couldn't get to Worlds in London this year with out WEU & WWS Truly the best in outdoor adventure and education.

If we're gonna work hard, let's look good while we do it!
b Positive Project
Stay tuned for some sweet dolla dolla saving promo codes soon!

Heck yeah, being able to listen to music IN THE POOL!!! X-1 Audio Seriously, have you ever listened to Gangnam Style while swimming a set!?

Other Stuff...

Forget New Years Resolutions.
Let's talk PLANS! Let's talk DREAMS! Let's talk GOALS!

My Dad always said that when you have a goal, once you speak it out loud you had better go after it.
Once it is out there on the table, it can be YOURS if you work hard enough.

So here it is. Out there. On the Table. Out loud.
For The Pro Card Dream:
Swim - 22:10 / 1:22 Pace
Bike - 1:06:18 / 22.4mph
Run - 40:09 Minutes / 6:28pace
SUB 2:09 for an Olympic Course

Just for Me:
Sub 1:30 in a half marathon
Complete my first 26.2
Florida Training Week
6 x Incline Repeats
First overall...out of men and women in a triathlon.

Winter Race Point Series

The Winter Blues Won't Get Me!

  1. 1 January 12 – 7 miles
  2. 2 January 26 – 8 miles
  3. 3 February 9 – 10 miles
  4. 4 February 23– 12.4miles

Blast From The Past

Such a cutie pie...the puppy of course!

Quote of the Day:
You reduce stress when you identify, prioritize, act, and complete tasks that move you closer to happiness.
You also improve your well-being and better understand yourself when you take positive, concrete steps toward achievement.

Clermont Elite Development Race: 2 months, 2 days!!

Here's to peace, learning to cook and pushing the limits,

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