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snow 24 °F

New Commitment:

First the back story....
Obnoxious music is blasting from my parked car. I'm gearing up my warm bike layers, munching on a banana, trying to eye-ball a place where I can discretly squat before I hop on my bike. Then, I'm startled by a car pulling up and rolling down their window to chat. "Hey, so the other day I rode 12 up this way, and then ended up turning around to do 8 down to the south....and today I was able to get in a quick 20.....blah blah...." (Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to not look extremely confused as to why this lady is giving me a play by play on her mileage of the weekend) After 2-3 minutes of one-way workout recaps she finally draws the conclusion of, "If you are planning on heading out on the trail at all be careful, its still a bit icey as you head north.

I am well aware that triathletes are an interesting breed, and yes we tend to be a bit self-absorbed.
But this was just so over the top. Because of this interaction I am going to install a ''No Mileage Bombing" clause to the season.
Meaning, unless directly asked, I will not go out of my way to discuss/mention/brag about how many miles I've racked up.
Well, that's the theory at least.

What if you had to chose:

Being overdressed or underdressed?
Verdict: Overdressed. Being cold is the single most miserable feeling.

Training buddies snot rocket to the face or epic launch fail of your own snot rocket?
Verdict: My own (Yeah yeah, go ahead and judge me on this one)

Grossest part of a cyclists gear? Booger gloves or bike short pad?
Verdict: Tie. (*BECAUSE shorts get washed WAY more often than gloves. Fact)

The best and worst smells of cycling


Anything BBQ
Just after rain
On coming snow
Your stinky stanky sweat from a super long ride smell


Captain D's seafood
Exhaust from things with more than four wheels
Anything squished poop
Skunk, skunk and then more skunk.
Cologne leaking out from passing cars
Yours stinky stanky sweat from a super long ride smell

This blog is called 'Brain on Bike' so it would be incomplete to not include the most common thought of all:
FYI: The ouch level of these areas increase ten-fold when
A. You've been off the bike for 6 weeks and B. You're on a trainer.
oh and C. Your actual bike seat is way smaller, and harder than this one pictured.

Up and Coming

Some new sponsorships are on the horizon.
Any guesses?

Registration season is upon us.
In the next week or so I should be signed up and locked in for most of my seasons events.

Quote of the moment:

Treasure your family.

Here's to peace, sneaking holiday cookies and long runs,

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Tis the Holiday Season

But don't drink any booze or eat unhealthy treats. Oh and you have four back to back days of three hour rides coming up. Ho Ho Ho

sunny 44 °F

So. There I was standing in the spin room of the bike shop, decked out in spandex, shoes on and chit chatting with the guy setting up the audio/visual equipment.
Setting up my bike, blabber blabber blabber. Paying no attention to the weird looks I was presently receiving....
Then, I felt it. Yup. Old habits die hard, because one does most certainly not need a helmet on while riding indoors.

Luckily only the first few times back in the water felt like this.

Being our first winter season in Colorado, I must say this is not what I had in mind.
Yesterday we had our first real "snow" in the springs. I eagerly put on all that cold-weather gear that never gets any love these days and headed out into the blustery 19 degrees. Between the fresh fallen snow and the 30 mph gusts it was no surprise to have the trails to myself.
No footprints, no mountain bikers squeeling up behind me and no yippy dogs on their daily jaunt.
It was so peaceful. Until mile 3 when my checks were stuck in a perma-smile.
A frozen perma-smile. Trying to frown physically hurt my frozen skin.
Finished up the run, thawed out, chomped a banana and went to the pool with Justin.

However, where did this start? Oh yes, back to Colorado weather.
Today, 50 degrees, blue skies and little to no trace of any snow.
Crazy. I kinda like it.

Got in my 1:10 trail run at Garden of the Gods this afternoon, a significantly over-dressed 1:10 - but good just the same.

Currently, I am giving my very best effort to make a roasted chicken dinner. Complete with roasted yams and fresh seasoned green beans.
So far, the smells from the oven are not those of death, and there are no smoke alarms sounding.
The dog has also not retreated to the farthest corner of the house. Which she does on occasion.
I will take these as good signs.

Quote of the day:
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose!"
--Dr. Suess

Here's to peace, wool socks & new music,

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Back To The Grind

"When in doubt, just get really, really strong. It tends to cure most problems in training – and life." - Wendler

snow 20 °F




It's only been one week.
But I have a feeling one of the best decisions I will have made this year is to start working one on one with a coach for the season.


2 1/2 hour bike ride up and around the Air Force Academy. Bricked with a 30 minute run.
Yowza headwinds, 40 degrees and 3,000' elevation gain.
What could be better for a Saturday afternoon?!?


A very big thank you to Trifecta Cellars and Wine for a very generous sponsorship opportunity for the 2013 season!
I look forward to embracing their 'WIN WIN WIN' philosophy out on the race course.
Good things DO come in threes!


E-Card of Truth:


Quote of the Day:

“It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.”
― Lou Holtz


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Gearing Up & Chowing Down

November 2012

overcast 65 °F

The Tally:

30 minute bubble bath
12 peanut butter cookies
10 rounds of scattergories
8 bottles of wine
6 mountain bike rides
4 nights of buffalo mac n cheese
4-5 hits on the pumpkin my first time out shooting
3 hours of live Transiberian Orchestra
2 days of baking
1 spicy chicken deluxe from chik-fil-a
1 three hour post turkey nap

The incredible show in Denver

Well. Off season has been pretty darn great.
Sometimes this so nice and so relaxing that I think that this can't possibly ever have to end.
Buttttt then I'll get scribbling my race notes or season goals and start to get that itch. And I realize that the stir-crazy little athlete in my head (the one who has been watching me walk past my running shoes for a month...) is going to explode with much more of this. Then I get excited. Excited for what's around the corner, and excited to push my limits.

On that note:
I have a coach for the 2013 racing season.
Eric Kenney of EKEndurance Coaching. Hoot Hoot!

He and I met today up in Boulder to chat and lay out goals for how I will be training this year.
Then we geared up for a ride......
50 miles later......

Holy shit. What a great ride. I was pretty excited that I kept truckin' - for not being on my bike in, um, a month....It wasn't as murderous as I thought it would be. But, then again....we'll see about tomorrow. Muah ha ha.


1 week: 2013 Season

Quote of the moment:


Here's to peace, netflix & gearing up the motivation,

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just a good ol' flashback to spring-time rides in the springs.

overcast 56 °F

My Brain on Road Bike

Blast from the past:
05.02.2012 70 °F

11:31am - Damn. It feels freakin' AWESOME to be on the bike.

11:32am - I think I'm getting sunburnt, already.

11:35am - WTF happened to my right hood/brake?

11:36am - Those bastards at the bike shop, seriously. seriously. you can't put a bike together right? isn't that your joooobbbbb?

11:38am - I miss New England Bicycles. If Brian was here right now I'd be riding faster, come on aubs, pick it up a bit.

11:44am - Explosive expleatives at the fatty bizotch who almost t-boned me on her way to pick up her extra super frosty mcbeef shake.

11:50am - New series of curse words for the suited up grease ball who cut me off coming out of Kentucky-McArby-Bell.

11:52am - Serious debating on what the most dangerous time of day to be cycling is and who is the most commonly offending demographic.

12:01pm - RAIN. Glorious rain. Ouch. Damn, is that hail? It stings. Ouch. Ahh. WTF!?

12:08pm - That was weird. Good thing I stopped at the gas station to cop a trashbag for my camera.

12:10pm - I should take some pictures. Eh. In a little while

12:12pm - Oh you sneaky bizotch. (woman who passed me pulling into garden of the gods)

12:16pm - Wow. Chicks out here can ride. This ain't massachusetts that's for sure.

12:18pm - Eh. Pretty close to catching up.

12:20pm - WHOA. Racoon? No way. That was definitly a wolverine. (Then I continued to make a mental list of all the things I knew about wolverines....that was a very short list)

12:28pm- Finally riding somewhere beautiful. F-you colorado springs and your 6 lane roadways.

12:40pm - Holy head-wind batman.

12:45pm- Took 4 right hand turns around a block for the sack of a science experiment. How is it possible that there was a headwind on 3 of the 4 streets??? Still puzzled on that one.

1:00pm - I miss water. rivers. streams. lakes. ponds. sigh. this is the freakin' desert.

1:01pm - Burning flesh on my arms.

1:04pm - Pouring rain, mud puddles.

1:06pm - Rain sound on a tent rain fly. Take me there right now.

1:10pm - How is it that I get lost every freakin' ride I take? This is a god-damn grid system.

1:11pm - God country. Gun country. How is the springs a combination of both?

1:13pm - blank. blank. blank. blank

1:20pm - I'm soooo glad that I don't have any babies. (brought on by the crying baby and freaking out toddler on the sidewalk with a miserable mommy....not just a random thought. well. actually, i guess I do have that random thought frequently)

1:22pm - 3 years ago I was in the Galapagos getting ready to go home. I miss Amanda. I miss juice box wine, sea lions and reading dozens on novels on the beach while my skin crisps to 27 shades my normal color. I miss Gaby, she's a flippin' teenager now. How crazy is that.

1:25pm - I should run away there again. Yes. That will happen.

1:33pm - climb. climb. climb. woof. more climbing.

1:40pm - home at least. give me my peanut butter cheerios. yup. that's right, two of my favorite things are now combined into one. holllaaaaa

Brain on Mtn Bike Today

loveloveloveridingontrails.yay.yay.yay.happyday" Repeat x 10

Hmm....A little bit of a mental contrast I would say.

Anyways. Cheers to the trails!
Off-season is treating me well.
Yummy food, lots of beer and time to get all stir crazy for 2013.

7mile obstacle race tomorrow with Justin, in our back yard. Yup. #wincolorado.

Here's to peace, buffalo chicken, and sweat pants

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