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World Champs - New Zealand

Racers, Airplanes and Kiwis..Oh My!

overcast 60 °F

Airport Notes:

Triathletes are a funny breed. I think sometime in the future I'll do an entire entry devoted to the idiosyncrasies of a multi-sport athlete.
Until then I stand by the belief that no matter how hardcore you are, visors in the airport?
Not. Ok.

However, race shoes, clutch for TSA security screenings.
I got to practice 'transitioning' into my race shoes like 4 times. BAM. ; )



"What was the water temp?"
me: 56 degrees.
"Was it cold?"
me: blank stare. um. are you serious?
for the record anything below 60....f-ing freezing.

Profile Design wetsuit gave me quite the slashing on the neck. The abrasion was so bad that it was dripping blood onto my legs when I was riding.
It also added a nice and gruesome slit-throat look to my finishing photos. Eeek.
Product testing? Anyone? Anyone?

Course was beautiful. 2 laps, 4 decent climbs on each one.
Was able to redeem my swim performance a little bit by jumping up 20 places.
Haven't had that much FUN on my bike since....since....the last time I raced, I suppose!

Flat. Fast. Double Loop.
The ultimate in venue set-up. New PR.
Passed by a fish market (x2). There is nothing quite like the over-powering, gut-wrenching smell of fish guts during a race.

16th in age group / 76 total. 1st in from the USA
64th women / 686 total


Overall Season Impressions

Went thru quite a lot of ups and downs. The majority of the season felt like a butt kicking all the way around.
Nationals and Worlds were by far my strongest performances, which made the season feel progressive and overall productive.
A shift of overall commitment next season will be a big factor.
The small decisions develop into the big picture, which will become your performances.

New Zealand Sneak Peak:


Sarah Groff did an interview recently and when asked about her off season plans.
She answered: "Very little physical activity, beyond taking the dog on hikes and some yoga.
I try to get as stir-crazy as possible on my break; I appreciate my return to training more!"
Sounds good to this girl!

Out of Order until December 2nd ; )

Quote of the moment:
"There is a time for everything: A time to relax and a time to be busy,
a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish"
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Here's to Autumn, Love & Chilly Mornings,

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Colorado 2012

The big, the bad, the bold and the best of.....

overcast 60 °F

Let's give this a go.
Re-capping an entire year, a whole race season and a ton of new beginnings.

Snapshot Moments

Sitting on my back porch steps and buying those plane ticket to Europe.
It's amazing what travel can inspire.

Cresting the summit of Pikes Peak after 3hours and 23 minutes of climbing, climbing, climbing.
This goes into the archive of most incredible bike experiences ever.

Incline at night to watch the "fireworks" with Justin.
Having Sonic on the way home AND rocking out the Carly Rae with the windows down.
I am lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Getting a quick visit with Juan Pablo. Haven't seen him since Worlds 2010.
Always a great friend.

Finish Line Photo
Finish line at Nationals and actually feeling proud of my performance, from start to finish.

Having my family and friends support me at Nationals.
AND then getting to watch my Dad compete at Sprint Nationals, and do great!

Going down the "steps" on my mtn bike @ the Garden.

Deelys getting in shape too.
She's getting to be quite the runner, but nobody knows recovery better than this pup.

Best Performance / Proudest Race Moment

Nationals 2012.
A very consistent swim and bike performance.

  • 8 seconds per 100yds faster on my swim than in 2011, despite the white-caps.
  • 21.5 mph - right on the head with bike split last year.
  • 10K Run was a personal best. After 10 months of sub-par running results. I finally hit a benchmark goal. 6:46 pace.

13th in my age-group - which earns me a space with TEAM USA in 2013 for Worlds in London.
Euro-trip anyone!?!?

Short Term Goals

-Decompress after Worlds. For real. No planning, no stressing. Just a whole lot of wine, late nights and adventures.
-Take an EMT course for the winter.
-Pursue sponsorships for the 2013 season.
-Do yoga.
-Ski in Powder.

Quote of the moment:
"Race day has nothing to do with luck. You get what you trained for."

Something to strive for:
The present. The exact moment you are in. That is what matters, make the most of it.
Horizons are great and all, but if you are always looking towards the distance you will trip on the ground your own two feet are standing on.
Appreciation. Patience.

Love Love Love goes out to.......

New England Bicycle.
Click This. Really, Do it.
Because even though I am living thousands of miles away, they are still the best and most reliable bike shop I've ever found.
I do really miss coffee runs and afternoon catch-ups with Brian and Seth.

Clif Bar for all the awesome swag and product this year.

Momma and Poppa Wilderness Experiences.
Adventure Begins Here
For everything. All of it.

Current Countdown:
09 Days till Age-Group Worlds in New Zealand.

Current Song:
Madonna "Like a Prayer".
Don't laugh.

Here's to peace, the 80's and snow-capped mountains,

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Get After It.

"People may doubt what you say....but they will believe what you do"

semi-overcast 50 °F

Seasons really coming in for a close, with just one more event left.
October 2nd in Dallas is the 'Race to the Toyota Cup US Championship'
This will be a really deep field - qualification races across the country only send top 10 overall for each gender.

Can't believe Nationals were a month ago already.
So much life has happened since then.

Camp 2011.
Best summer I can remember. Truly.
Staff - Mystery Dinner 2011

Capture the Flag - Session 8

5150 US Championships in Iowa (9/4)
4th place amateur female
1st place in 25-29 age group by 8 minutes.
Won $650 in Orca/Orbea product gift cards.

Bridget was my travel buddy.

Upon checking into the hotel not only was there a sea of funny looking athletes
(you know the scene...obnoxiously colored running shoes, compression socks on up to our knees, a visor and/or shades on our head, water bottle in hand and at least one item made of 80% spandex....)
But there were people dressed in medieval attire. We even saw one pirate.
Apparently there was a renaissance banquet occurring....not that that explains the pirate.....

Skipped the Nations Tri in DC because of a developing overuse injury in my legs / hips
(more specifically my left lateralis, right medius, and left adductor)
The swim portion for DC was cancelled anyway, so I was glad that I opted to recover and not race.

Justin and I drove out to Dartmouth, MA this past Sunday for Buzzards Bay race.
I <3 ocean swims.
I hadn't raced a sprint in months. You blink and its over.
My dad raced too and did AWESOME! Second in his age group.

October 2nd - Toyota Cup Champs
November 2nd - Fly into Rome, Italy for 1600 miles of biking in Europe.

Quotes of the Moment:
"To get there you must be fueled by talent, will and ridiculous amounts of training...."

-3 yr old at Montessori when shown a "Sugar Maple" leaf

"Aubrey has to come to my birthday party, ok mom?"
-8 yr old private swim lesson star, Katie. (Her birthday is 3 months away)

Here's to peace, dancing trees and so much love,

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Part I - National Championships

Select Items Packed for Nationals:
8 pounds of bananas (well, not really....)
7 puzzle piece notes (only 3 of which I've found so far..) <3
6 bottles of vitamins (I am my mothers daughter)
5 EPIC mix CDs (I really only needed one of them....since I spent a solid hour listening to "Super Bass" on repeat)
4 books / magazines - all tri-oriented (to read while I lay in the grass next to Champlain tomorrow)
3 pairs of sunglasses (a race pair, driving pair, obnoxious pair...all necessary)
2 dresses
1 blender

I can't even describe how excited I am to be here.
I am also so so so happy that I've already come up to get familiar with the course and the area. I just feel confident now. *Thank you

Went down to the lake this afternoon and ran intervals along the finish line strip.
This is going to be one hell of a venue when its ready to roll.

Afterwards I stopped into the "Healthy Living Market"....and got lost for almost an hour.
This place brought a whole new level of standard to organic & local groceries.
Trader Joes would be embarrassed to be next to this place.
Unreal. F-you 'organic aisle' of Big Y.

Other Up-Coming Races:
5150 Championships : September 2nd
Nations Tri in DC : September 11th
Race to the Toyota Cup Championships: October 2nd
(THEN a jump into off season....for two months of cycling around europe. No biggie.)

Quote of the moment:
"Begin Now."

Quite the crew coming up for the weekend....
I'm a lucky girl to have friends & family who are so supportive and AWESOME.

Updates soon...

Here's to peace, persistence and nothing missing,

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Dreams. Work. Life. Love.

"....at last the ladder, which had been built slowly, slowly, one hope at a time, reached up to the clouds. And the dreamer began to climb."

Quick recaps & assorted rambling:
Phily race went pretty well.
4th woman overall - should have had third place....lost it a little on the run.


Camp is in full swing. I know I have said this before, but it has been a very long time since we have had a staff this cohesive and incredible.
There is just so much connection and balance that everything is easy, smooth and fun.
Work just doesn't feel like work when everyone pulls their weight and then some.

Wisdom teeth ordeal is done and healed. Lots of love to everyone for their patience, support and icecream dates
I promised the surgeon I would take a week off of training....I lasted 5 days.

Massachusetts State Triathlon is this upcoming Sunday.
STOKED to race. It's been 3 weeks (Which is the longest raceless stint I'll have to survive through until October)
Thank goodness.

Nationals are in 5 weeks.

Here's to peace, surprises and all things real,

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