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O-F-F Season

Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France.....and its only just begun

70 °F

Having already spent the time and money to travel to Hungary....why not stay another month to travel and really enjoy myself this off season?
Plus, being overseas and away from my bike actually ensure that I wont be riding and training hard.
Rest is as important as kicking your ass on double brick workout afternoons.

So. Here I am, in Southern France. (Until tomorrow when Bridget and I hop the train to Italy)
We are staying at an incredible hostel, originally only signed up for two nights, but are now going on night number four.
We are essentially living on a small college campus. The only difference being the kids here are all world travellers, they are all super cool and inviting, and we dont have classes - meaning we can go out to the local basement bar, and dance on the tables while a local band rips the room apart. Needless to say we are having a great time.

Every morning I am still up at 7am, tying up my running shoes - and going for some quality distance runs. Gotta build up that foundation.
The past few mornings have been along the Mediterranean Coast. Before that it was the Rhone River Boardwalk, and the forested trails of Fusson, Germany.
Stanley park just won't be as magical.

Pre-Season Training will Start when I get home - and then around December 1st I'll turn it over into real training mode.

I am also lining up and laying out my 2011 race schedule and goals.
It is in having done that, that I will officially declare that I am taking 2011 to pursue racing on / towards a professional level.
There are big goals, big races and hopefully an elite license somewhere out there on the docket - - - we'll just have to wait and see.
But, too many people don't try hard enough to reach for what they really want. Nothing is too out of reach if you truly want it.

Quote of the Day:
"I don't wake up every morning and decide that I going to go running...The choice was made a long time ago. I will run."

Attention all men of France.
1. It does not matter how hot you are, or how cute your accent. It is NEVER ok to wear a louis vitton man purse. (even if you opt to call them a satchel or a bag....they are purses)
2. Real men do not go running in a white windsuit with a matching dolce and gabbana custom hat.
3. Fanny backs are also not acceptable.

1. In the fruit, flower and fish market: A pile of fish were still alive, despite being on ice and on the sale table all morning......
2. The tram ticketing men look like a brutally intimidating swat team.
3. There is only one train daily to get to Barcelona...and it fills up a week in advance.

Here's to Peace, Passports and New Energy,

P.S. Congrats to those who raced in Nationals this past weekend!!!
P.P.S. National in 2011 are in BURLINGTON VERMONT - Sometime in late August. HOLLERRRRR (and yeah, that did require capital letters and an excessive number of 'R's

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