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Brick Sunday

A play by play of the start of week #2....

semi-overcast 32 °F

Internal Dialouge:

Cycling Mile 1-3 "It's cold. Really cold. What am I doing...and why is this vicious head wind so relentlessly pounding 38 degree air against my soon to be wind burnt and numb cheeks?.....Am I going to warm up? I am going to New England Bicycle tomorrow to get a head/face warmer mask type thing. Yes. I wil do that."

Cycling Mile 3-6 "I love hills. I also love that I am totally warming up. Even though this entire gorge climb is in the shade, with a ripping wind."

Cycling Mile 6-16 "Wow, that is the sixth mini-van / SUV in a row that has passed with a Christmas Tree tied to the roof. Thank god I am out on my bike instead of stomping around a field in search of 'the perfect tree' while wearing earmuffs and a horridly festive sweater. Hmmmm......well there is the tree farm where everyone is browsing. Yup, bad sweaters....I can spot them from here." Biking Biking Biking "That pick-up had three trees in it....I wonder if all those trees are for one house...that seems rather excessive. Maybe its a neighborhood affair? But why is there only one person in the cab...."

Cycling Mile 17 "I haven't drank any water yet. That's probally not good" ((Drank three huge gulps of really really cold water))

Cycling Mile 17.3 "Well. I just threw up three large gulps of really really cold water. All over my right leg. Next time, I will use warm water and drink slower. That felt horrible"

Cycling Mile 17.3-20 "I am going to conclude that despite the little puking incident and the fact that the water slop is now frozen on my biking tights, I am still a bazillion times happier being out on the road - - and not inside a tree-topped car, wearing fur-lined Uggs, singing jingle bells, and planning what night we'll all go to bright nights. Yes. I am very content."


Running Mile 1 & 2 "I feel slow. slow. slow."

Running Mike 3 & 4 "The snot on my sweatshirt is frozen now. It's only December. There's not even ice or snow to deal with yet. This is exciting and miserable all at the same time." Run Run Run "Hello legs, there you are! I've never started doing brick training sessions so early in the season before. This is awesome"

Other Important Stuff
New England Bicycle in Southwick - is by far the best bike shop in.....well, the world! End of story.

Quote of the Day:
"You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control." E.Gilbert

Memory of the Day:
Because this makes me laugh.
And because everyone should convince a bus load of students that it is epicly important to go to the condor park, even though it is pouring harder than you have ever seen before. AND Because I'm having a serious day of GAIAS nostalgia.
otavallo 087.JPG

otavallo 087.JPG

Here's to Peace, Coffee and Mile Mondays,

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