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Winter is here......

deal with it.

overcast 20 °F

Select conversational exerts as to why I L-O-V-E the YMCA at 6am.....

Number One:

Naked Swimmer Lady in Locker Room: "Are you one of those 'thon' people"

Me at 6am and still not hearing words super clearly: "Uhhhh.....Excuse me......."

Wrapped in Towel Swimmer Lady in Locker Room: "You know, 'thons'....... Marathon; Triathlon...."

Me (after realizing there was not a 'g' thrown on the end of that 'thon') : "Oh Oh Oh, yes. Ha. I do triathlons."

Number Two:

Lady: "So....what do you do when it snows like this?"
Me: "Umm....go running."

Confused Lady: "No, I mean when there is snow on the ground and its 20 degrees out."
Me: "Yeah, I..uh...you know, go running."

Really Confused Lady: "No, no, no, like when the roads are all icy and its miserable out."
Me: "Yes. I'm familiar with the living conditions of New England.....I still go running. Really. "

Number Three:

Man pumping iron: "Eighteen - grunt - Nine-grunt-teen - grrrr - twenty....."

My inner thoughts: "I don't know if you heard me but I did over a thousand...."

Man with bulging neck vein pumping iron: "twenty-ah-oh-er-one.....twenty-uhhhhhhh-two...."

My inner thoughts trying not to chuckle out loud: "Oh, it's the deep burn. Oh, I can barely lift my arm because I did so many....."

Oh to be a mere damsel in the testosterone sea that can be a gyms free weight room.

I thought that being in New England over the winter would be a limiting factor training wise. I think its actually had the opposite effect. There's something about seeing my shadow on the snowy roads that really pumps me up. Plus getting to ski and climb more often now has been great fun (and cross training).

Last Read:
"Swimming to Antarctica" By: Lynne Cox

Draft Legal Race - 50 Days

Quote of the Day:
"You will never know who you are until you first admit who you are not. Definition leads to growth. Once you know your limits, you can expand them"

Here's to Peace, Best Friends & Lots of Downhill Skiing,

P.S. Stars. Trees. Carhart Pants. <3

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