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"The season has officially started hasn't it Paul"
"Man...I guess its time to start getting ready for the season now huh Jim?"
"Wow Mary, that off-season went by quick, time to dust off the swim cap..."
"I can't believe its been 5 months out of the water..."

Select dialog from the Y pool deck as I watch the new group of Cyclonauts / triathletes find their way to open lanes.I smile inside a little bit as I think about how many of these folks are just starting their training season.....I started in December.

What was deemed 'Pre-Season' HAS shifted into 'THE-Season' however.
Really cranking up now, and races are starting fill a majority of the weekends from here on out....until October?

Clermont Swim Start

Assorted Highlights:
Rode 60 on Saturday - I had let myself get a bit distracted for a while so I headed out that morning with the goal of piling on miles until I regained some mental focus on what my goals and direction are. Got back from the ride in the need of some more miles so I ran a quick 10. Feeling much better - I crashed hard that night and was in bed by 9:30. Glorious.

Opted to run the half marathon in Westfield a couple weeks ago.
My per mile pace for those 13 miles was faster than what I was pacing a 10k at this time last year. Yeahhhh. Super stoked.
I think I'm going to find a marathon to do once tri season is over.....TBA

Started speed workouts again. I'm certain that those 40 minutes were comparable to how hell would feel.
Despite the absolute mental and physical shredding that occured, it was good to be on the track again.

Went to the New England Triathlon Expo at MIT in Cambridge a few weeks back. Some great clinics, free swag and good knowledge. I broke down and bought a pair of Five Finger 'shoes'. Updates on the barefoot / minimalist running experience are sure to follow.
So far I am just enjoying the looks I get from the senior water fitness ladies I see in the locker room.

Little miss muffin tops....almost two years ago.
Who would have thought that she can run about 4 miles on trails holding a 7:15 / mile pace.
Not bad for a little stumpy girl.

Wrentham Duathlon - 5 days

St. Anthonys Triathlon - 19 Days

St. Anthony crew from 2010 - So much <3 for these ladies!!

Quotes of the moment:

"Whatever it takes - get it done"

"Sometimes you must lose your balance in order to live a balanced life" E. Gilbert

"I ain't got time for halfway, I ain't got time for half-assed.....
you've just got to jump into the center, you've just got to launch your attack" Ani D.

Here's to peace, t-shirts and mountain tops,

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