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New Commitment:

First the back story....
Obnoxious music is blasting from my parked car. I'm gearing up my warm bike layers, munching on a banana, trying to eye-ball a place where I can discretly squat before I hop on my bike. Then, I'm startled by a car pulling up and rolling down their window to chat. "Hey, so the other day I rode 12 up this way, and then ended up turning around to do 8 down to the south....and today I was able to get in a quick 20.....blah blah...." (Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to not look extremely confused as to why this lady is giving me a play by play on her mileage of the weekend) After 2-3 minutes of one-way workout recaps she finally draws the conclusion of, "If you are planning on heading out on the trail at all be careful, its still a bit icey as you head north.

I am well aware that triathletes are an interesting breed, and yes we tend to be a bit self-absorbed.
But this was just so over the top. Because of this interaction I am going to install a ''No Mileage Bombing" clause to the season.
Meaning, unless directly asked, I will not go out of my way to discuss/mention/brag about how many miles I've racked up.
Well, that's the theory at least.

What if you had to chose:

Being overdressed or underdressed?
Verdict: Overdressed. Being cold is the single most miserable feeling.

Training buddies snot rocket to the face or epic launch fail of your own snot rocket?
Verdict: My own (Yeah yeah, go ahead and judge me on this one)

Grossest part of a cyclists gear? Booger gloves or bike short pad?
Verdict: Tie. (*BECAUSE shorts get washed WAY more often than gloves. Fact)

The best and worst smells of cycling


Anything BBQ
Just after rain
On coming snow
Your stinky stanky sweat from a super long ride smell


Captain D's seafood
Exhaust from things with more than four wheels
Anything squished poop
Skunk, skunk and then more skunk.
Cologne leaking out from passing cars
Yours stinky stanky sweat from a super long ride smell

This blog is called 'Brain on Bike' so it would be incomplete to not include the most common thought of all:
FYI: The ouch level of these areas increase ten-fold when
A. You've been off the bike for 6 weeks and B. You're on a trainer.
oh and C. Your actual bike seat is way smaller, and harder than this one pictured.

Up and Coming

Some new sponsorships are on the horizon.
Any guesses?

Registration season is upon us.
In the next week or so I should be signed up and locked in for most of my seasons events.

Quote of the moment:

Treasure your family.

Here's to peace, sneaking holiday cookies and long runs,

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