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The other day I was on the treadmill. Since winter finally caught up to the great state of Colorado. (I suppose we were really pushing it with the last three months of 50 degree days and sunshine) Anyways.

My treadmill internal dialouge usually goes something like this:
"Ugh. Treadmills suck, like totally suck. This is going to take forever. Why didn't I just bundle up and where ice-skates for my run, at least that would be entertaining. Ok, only 57 more minutes..I can do this. AHHH No I can't this sucks. This sucks. Ok, deep breath. 54 minutes to go....." And so on.

However, this last experience was a bit different. I was running indoors the day after the Boston marathon. Watching the news and hearing the stories of heartbreak really puts things back into perspective. So this day, indoors or not my internal dialogue was more like:
"Wow. I get to run today. I am so thankful. Thumping along on this conveyer belt is still a blessing. Hmpf..already 40 minutes in. This feels smooth. Hey, I get to run today, with my own two blistered up feet with only 8 toenails, but I still get to run. Maybe I'll run a little bit extra for those who need a little bit extra right now...." and so on.


So the next time you run, I challenge you to run for yourself and feel blessed for every step you take, run for those who can no longer run, run for those who will start running because of this tragedy, run for those who will have to fight to run again, and run for those who chose to run towards chaos to try and help.

Other News:

Hellloooooo Focus! Where have you been the past month?
Had some great workouts recently, specifically feeling like a machine in the water these days. Can't wait to see how things piece together at the end of this month. Race season is officially heating up and from here on out it is going to fly by.

Things change. Some things need time to grow.
It takes lots of time, patience and persistence to learn how to nurture a garden. You can have the most stubborn seeds, but plant them in the wrong season and they won't make it to bloom. Instead, hang on to those seeds tightly, show them love and kindness. Rest assured....spring will come.

Ms. Deely is taking a vacation
She'll be in Massachusetts hanging out grandma and grandpa (my parents) and with her sister for the summer. But Colorado is totally her true scene, and she'll be rockin' the mountains again this fall.

Found my Colorado Springs version of Mrs. Murphys!!!
It only took 14 months but I finally have "my coffee shop" Sweet. Now I can start dropping 2 bucks a day on my caffeine habit. Maybe I need to re-think this as a 'win'

Quote of the Moment:

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark....
The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours.” Ann Rynd


St. Anthonys:

Official Goal:
Sub 2:17 & Finish Top 10 Elite Amateur Division

A pretty ambitious early season goal, at an extremely competitive race. However, if everything falls together just right...no room for error. I could surprise even myself.

Here's to peace, cereal mix and taking it up a level,

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Nonnie and Pepe will be wth you in every step of the way. Much love and confidence in you all the way to the top.

by Pe4pe

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