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Seattle, WA Recap

rain 60 °F

Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t lying….it sure rains a lot in Seattle. Thursday cats, dogs and other small animals were falling from the sky most of the day. This kept me inside for a bike and a swim.

24 Hour fitness sure is an interesting place. The air had more of a college party vibe than a training facility. People were dressed to impressed, color coordinated, accessorized, made-up, pumped up and doing their own unique version of a swaggery-strut as they eye-balled similar creatures of the opposite sex sipping on their protein or smart water bottles. It was an experience.

Oh and I didn’t realize that the ‘Axe body spray’ craze was still in existence. I thought this was something that was left behind somewhere back in the depths of middle school. Maybe the west-coast just has their own unique thang going down…but in my opinion no matter how ripped your bod might be if you smell like teenage cologne drenched boy….Woof. Just go home, have your mommy make you a sandwich while you play your video games and stop checking me out in the mirror while I awkwardly flop around on this foam roller! Geeeezzzzzz!!!

Oh. Also…
*Sorry this gym experience was just really pretty hilarious.
Since I did a good job at keeping these thoughts in my head while actually AT the gym..I have to get them out now.

1. Kipping pull-ups? Really.
I don’t care how many you can do, they are not real.

2. If my calves are more cut / bigger than yours....
that’s a deal breaker, k bye.

3. To the ladies: Sweating won’t kill you.

Ok. Enough for now. Phew. I feel better.

Opener day was much better. Skies cleared up big time. Nothing at the venue got rolling till the afternoon so mom and I got up into the Space needle for a little sight-seeing. It was beautiful. Aaaannd who would have thunk it…the rock and roll seattle marathon course and expo was being set up right there. They were to race Saturday as well. I got a little zippy in my step as I felt the marathon energy. Can’t wait till October!

This race was created with the intent of mimicking the ITU professional circuit from everything to race start time, transition set-up, rules , course layout. It drew competitive fields, including several girls who had spent 2012 racing pro. Yikes! Not that I need the reassurance but events like this do nothing but confirm my intense and unwavering desire to continue to grow within this sport and make it my life. There truly is no plan B.


We’ll keep this short and sweet.
First off, I absolutely have to mention how lucky we were with the weather. Mt. Rainer is one of the most difficult mountains in the U.S to get a clear view of. Even rarer than Mt. McKinley in Alaska which you only have a 40% chance of seeing.
Well. We got it. On race day. For the entire day. BOOM.

I no longer feel like a swimmer and no, I don’t care to elaborate on this right now.

I was able to come out of the water with two other girls however, which is huge since the event was draft-legal. We were the only group on the bike – everyone else was working solo (huge disadvantage) Pulled things together after a while. We caught up to two other girls who joined our group. Being the strongest rider in the group I was frustrated, and repeatedly tried to pick up the pace. I opted to stay with the group and not make a break-away because I really had nowhere to go/no one within bridging distance and we were making progress and catching up on 3rd place. Sticking with the plan of not doing too much more work than everyone else in my group and having the rest would prove to be worth it on the run, a mistake I have already made once before in Clermont. After the fourth lap I did break away from the group – 2nd and 3rd were only 25’’ up and I wanted to have a little bit of a gap on my group going into T2.

A girl from my bike group passed me early on, ¼ mile in. I stayed on her shoulder and pulled way ahead of her by ½ mile. (She did like zero work on the bike which was uber obnoxious so there was no way I was going to let her fresher legs place ahead of me) Anywayssss…… Pushed hard. Dug as deep as I could and held my 4th place position.

I’m telling you though... Sprints are not my jive. I would rather do double the distance any day.

I think as a crew we all really brought our A-game and their were such impressive performances across the field. I was able to connect with and meet some awesome girls, several from Colorado, even right in the Springs! Totally looking forward to logging some epic training hours with these ladies who can really bring the heat!

Mom & I post race

Ok. Maybe not super short and sweet on the recap side of things.
I just got excited. ; )

Quote of the moment:

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential….these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius

So. I tend to fixate on a song. I’ll find one that just does something to me, either pumps me up thru the roof, relates to my thoughts or emotions particularly well or just makes me dance around my room by myself…maybe even all three of those things. Once I find a song that has this affect….I’ll listen to it over and over and over…never tiring. Until the next one comes along. So.
Announcing the new category…

Sending it hard on repeat / Song of the moment:

Click here to JAM

Here’s to peace, opening your mind and staying true,

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