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Silly Aubers....Where did July go?

Happy 9 days till Nationals!

sunny 90 °F

The thought of re-capping the past month is a little overwhelming.
So instead. Some fun.


So...You want to date a triathlete?

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you ever try to bridge the gap between romance and multi-sport.

Side note: The mixing of the two does become significantly easier when both parties are in fact silly, obsessive athletes....it just makes all the weird little quirks seem less weird. i.e. Lasering your feet, wrapping ice on ankles and talking about swim splits over yogurt and fruit can be considered quality couple time...No Big Deal.

However, if tri's just aren't your groove but your sights are set on a swim-bike-run junky....Keep the following in your bag of tricks and you might be alright. Thanks to friends, family, strangers and google for sharing observations and contributions!

Insights into dating a multi-sport chick:

She can't change a car tire or add air to it....but she can change a flat on her bike in three minutes.

She might smell like chlorine and/or sunscreen at all times.

Try not to guilt trip her when she's ready for bed at 10 PM on a Friday. That's already past her bed time.

Yes, buying matching race gear could be the highlight of her week.

When she's gotta go she's gotta go...behind a tree, a car door it doesn't matter. No judging allowed.

She won't ever wear a diamond bracelet....but will wear the garmin and consider it an accessory.

Swimming, biking, and running are, in fact, the greatest things going on in her life at the moment. You are the icing on the cake.

Be prepared to provide plenty of forgiveness for the amount of training gear strewn between the front door and the kitchen.

Daily trips to the grocery store have the potential to be very exciting if properly embraced.

She does own a closet full of clothes that aren't spandex....give her a reason to wear them, after all that's what recovery days are for.

Compliments to or from other triathletes like “sexy wheel set,” “sweet aero gear,” or “nice calves” are not meant to incite jealously.

“I’m sleeping in this weekend” actually means “I'm not setting an alarm, but I'll probably be up for a swim and a three hour bike ride before 10”

“I’ll be over in a bit” probably references a 30 recovery ride around town and then showing up at your door in sweaty cycling gear.

Dinner & a movie simply implies that there will technically be a movie playing in the background while she eats and gets ready for bed.

She will never want a $400 purse, but will want a power meter for the road bike...or new running shoes

Looking at and talking about future races, race results and competitors splits....will never be old or repetitive.

Be sure to appreciate date nights.

Don’t worry if she bursts into tears, it's most likely hunger or exhaustion taking over.

Always remember that race season is the 5th and most important season of the year.

Insights in dating a multi-sport bro:

Bring food offerings early and bring them often. They won’t go to waste.

Don’t question their sanity when they get upset about running 10 seconds slower per mile. That’s normal.

Timeliness to meals will always be rewarded; lateness will be frowned upon.

“I’ve got a few things to do after work” usually means a bike-run workout followed by cooking, stretching, and falling into bed.

He will need to be subtly reminded that all meals don't need to be eaten while standing up in the kitchen still in bike kit.

Shaving legs are a rite of passage. At times his legs will be smoother than yours, its ok. He doesn't notice or care.

There will definitely be more than one trip to the grocery store on any given day.

Race day means you're getting up at 4am. No complaints...you just need to drink coffee and have a water bottle / banana on deck. He's racing.

Learn the lingo: Shiv. Negative Split. PR. Aero. Brick. Bonk. Zonky. T1 and T2. Fartlek.

Know his stats at the finish line.

After food, race gear and race fees you will be the 4th most important thing he spends money on.

Always remember that race season is the 5th and most important season of the year.

Quote of the moment:

The A - Race: Nationals - 9 days. Yikes.

Here's to peace, mountains and getting faster,

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