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Five States in Two Weeks

Multisport, Family, Track sessions, Reunions, Celebrations, Backcountry, Mountain tops, Hotels and Sleeping bags.

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Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts and Montana.

Great training week right out of the gates after Nationals. Got in some solid focused work with a higher quality on execution and mental focus. Every now and then I’ll think I am doing a good job staying focused on my goals and making lifestyle changes to better and more efficiently reach them….and then all of a sudden I crash thru to this new level. And its just like BOOM, My mind is at this new level of hungry for more. Choice leads to change. If getting faster was as simple as choosing to want to…then everyone would be doing it. The key is in persistence. Recognizing that each and every small action affects the machine, and that to get to where those big dreams can be reached will take nothing less than an extremely fine tuned machine.


Tradition & Commitment.

It’s been a while since I’ve lead a group in the outdoors. Since this time last year actually. It wasn’t ideal timing but I made a promise to the girls last summer that the Wauka tradition would continue. So, this past week my little sister and I were able to take a group of the most impressive, confident and strong girls out into the beautiful Adirondacks to spend some time close to the earth. The only thing that even comes close to rivaling my passion for triathlon is outdoor education. I am beyond proud of what our Wauka ladies accomplished this week, as individuals and as a family.


Kalispell, Montana

Spent a few days in Montana to share in the festivities of my brain twin, dearest friend and future old grey-haired lady best friend get married. It was a beautiful weekend. Lots of homemade touches to make the ceremony and reception seem so genuine and thoroughly about their love and who they are.

Then spent a few days just trying to get back home....broken planes = cancelled flight and another night in Kalispell....booooo

Other Random Thoughts

Substituting sleep with a double dose of Emergen-C and quad shot lattes does not work. It’s now proven science.

Why is it every single time my computer yells at me for ‘low battery’ I just click OK and then let it die on me 9 minutes later…repeatedly.

I miss track workouts, hugs and inappropriate text messages...(AKA Nick, get your butt out here to CO!)

A heart that is overflowing with happy, is something to never take for granted. I am thankful everyday. <3

“Without Limits” by Chrissie Wellington is a M-U-S-T read.

I think I might need to write a book on triathlon. “Training & Racing for the Homeless Athlete” It will highlight how to stay organized, focused and prepped when you are constantly on the move. I’ve been on over two dozen planes this year…visited 10 states…have had to break down and build my bike 8+ times (so far)…haven’t had an official address in two months…and it’s been pretty awesome.

Did you know this is the absolute best gluten free cereal in the world?
Well, now you do.

Finally back in Boulder.
I could tell right from the get-go that everything from here on out was going to be smooth sailing, you know why? Well. I'll tell you.
1. My checked bag was the first one to be plopped on the conveyer belt (yeah, how often does that happen!?)
2. Within 2 hours of being on the ground in CO I was in the pool at a Masters swim at Rally.
3. Within 5 hours I found a place to live, that is not my car or someone elses house.
4. Within 6 hours I was at Coot lake with my love, bestie, coach and all around wonderful people getting gearing up for team run.


Colorado just wins. Hard.

Here's to peace, being silly and once again ignoring low battery warnings,

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