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London – Massachusetts - Boulder

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Standing in the holding corral 3 waves away from my start at age group world championships. About ten of us girls have very strategically found ourselves in the front of the pack, all very aware of exactly who is moving where and when as to not get pushed back into the group at all. We are all very chatty and friendly, it almost appears as if we are thinking about something else other than our start position. Ha. Yeah right. Because its the girls through the little gate first that get to walk to far end of the pontoon. And it’s the far end of the pontoon that for this course have the taped off little squares to stand in that will give you the straightest course line AND the least congestion/chaos. Anyways. So there we were 3 waves away from our start when we notice a small hand written sign that states “Now a 750m swim course” WTF? Is that even allowed to happen at such a big race? Turns out it was allowed. The swim was indeed halved.

Side note: This meant that T1 and T2 combined were just shy of the swim course.

Cold. Everything. Air. Water. Feet. Fingers. Just Cold.

Bike course was a little nutty. To many athletes on a tight technical course. Waves should have been spaced out further, in my humble opinion. It seemed like the officials just gave up giving drafting penalties. Lost my water bottle on mile 2 – cobblestone speedhump. Thankful it wasn’t a hot day or things could have gotten interesting. As it was the thought crossed my mind to see if in T2 a bike next to me would still have water in it. It wasn’t the germs that would deter me, it would have been 1. The time it would take and 2. Mystery water bottle owner would surely have their own weird concoction of powder, carb, go fast juice in there that would make me cramp up and die.

Run. 3 laps which is just cool. The more laps the better. You are able to have a much better understanding as to where you are, where everyone else is, your pace and the familiarity of the loops just builds confidence. I like it. Good thing I’m pursuing an ITU race life.

Overall 17th in my division. Field was very stacked. Uh…Duh! Each race of the season has been stronger and faster than the last. Knock on wood, I haven’t had a ‘bad race’. Except if you count the one I got lost and did a couple extra miles on the bike, but I still nabbed second there. It’s encouraging to see growth and efforts come to fruition. It is also a big wake up call as to how many other girls out there are working hard, staying focused and reaching for the same goals. There is lots of work to be done between now and April.

Assorted Thoughts/Revelations/Opinions

On New Beginnings:

Settling into my new jobs, new place, new chapter. Haven’t felt so much balance in my life, perhaps ever. There really just seems to finally be a true harmony between sport, play, love and independence. One avenue isn't deterring or hindering another, in fact it even seems like each one pairs with and builds into the next strengthening it.

On the Floods:

It was so strange to miss such a powerful and terrifying event completely, but return to see the aftermath. The damage and catastrophe so many families are facing is still devastating. The power of mother nature is often overlooked until something like this touches so close to home. I am thankful that there are so many good people in this community rallying together to help put back together the pieces. As a species, we are resilient.

On Time:

I like to plan ahead. It gets me excited. Where to go, what race to do, places to see, people to connect with, adventures to be had….However, I need to start making a more conscience effort to look a little closer. Boulder helps with that. Being content in the moment and trusting that whatever will be will be and it will be amazing. All the places will get seen, the races raced and the adventures embraced, calendar or no calendar.

On Whitewater:

This part of me may go neglected for stretches of time, but the passion and love for the river will never change. Glad to have gotten out with a true friend to stir up those play-boatin’ giggles again.

On Kids:

Putting little E-man to bed the other night and after reading polar express and goodnight moon (already epic, I know!) I told him to “dream good dreams tonight” His response was: “I will. I am going to dream about hebilly the penguin and his cupcake dance” Followed by lots of giggling. There will never come a day where a child’s laughter doesn’t make me smile.

On Choices & Change:

Ever look at all the places your life / your direction COULD have gone, but then one small choice shook it all up and then BOOM you were on this new quest, with new scenery and a new passion for everything. Then you look back and wonder, ‘huh…how was that going to be sustainable…” It’s wild huh? Such a crazy and powerful phenomenon. This has happened to me in big proportions several times. I thought things were all figured out and those things really just ended up being little bridges to cross, learn and move on and away from. Those things and those experiences were real, don’t get me wrong. After all, bridges have foundations made on concrete. They just can’t go on forever, that’s not their purpose. And thank goodness, I'll take the firmness of the earth under my feet and in my soul any day.

On Appreciation:

While riding the other day I had the thought (while cruising in the fall air, doing a life inventory and literally watching a horse gallop against a snow-capped mountain scene of majesty) I thought “This is where dreams are made”. Thankful to be in a place that can spark emotions and feelings like that.

Quote of the moment:

Next Up:
Oktoberfest Relay (Run Portion) - October 5th
Fruita Oly Triathlon - October 6th

Here’s to peace, finding love and whitewater play days,

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