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New Developments & Random Things

1. EVOL RACING took on 3 new riders for this spring/summer season! I've already started having dreams about road racing. This blog certainly cannot capture my excitement for what is in store for this year.

2. This evening I was told by a four-year old that my lego structure ''Looked precarious, and I might want to rethink my foundation...." #failingatLegos?!

3. Always check the pockets of your sweats before doing laundry. Headphones went for a swim.....and drowned.

4. Always check the pockets of your jeans before doing laundry. Credit card went for a steam.....and melted.

5. Apparently, I suck at laundry this week. (See #3, 4 and 7)

6. The same four year old later covered every single inch of my face with kisses so I can "save some for tomorrow" Sometimes I think his level of coolness blended with sweetness will seriously ruin having my own kiddo some day.

7. Ink pens are sneaky little suckers..
Which also do not belong in a dryer.

8. People who do not enjoy brunch, cannot be trusted.

9. Clermont EDR is in exactly one month. Well, technically race 1 will be done and we'll be waking up for #2 shortly. Getting stoked for some early season fun.

10. Dear Coloradans: You should really consider reaching out to some New Englanders to acquire some proper snow-driving etiquette. Or just stay home.

11. People keep asking if I'm watching the game tomorrow. I continuously find myself being really confused thinking "Why are you calling CX Worlds a 'game' "....then I realize they are referring to the Super Bowl. Needless to say Football is not my ride. I will also be avoiding facebook and all social media like the plague. I just won't be requiring those minute-by-minute emotional update posts of the latest play.

12. Spending some quality time in the new Apex Cycling Studio - nothing like killer quality rides with fantastic athletes to keep you honest and working hard. To achieve greatness you need to surround yourself with greatness...which is easily done with the Apex Family.

13. Got some pretty solid advice the other day. It was particularly refreshing because it was so direct. Often times it seems like there is a lot of fluffy cushion added to the thoughtful urgings we receive from dear friends. This was short, sweet and hit it right on the head.
"Your single. Be selfish. Race Fast. "
And on that note....Welcome 2014!

You Gotta Try This

Stirfry together 2 Carrots and 1/2 Sweet Potato, diced up.
Add 3 Baby Bella Mushrooms and a handful or two of Kale (after carrots and potatoes start to soften/crisp up)
Cover cast iron with lid to stem the kale.
Add 1/2 cup spicy pasta sauce.
Season with salt and pepper and throw a littttttle bit o' feta on top.
DONE. Fantastic.

Quote of the Day:

I'm making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises. I know I am.” ―Elizabeth Gilbert

Some Wisdom, Just Because:


Here's to peace, sneakers and crazy good espresso,

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