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I Can't Do It.

....maybe more accurately "I accept the fact that I just won't"

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There are some things that overtime I have finally come to realize / accept that just won't change.

Side Note: I was going to call this my "I Can Not / Will Not / Just Won't Ever" List but in the spirit of positivity I think I'll go with...

"I am learning to embrace the fact that....."

I am learning to embrace the fact that, I will never know how to fold a fitted sheet. More specifically, I won't even make an effort to try. Rolled up and plopped on the shelf is just fine.

I just won't ever act on the "you are running on reserve battery" alert on my lap-top. Every single time I think "OK, 5 minutes and I'll get up and plug it in...." But. I won't. Inevitably it will dwindle down to zero and die. That just won't ever change.

I am learning to embrace the fact that I will cumulatively spend 10-15 minutes every day searching for 1 if not all of the following three things.
1.) Car Keys
2.) Garmin
3.) Ipod Headphones
(*A close 4th place would be my Garmin ANT stick)

I will never stop trying to bring everything I need from the car inside in one trip. Even though by the time I finishing playing Tetris, have plastic bags cutting off circulation to my arms and ultimately drop everything when unlocking the door...it would have been faster to take two, maybe even three trips.

I won't ever learn that putting all the clean clothes on my bed as a reminder to put them away...really just results in me getting annoyed when I stumble in to go to bed, and there they all are. Fail.

I am learning to embrace the fact that after I push all the clean clothes off my bed (see above) those clothes will stay there until worn / they make it back into dirty laundry circulation. My dearest friend, Amanda deems these piles "clothes volcanoes" and it is exactly right. Slightly organized piles that have the potential of exploding and covering the floor like lava, but tend to stay relatively contained.


Other Things:
I talk during movies.
My salt to pepper ratio is at least 80:1
Always 10+ minutes late for everything (except training stuff)
Compulsive radio station changer.

It's important to know who you are. Accept the little, silly things that make you unique. They might drive some people crazy, but hey, nobody is perfect. And how boring would life be if we all operated the same!

Training Updates

The past three months have been the most solid & consistent training I have ever had. I'm responding well to new work loads and feel hungry for challenge and fulfilled by marked progress. I'm learning so much about why I'm doing what I'm doing and that just feels damn good. Race day(s) are within the two week window now. Kind of crazy to think about. It hasn't clicked yet but I can feel the momentum and excitement building.

Then it's hitting the ground running time with lots of races, hopefully lots of 'Best Evers' and certainly new memories.

I recently learned where my bike saddles were manufactured (see below) Which really explained a lot. So, I had a great bike fit with Ryan @ Colorado MultiSport, got two new saddles and riding has taken on an entirely new level of enjoyment!

Quote of the Moment:

Life is too short to drink bad wine (or bad coffee).

Here's to peace, not having 15'' of snow and track workouts,

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I have to admit I do most of these things too..... Exspecially the clothes volcano. So badically my point is little sisters are like their big sister <3 not necessarily a bad thing

by Sam

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