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Dear Cannondale Evo:

I love you.

sunny 70 °F


I have learned (and accepted) that every single airport experience involves at least one (but more likely all of) the following;

1. Realizing you have one if not two full water bottles in your carry-on bags at security. Shit. Start chugging. You can feel the people behind you wondering if you can make this happen. For a second you flashback to college when you could drink beer this fast, water is a breeze. You’re able to grab two bins and slip out of your sneakers during the last few gulps.

2. You will always stop to get a coffee. Knowing that it is going to be overpriced and terrible, but you still get one….and it is. Overpriced and Terrible.

3. Once your plane has started boarding you will have to pee, worse then you’ve ever had to in your life! So you trash the still half full coffee scurry to the bathroom….that is obviously closed for cleaning.

4. You make it on the plane to sit either A. Next to someone with the plague. B. Behind someone who brought with them the entire menu of McDonalds or C. The epi-center of a family of 8, a high school cheer squad or the Brazilian professional soccer team…..no joke on any of those accounts.

More Important Things

Race #1

"Don't get too high.
Don't get too low.
Stick to the plan, and if you need to change the plan.
Change it, then execute.

EDR Womens Start Line - Day #1

Times/splits/paces aside because, well, A. It's boring to read about and B. Comparing year to year, from course to course, taking into consideration the conditions and the bazillion other variables that effect a race you go down a long slippery slope if you just look at the numbers. (*This was actually my first lesson learned today, courtesy of G-money himself)

At the end of the day the best way to review is to look at....
1. How Did You Feel? / How Hard Did You Work
2. Where Did You Place?
3. What Did You Learn?

So, today...for me.

I felt very focused. Maybe more so than ever before in a race. Some days your mind can try to hold your body back, but I didn't feel that today. I felt like I really emptied myself on the course. And how beat I've felt / how much netflix I watched this afternoon can confirm that. I worked hard....goal of making people hurt on the bike, complete. I placed 7th. My best performance at this event in 3 years. I am proud that I did not get passed on the run by anyone, big steps.

Now. A Few Things I learned.

1. I want to really dial in technical bike handling skills. The amount of hesitation I saw going in and out of corners today was enough to make being a legit cycling badass the top of my list.

2. Opening up your eyes to figure out the riders around you is clutch.

3. A girl was airlifted off our bike course today. Remember that in sport/in life you are not invincible to accident or injury, no matter how strong you feel.

4. Transitions need some dusting off.

5. It doesn't matter how someone races on paper, or how fast they were at another race...each race is a blank slate. Make your mark.

Goal For Tomorrow:


Countdown: 12 hours and 30 minutes. Yikes.

Here's to peace, being tired and wanting more,

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