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St Petersburg, Florida

rain 50 °F

Q. What goes “Thump, Thump, Thump”, costs $200 and will make you wish you had forgone getting dressed up that morning and stuck to the trusty pocket-free athletic look?

Give Up?

A. Your iPhone beginning the dry –cycle, after taking a 50minute cleansing soak while tucked away in your skirt pocket.

That was 8pm Wednesday night. By 10pm I had a new phone, which was still slightly useless since all my contacts are apparently NOT in the “cloud” For the time being I can call approximately 5 people: Mom, Dad, two ex-boyfriends and my best friend from 5th grade. Maybe I’ll make it a point from here on out to build up the brain-powered address book. But at least I had an alarm for my early morning venture to DIA. I got home to break down the bike and pack for this race, a few days back home and of course driving across the country. Power nap and it was already morning.

The flight was less than smooth. Asking the flight attendants to take their seats is one thing, no worries. But 3, 4, 5, messages from the captain asking those attendants to pick up their phones makes you a littttttle bit uneasy (especially as the gingerale two aisles up takes a nose dive to the floor.)

Pre-Race Prep

90 minute ride on the course

Pool swim @ the aquatic center
Hour ride easy with brick run


Start time open water swim
Fell asleep for 2 hours
Rode an hour and an easy brick


Bike check-in, enjoyed sun-set, dinner and melatonin.

Race Recap

1.) St. Anthony’s is my favorite race of the year.

Woke up @ 4am, down to transition for 5:15 to set-up. I was racked next to the girl who won the past 2 years, a couple girls who raced very strong at Clermont, and 3 girls who were top 5 at Hy-Vee last year. As always, St. A’s brings a stacked field.


Men & Women EA’s started together at 7:00am. Which means the first few hundred yards of the swim were rougher than usual. Those darn boys. After the initial frenzy I slowly began to find my groove, and by the half-way point I was starting to catch-up and pass small pockest of swimmers. Came into T1 with just one woman’s bike off the rack! The thought of not having to play 'catch-up' on the bike and be able to work on expanding a gap was pretty exciting.

Was able to get a good idea as to where I was within the group with the several turn-arounds on the course. About half way through I was passed, “Shit, where the heck did she come from….” After several passes back and forth I realized that those damn heart rate straps sometimes just LOOK like a sports bras, and in a sport where everyone has silky smooth legs....common mistake. Anyways, I built a gap on him just in case. ; )

Negative split it with a new best 10k time = Happy Athlete

Placed 2nd in the EA division. First place being an incredible athlete who had just given up her pro-card after 25 years of elite racing, including earning a world champion title. Plugging my time into the pro field I would have placed 11th, which is encouraging. I'd say things are moving in the right direction, jumping off of a plateau for sure. Can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds.

Post Race

The greatest gift you could ever give someone is your time. It is one element of life that we cannot 'get back' when it is gone. Thankful to have spent Sunday post-race sharing time, laughing loud, laying in the grass, splashing in the ocean and stumbling into a fairy tale even for a short while.

Here's to peace, road trips & getting faster,

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