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I Found My Legs!!!!!

....they were hanging out in the trash can.

semi-overcast 60 °F

It's been a bit of a whirlwind since Texas that's for sure.

I essentially jumped right into a full work week, a decent training load and then some more racing. It turns out that two tri's, an open water swim (dubbed #skillsday) and a time trial is a whole lot on the 'ol bod. Just to make sure I was completely fried after Vail there were three more quality days of training to get through. I'd say that halfway through the ride on Wednesday (and half-way is being generous) I started to lose it. I felt completely wrecked not only physically but mentally. Being so far behind the group, practically different zip-codes just ate away at my brain while my body just tried to hang on. But, you get through it, Get over it, & the get super lost riding back to Rally. Somethings never change, and for me being navigationally challenged is one of them.

After the ride I was going to "Save the run for later" AKA "I don't think I can handle a 20 minute run right now" but as the crew geared up, I followed suit. Nell, Flora, Brian, Tyler and I had a nice jaunt down the Boulder Creek path, but I mean let's be real the best part of capping a 5hr training day was that Rallysport had POPSICLES again! #WatermelonDelicious #PopsicleParty I am thankful to be surrounded by encouraging, talented and just damn hilarious friends.

Selected Highlights of Athlete Chatter

Q: "Why the hell am I wearing Jeans?"
A: "Yeah....why are you doing that?"

Statement: "Ugh. I really just want to take my bra off"

Realization: "I can just combine all the partial water bottles from my car to make one full water bottle for this ride....."
Realization #2: "Actually...there are chunks in this one"

Statement: "I can't find any water bottles" - Said NO ATHLETE EVER

Statement: "This round is 30/30's...But I have a deal for you...." (NCAR repeat discussion)
Response: (Interrupts before actual deal) "OK. EIGHT GOOD ONES?!"

Defeated Thought: "I wish I could find time to shave my legs...."
Fellow Athletes Defeated Thought:: "I think I am growing extra eyebrows this week..."

The Working Athlete: "I want to kick everyone in the face and then go to bed"

Q: "Will you be at Rally tomorrow?"
A: "What a stupid question"

Summarizing The Week In Pictures

Actually. No Additional Images Needed. #LifeExplosion

The End.

Up Next: A glimpse into my Mini-Recovery Week AKA Cleaning up dog shit and going antiquing. WTF. Stay tuned that was only Day #1.

Here's to peace, recovery and banana bread

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