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The inspiration for this post originated in a bathroom stall.
I proceeded to develop the thought while drinking my $5 glass of Southwest Airlines best merlot. You’ve been warned.

Dedicated to the family of six who brought over 10 bags of McDonalds on the plane
#EveryoneHatesYou #IsmellLikeAChickenNugget


There are day-to-day things that happen, that I think, feel, experience, fear…Most of which make me laugh. Here are some that I became aware of today. In no particular order and with no relevant sorting of ‘serious vs. silly’

My quads were so tired today that I couldn’t even attempt a ‘hover-pee’ in the airport. Eww. (que blog-inspiration)

I have woken up in the morning accidentally still wearing my heart rate monitor. Ugh..I know. Don’t judge me.

My “Sunglasses on head” habit is not about ‘style’ or ‘UVA’. It originated as a way to hide when I became too emotional…For a while anything too happy, too sad, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated would = tears. #teenagehotmess

Almost every single Tuesday, without fail I forget clean socks and or a pair of underwear for after training. I have deemed the day “Comando Tuesdays”

I don’t think I have the “I want to settle down, get married and maybe even have a baby” internal clock that a majority of women seem to have. I'm watching a handful of my friends listening to the 'tick-tock' and can't help but think that if mine is in there somewhere...its batteries are surely dead. No complaints there.

I believe the center-consoles true purpose is to hold apple cores, banana peels and breeze bar wrappers.

I am (for the first time in 5 years) able to handle my night terrors on my own. This is actually a double confession. Part A: I still (not nearly as often) get very intense nightmares about the robbery. Which, in itself I am embarrassed and it is difficult to admit. Part B: For the first time ever, I don’t need someone to help me calm down, talk me through, dry my tears, or rub my back to help me back to sleep. It is all me. I can do it. I can sit in my bed in a pool of sweat and tears going through my own routine of getting back to the present. It’s taken a long time and I am really proud of myself for getting here. (Serious confession over)

I haven’t had to buy shampoo or conditioner in 8+months.
Thank you RallySport!

Speaking of RallySport, my ability to consume grilled chicken has been severely hampered. Smelling it at 8am in the middle of a swim set has ruined the bird for me.

I have eaten the last serving of a 4-year-olds honey nut cheerios for dinner, and in the morning felt zero remorse when he didn’t have his favorite cereal. #soulless?!?!

By calling me “Aubs” whether you intend it or not, makes me feel genuinely cared about. I love it and probably love you a little more as well.

Well. There you have it. As I approach 13% battery life I will wrap up this exhilarating post. Exhilarating for me at least, I should now be $10 in the hole to Southwest….but I’m pretty sure I am not getting charged. When the flight attendants name is also “Aubrey” – you drink for free.

Quote of the moment:


Here’s to Peace, Looking within, and Laughing at yourself

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Your sunglasses habit rubbed of on me as well. Always were them when I am having an emotional teenage hot mess moment.

by Sam

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