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California II, Police, Aerobars, Bran Muffins, & Whitewater

The whirlwind that has become the last two weeks....


California spring break extension may perhaps go on my list of top 12 best decisions I've ever made.
That being said. I got back home and started riding on my TT bike right away. Super strange at first, getting used to being in the new riding position. I felt like a little kid learning to ride a bike and trying to find my balance all over again.

Second ride out on the new racing wheels....
So. There we were, completely demolishing the 20 mile loop in granby - At an empty blinking intersection we leaned in hard and took the corner somewhere close to 28 mph. A few hundred yards up the road - mr. police man in his cruiser came up behind us and yelled at us through the window to "pull over". Mind you, this is now my dad and I's second time being pulled over by a cop on our bicycles. (and yes, I am saying that with a hint of pride).

We were scolded for going through the intersection ''too quickly''.
The dialog (in my head) went something like this...."Oh really officer? We were going to fast? If you haven't noticed I'm on some pretty fast new wheels here, so if you don't mind - why don't you pull over some asshole who's going too fast on something other than 19lbs of carbon fiber heaven. Oh yeah....and we were going that fast because we're bad ass."
I'll take it as a sign that this season is going to be a rocking one.

In the nutrition game.....

  • Bran muffins = not a good pre-run food. Duh. But I was hungry, and they looked delicious. Next time I'd rather consume a cylinder block in instead.
  • Yogurt w/ cereal & PB/banana is the winning breakfast combo thus far.

I've been lucky enough to stumble upon two thoughtfully compiled cd cases filled with some solid jams.
I'm so super stoked to update the new pod and hit the road. (big happy face goes here)

I ordered new Merrell running shoes, a newer version of my old ones - which I should have done in the first place.
As a side note: Fast Feet can suck it. hard.

Given the monstrous amounts of rain....I obviously got some solid river time in this week (it's cross training right? plus it makes me deliriously happy, so it's just got to happen) I forgot how much I love every single second of being crammed inside my boat getting some good play. If only my kayaking hubby was here to catch the wave on saturday with me.....

Quote of the day:
"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did"
- Newt Gingrich

-Increase TT distance rides
-Hydration system, computer & repair kit for race bike (tomorrow)
-Every time I go swimming during the week = river play time for Deely (she looooves it)
-Nail down training and tapering schedule for the next three weeks.

St. Anthonys, Florida - 24 days. (YIKES!)
Graduation - 50 something days.
Colorado - 3-4 months.

Here's to Peace, Sycamore Canyon, & Spaghetti

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