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There's not even a way to describe the past 10 days.
For sake of ease and organization we'll go with good 'ol bullet points.

1. Physical Therapy.
- Getting custom orthopedics for my shoes. HOLLERRR (I feel a little bit like a really old grandlady... 'getting me some nice orthopedic inserts dear...did you find your amazing dentures yet?'
- Starting weekly appointments and exercises at home to address muscle uneven-ness and some overly tight muscles and tendons.
- FYI: Performance Rehab is basically the most incredible, educated, and experienced place for identifying and fixing athletic related issues. (Where as the typical doctor or specialist says 'you should probally just stop running' and you say 'you don't understand...that is what i do' and then they look at you blankly and write you a script for a strong anti-inflammatory - bastards)

2. Bike is all pimped out and ready to UNLEASH in Florida. Running shoes are good. Running times have been bad lately. Boo.

3. New energy goo. What more could a girl ask for, it's got electrolytes, potassium, strawberry flavor - but most importantly it comes in a really BA plastic flask.

4. Heart monitor bit the dust - won't be able to have it to race with. HUGE bummer.

5. Nutrition and general hydration have been drastically better. Cut out some foods that are empty / crap (juice, pb, adding sugar to anything)

Today did the time trial 20 mile loop on my Transition (race bike). We staggered two minutes between the two of us, I was chasing. I finished at 57 minutes 41 seconds. Scott at 59:45. Yeah...That's a big deal. Avg. 19.7 with the gorge climb. Prior to today my PR was 59:50....and that was working together with two other riders. Solo time was 1:02.
So today was basically a WICKEDLY EPIC huge day.
What can I say....I have many leather bound books.

-Two week tapering schedule. This week is short and intense swims/runs/bikes.
-Stretches daily
-Practice bike to run transitions (timed & paired with race nutrition combos)
-Go to post office tomorrow : )

Quote of the Day:
"With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about."
~Brian Tracy

13 days until St. Anthonys Race
14 days until I can have an ice cold frozen daiquiri (or seven) on the beach with my ladies
48 days until Graduation

(& 30 more Mondays)

Everything seems to be shaping up and falling into place....with the exception of school.
Out of curiosity....does anyone know of a word that means "procrastination times 100"? Because that is what category I fall into right about now. Or who am I kidding, this whole semester.

Here's to Peace, Waffles and Pushing yourself,

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