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Two timed headings in a row....I guess that basically means I'm a pretty big deal : )


Deely's version of triathlon.....
'Swim....Run through the mud.....Look extremely cute.....'


What a busy week.
Busy training week - lots of good rides, runs and even feeling pretty decent in the pool. I'm feeling like I could be about to peak (which would be awesome, considering race day is a week from tomorrow!!! (super anxiously running around like crazy excited energy face goes here).

Went out for a fartlek workout on tuesday.....and considering my running training has been repeatedly and epic-ly interrupted for the past four months I really surprised my self.
Even scored a new mile PR.
1st mile - 6:56 warmup
2 & 3rd mile - fartlek intervals (using telephone poles as markers)
4th mile - sprint. 5 minutes and 32 freaking seconds. (9 seconds faster than previous best time - plus this time I was starting with some miles done already and an elevated heart rate) Most importantly I was able to sprint and not aggravate anything in my feet, knees or hips.

Dropped of the TT bike at the shop in Glastonbury for shipping, I won't see 'er again until FL. I imagine that this was kind of like dropping off your child at preschool for the first time. Except that my bike didn't cry and hug my leg begging me not to go. It was really just me being overly worried and nervous as I left it in strangers hands. So maybe its not like that at all.

Dismounts are nailed down and am feeling comfortable with that - it's a little awkward bringing my leg up and over with such a high seat. It'll take a turn to really awkward if I come cruising into transition, get my leg stuck, can't clip out and tip over sideways. Oh well.

I've come to grips with the fact that this is a TRAINING RACE. If I really want to do this and go big, then that is what all these races are, despite how big and lofty and competitive. It's all about learning how I race and applying that knowledge so I can race better. Just like in paddling we say that 'We're all just in between swims'. In racing I guess it's more like 'We're all just in between flat tires, cramps, crashes, strains, bonks, and just general bad races'

ALSO... Swim waves were posted!
(Hellooooo....being on the same course as the pros.....at the same time.....HOLY CRAP!)
6:52 Pro Men Navy
6:55 Pro Women Navy
6:59 Elite Amateur Men White
7:01 Elite Amateur Women White (*me)

Quote of the Day:
"I is what I is" - Frank Zappa

Recovery day today - 5 days of tapering down, long and slow miles. Lots of stretching. Thoughtful nutrition.
-Transition practice (New shoelaces coming!! wow I'm such a loser)
-Wetsuit swim
-Think about packing up my gear bag

8 days til St Anthonys Race http://www.satriathlon.com/
That's really all I got right now

Here's to Peace, Practice & Performance

Our potential greatness is ever ready.

P.P.S. Understatement. (See above)

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