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January 2011


There are good days, bad days & really really really EPIC days.

snow 30 °F

In the world of running there are good days and bad days...but you keep running.

"The day has been OK so far. You missed your 6am swim, and opted to "sleep-in". By 9am you have finished an hour and a half of full body lift circuits at the gym, had breakfast and grocery shopped for the OWLs debate / parents night. Most of your friends are still sleeping. But still, you feel anything but productive. There has been a general 'blah' looming around the past couple days. No explanation, other than perhaps 'the season' or at least that's what the general public seems to blame their 'blah' feelings on this time of year. In any case....you habitually put on the run tights, bright jacket and ear-warmers. Your Ipod is on place, fully charged....and ready to pound some Ke$ha into your ear drums. Heart rate monitor has been dusted off and you note that your heart rate surprising low.

Then you set out, 30 degrees and still. It's a beautiful beautiful afternoon.
You have no expectations of the run, and figure you'll just go until you don't want to go anymore at a speed that you feel like going - blah.
At the two mile mark you turn right. RIGHT! Which leads to the gorge 3.5 mile hill, as your climb and climb you notice that your pace is what it should be on flat terrain. You're flying. Effortlessly (almost). Massive ice formations glow a majestic blue and line the road, as snow flakes just barely fall from the sky.

Top of the gorge. Another right.
You spend the next 4 miles thinking about how not to many seasons ago this 12 mile loop used to be enough for your days workout....on the bike. And now for training session #2 of the day you are running it. Your feet feel lighter with this solid evidence of progress, forward motion and self-imposed challenge. Faster. Your watch tells you that you are lined up to run this hilly 12 mile loop significantly faster than the flat 12.4 you did the other day. Faster still. Miles 10-12 your body is numb, but not with pain, you're in a new 'zone' - one that you haven't ever felt before while running. 6:30 paced miles bring you back to your start point, where you stop, breathe and laugh/cough outloud with frosted lungs. 15 minutes faster than your run the other day. Content. Understatement.

You sit quietly in salmon burger heaven after a long stretch, and think. You think about how it's runs like that that reaffirm the passion, the goals and the reason you are doing what you are doing. It's runs like that where everything you do and everything you are make sense and feel right. The mediocore morning and the 'blah' are suddenly insignificant and a distant memory."

Here's to Peace, practice and potential,

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Winter is here......

deal with it.

overcast 20 °F

Select conversational exerts as to why I L-O-V-E the YMCA at 6am.....

Number One:

Naked Swimmer Lady in Locker Room: "Are you one of those 'thon' people"

Me at 6am and still not hearing words super clearly: "Uhhhh.....Excuse me......."

Wrapped in Towel Swimmer Lady in Locker Room: "You know, 'thons'....... Marathon; Triathlon...."

Me (after realizing there was not a 'g' thrown on the end of that 'thon') : "Oh Oh Oh, yes. Ha. I do triathlons."

Number Two:

Lady: "So....what do you do when it snows like this?"
Me: "Umm....go running."

Confused Lady: "No, I mean when there is snow on the ground and its 20 degrees out."
Me: "Yeah, I..uh...you know, go running."

Really Confused Lady: "No, no, no, like when the roads are all icy and its miserable out."
Me: "Yes. I'm familiar with the living conditions of New England.....I still go running. Really. "

Number Three:

Man pumping iron: "Eighteen - grunt - Nine-grunt-teen - grrrr - twenty....."

My inner thoughts: "I don't know if you heard me but I did over a thousand...."

Man with bulging neck vein pumping iron: "twenty-ah-oh-er-one.....twenty-uhhhhhhh-two...."

My inner thoughts trying not to chuckle out loud: "Oh, it's the deep burn. Oh, I can barely lift my arm because I did so many....."

Oh to be a mere damsel in the testosterone sea that can be a gyms free weight room.

I thought that being in New England over the winter would be a limiting factor training wise. I think its actually had the opposite effect. There's something about seeing my shadow on the snowy roads that really pumps me up. Plus getting to ski and climb more often now has been great fun (and cross training).

Last Read:
"Swimming to Antarctica" By: Lynne Cox

Draft Legal Race - 50 Days

Quote of the Day:
"You will never know who you are until you first admit who you are not. Definition leads to growth. Once you know your limits, you can expand them"

Here's to Peace, Best Friends & Lots of Downhill Skiing,

P.S. Stars. Trees. Carhart Pants. <3

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Goodbye 2010.....Helloooooo 2011

Recapping the highlights and looking positively at the horizon...

sunny 38 °F

Another year comes to a close.
Each one seeming to be better than the one before.

After 2009, living 5 months in the Galapagos Islands...and spending two and a half weeks in the Philippines....I thought ''this has to be it, the year of all years" but then life goes on, things change, progress and swoop in or out unexpectedly. I guess if you open yourself up, cut the strings that seal you up and prepare for everything and nothing all at the same time you can really get picked up and carried away by the beautiful, crazy, roller-coaster of the world.


Select events, In no particular order - and by no means be-littling all the other cool stuff that went down

-Graduated with two degrees.
-Lots of live music, including three Phish shows with my lovely lauren and loads of sparkles.
-Traveled to and from California four times, and I wouldn't trade any of those reunions for anything.
-Got to try surfing
-Read so much.
-Snowshoed in the mountains of Colorado with my best friend
-Lived for me. Truly.
-Drove to and lived in Iowa for two weeks for racing. Qualified for World Championships.
-Florida ladies trip / St. Anthonys race
-Deelys first birthday!
-New people - New energy
-New race bike!
-Countless rides, trail runs and river showers with my training partner & best friend
-Learned to link cartwheels at T-ville
-Stole / adopted the beloved 'Russel' - who has grown to be a staple in the cook family household.
-Caught lobsters in New England with my Dad & Tully!
-Concluded an incredible OWL year - with an EPIC end of the year ADK backpacking trip
-Splatter painted ourselves and the camp sign with my little sister, ms. Cathy
-Celebrated my Grandfathers life.
-Traveled to Budapest with Team USA, winning the silver medal in Sprint World Championships
-Getting to hug both of my parents after being awarded my medal.
-Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, & Italy (most of which with my world travel sistah, Bridget)
-Officially declared and decided to pursue racing professionally as a career / life goal.
-Led lots and lots of kids into the outdoors for adventure, education and the appreciation of all things natural.
-Many fun nights, that are vaguely remembered, with my closest, most amazing and supportive friends.
-Being healthy.
-Family dinners. Lots of eggplant parm and grandparent love/support.

Hmmm.....this makes me happy, thankful and nostalgic all at the same time.

Quote of the day:
"She realized at a young age that she cared deeply for those close to her, but she had to live for herself. And she did amazing things"
-A card in faces that has become my mantra for the past 18 months. : )

Clermont Draft Legal Race: 2 Months, 2 Days

  • ***WHICH MEANS....I just sat staring at the computer screen, breaking a sweat with an extremely elevated heart rate until I got the courage to click the 'register now' link. Then I typed at fast as possible, completed my purchase (all the while forgetting to breathe). The screen flashed 'confirmed' and my light-headed, sweaty palmed self actually did it!!! I got one of the 75 spaces available for the only age-group draft legal race in the country. Wow. Excuse me, I need to go crap my pants!

Here's to Peace, Pasts and Futures,

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