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January 2014

Visit to the Flatlands

From the 303 to the 413

snow 12 °F

Massachusetts was a whirlwind visit. Techincally it continues to be....since we are getting dumped on with snow and it's looking like attempted flight back #2 might be bagged tomorrow morning. TBA I suppose. Anyways. Certainly packed everything I could into being back east. Feel pretty lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

On to the Highlights:

(To be read in that really fast auctioneer voice)

Drive to the Berkshires. Eat kale for breakfast. Seminar on desire. Ponder intention. Run hill repeats. Yoga Dance with mom. No inhibitions. Reach Z5 heart rate dancing hard to Adele. Vinyasa Class. Organic chicken and homemade bread. Snuggle with my dog. Swim 4500. Get hair done. Nonnie and Pepe over for Lunch. Base run in the slush. Raid closets with Mom. Laugh so hard it hurt. Ask where the ladder was to Nicks Truck. Listen to songs about trucks, in Nicks truck. OWLs Youth Group 60's Prom. See all my little kiddos, who aren't so little anymore. Be really proud of them. Win the limbo. Teach 20 high schoolers the electric slide. Do the cha-cha slide. Hugs. Be cold. Drive in the truck again. See Jordan. See Neal. See Steve. See the Southwick Inn. Leap off of chair, over Steve's lap to get the last spoon, while playing 'spoons'. Stay up til 2. Sleep in til 10. Start phase one of making a homemade South African wine with Dad. Run 8 miles with Dad. Make recycled bike part jewelry. Coffee date with Jess Wenig. Early morning swim. Get a facial. Curse the cold. Drink Mrs. Murphys. Visit Uncle Ray in Soldiers Home. Spend time with Nonnie and Pepe. More hugs. Write articles on cycle touring in Europe. Dinner with my girls. Flight gets cancelled. Movie with my Nick. Snuggles with my dog. Dentist appt. Really good swim wkout. Submit articles for publication. Search for the sun. Miss Colorado weather. Coffee date. Become distracted. Solid Tempo run. Work remotely. Wait for tomorrows flight to be cancelled.

So weird to add oak chips to the first fermentation step.

So. Freakin'. Cold. #overNEweather
17 Degree High Today in Westfield, MA. 61 Degree High in Boulder.

Getting busy. #recycledjewlery #bikeparts #newcalling?

Getting my limbo on. I swear its more quad strength then bendy-ness. #bikes

Look at these munchkins. Who are not my 10 year old munchkins anymore.
College freshman? Highschool team captains? Driving? #feelingold
So proud of who you all are growing up to be. Keep following your dreams. Keep working hard. And for goodness sake, keep laughing!

Also, gotta send a little love to Colorado MultiSport. Getting set-up with the fit-master, Ryan next week.
Can't thank them enough in advance for the support. #gettingdialed

Here's to peace, run miles & new adventures

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Thoughts on Instincts & Moderation

sunny 45 °F

"No matter how high the stakes, sooner or later you're just gonna have to go with your gut. And maybe, just maybe, that'll take you right where you are supposed to be." -M.Grey

I am learning (through trial & error of course) that once your gut starts talking to you, the sooner you listen the better. Sure, your mind and/or your heart will try desperately to tune out those gut feelings. But, at the end of the day those concerns, fears, ambitions, curiosities, or dreams are still undeniably there, not only that but they aren't going to go anywhere. So the sooner you put away the band-aids and realize instincts can't be covered up or brushed off the better.


New Agenda:

"Say Yes"
I’ve been guilty of not always making an effort to do this, but if someone asks something, try to find a way to say yes. Whether it’s a social gathering or helping someone out, just do it.

Everything in Moderation? No Thanks.
I'm not sure where it all got started, Buddhist roots? The 6pm yoga class at the local studio? The whole 'living in balance/everything in moderation' mantra is on the tip of everyone's tongue these days. Everyone is always talking about embracing that middle ground, the place of harmony and balance. Now, I've tried jogging down that trail as well and am not completely ditching it...but I've started to wonder. Oscar Wilde said “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” It's taken a while but I can now realize that I'm just not a live in the middle type of person. I have an addictive personality, I'm filled with expectations, can be fiercely competitive and occasionally resemble a roller coaster. Up until now those have been things I have apologized for, tried to "work on". Screw it. That middle space, where others may feel balance and calm...I feel indifference and void. Excess is exhilarating. That's just how I am wired. Here's to throwing moderation to the winds and here is to a year filled with highs as high as the clouds and presumptively some rocky bottom lows. But, I have never felt more ready for whatever comes my way.


Be an Entrepreneur
If you can make money your own entrepreneurial way in doing something you love...you will never be unemployed and will have fulfillment. Currently working on some very big projects. Stay tuned....I'll no doubt be on the prowl for your support, advise, coffee breaks, ingenuity, and of course distractions.

Countdown to Jason, Liz and Drakey living in Lyons: TOMORROW! (*and of course goosers!)

Countdown to MA: 2 days!

Quote of the day:
“I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine.”

Here's to peace, pressed juice daily & new chapters,

Just Because.

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