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March 2010


And Loving It.


What an incredible spring break - So good in fact that why should it really end yet?
After making rather solid personal phone friendships with random Delta employees I have managed to change my tickets as to extend my spring break travel adventures for another 3 days.
After all life is short and should be lived with the motto....."I do what I want"
Maybe I'll go back home Wednesday......or maybe not.

Colorado is unbelievable.
Boulder is literally the center of the universe for every outdoor activity that I am passionate about.

-Biking 30 miles up a mountain at 10,000 feet with hundreds of other riders?
-700+ climbing routes at the Flat Irons?
-Enough running trails that I can run 70 miles ever week for two years, never on the same trail - and still not see all the routes in Boulder?
-Incredible whitewater parks? Oh yeah, and all the epic river runs in the mountains?
-12 hours from Glacier National Park?
-Three Triathlon clubs in Boulder alone?

I'm pretty sure this is where Heaven is.
And Yes.
I'm very sure this is where Deely & I (and Bridget) will call home in 6 months.

Thought Provoking Quote of the Day:
"I am the owner of my actions. My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand."

-More surfing (for um...building shoulder strength? yeah...or for a really freaking good time)
-Daily TT Bike Rides begin on the 24th
-Figure out Race day and pre race day nutrition
-Figure out the disastrous process that has become finding a good pair of training shoes.
-Timed 10k on the 28th * Goal Sub 41

Here's to Peace, Snow-Capped Peaks and Best Friends,

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I might fail Wednesdays exam....but damn, I'm going to be fast.


Just a quick look down any street today and you'll see all the dogs who have been neglected over the past 5 months are out bounding around dragging their flip-flopped owners around the mud puddles of stanley park. I guess that's one signal that spring is really on its way. Another sign for me is that all WSC course work and anything that minimally resembles responsibility has been put on hold. "While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning." (Thank you wikipedia)

Over the past three days I've been able to put 80 miles on the bike and some running - which is epically awesome because I'm doing that ankle/foot pain free!!!! Maybe my normal functioning is just becoming less and less school oriented.
I really don't see a problem with that.

Let's do a quick recap of the weekend....
I designated Saturday as my 'catch-up day' for school and office work.
Saturday became riding the 20 loop - 3 minutes faster than my november times, and running 3miles - at 20:22 - which I was super stoked about because that's nearing my old race pace and I felt like I was barely working.
I re-designated Sunday as catch-up day. (for real)
Sunday became riding the 30 - researching running technique and then spending 2 hours making chem exam flash cards that when looking back at them (which I have yet to actually do) I'm sure it will appear that they were written in Italian or German or Sanskrit - or at least that's how todays review class made me feel. Hardly a day of catch up.

-Massive Hill Climbs tomorrow
-Sub 40 minute 10k before end of March (6:25 pace)
-Figure out how I'm getting my bike shipped to Florida

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and
we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." -Michelangelo

48 days until St. Anthonys Triathlon - http://www.satriathlon.com/
4 days till California

Here's to Peace, Camp Fire Smell, & New Ultegra Peddles,

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New Bike!

AKA 'that two wheeled mode of transportation that is officially worth more than my honda four wheeled thing....and almost as fast'


I suppose every truly epic story needs a beginning.....
or maybe if I just get started with a beginning a truly epic story will fall into place.

Spent four hours getting fitted for my new wheels last week and now my new ride is finally home and on the trainer. Spun hard intervals yesterday for 50 minutes - am debating on what to name the bike. It needs to be a word that translates to either 'obscene speed' and/or 'intense pleasure' (and no, i won't name the bike 'ecstasy' or 'orgasm' - but i do appreciate the suggestions and did consider it probaly for far too long) I can't wait to get it out on the road....one more final fit to play with the aerobar adjustments and then it will get cut and buttoned up.

So the point of this blog is to share with you (ideally) the stories that unfold around this triathlon season...
Not that I can see into the future or anything but I know this year will be an interesting one. My races are taking me literally all over the country, so even if I get flats, cramps, and crash in every single one of my races and totally suck - the stories of the roadtrips, new venues and new people will at least prove to be entertainment enough.

Perfect example #1:
On April 25th my first race in Florida (St. Anthonys Triathlon - elite amateurs) the travel crew already includes Myself, Bridget and Jordan - with the very probable addition of 2 of my favorite GAIAS Alum - Patrick & Sam! Pair that with the promise I made to not drink alcohol during training (until after that race) - means that Sunday April 25th at approximately 9am - I will (once again, ideally) be crossing the finish line hours....no, more like minutes....ok, yeah seconds....ahead of my competition.... to where Bridget will be waiting with mimosa in hand for me, and yes. after three months of no booze - we will have our own consumption marathon on the beaches of western florida until late monday night.

Goal: Foot Doctor tomorrow morning - (I might have found myself floating face up in the hot tub last week starring at the stars while pouring slush pelted my eyeballs, praying to someone/thing to "please forget about any previous prayer for fortune, grades, or love - just "fix my fucking foot" "please and thank you. amen" So tomorrow morning is a big day at Podiatrist Fischers office. If he tells my I won't be able to run, I hope he is prepared for the aggresion and sobbing that will sure to follow.

12 days to Cali <3
55 days to 1st Race!!!

Quote of the Day:
Dum spiro, spero (Latin), "While I breath, I hope".
-- Latin Proverb

Here's to Peace, Optimism, & Whole Grains,

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