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March 2013

Multisport and Life

self reflection through action

sunny 60 °F

Lessons Learned

While Riding:
1. Things may not actually be as bad as one fears
2. Face your fears
3. Only your legs will get you where you need to go.
4. Traveling on a familiar road can be uplifting
5. The wind in your face is better than stagnant air.
6. The wind on your back only makes the effort easier, not necessarily better
~Courtesy of my Dad.

While Running Intervals:
1. Suffering makes you stronger.
2. Mental strength can get you through anything.
3. Be quick. Be slow. Just don't stop moving.
4. Once you find your rhythm don't let anything take it away.
5. Some days will feel good. Others not so good. Either way at least your feeling something.

Pool Workouts:
1. Something can look inviting and still surprise you.
2. Something can look miserable and still surprise you.
3. You'll never find yourself moving backwards in a pool, so don't let your mind move backwards either.
4. Breathe. To both sides. So you can practice balance in the simplest way.
5. You get out what you put in.

And Always Remember:
Even on the cloudiest of days the sun is still shining just as bright.
And that is something that not even time will change.

Guess Who Loves Colorado?

St Anthonys EA: 29 Days

Quote of the day:

Here's to peace, new places and taking deep breaths,

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Races 1 & 2

sunny 50 °F

T-Minus 48 Hours

The travel games officially began. Thursday was kicked off with an easy run, a nice breakfast and some time packing. Spent the day with the kiddos which is always great. We spent the afternoon painting at the park, playing baby dolls and digging for shooting stars : )

T-Minus 36 Hours

After some last minute doggie-sitter complications and a whole lot of delicious pasta the first checkpoint, Denver was reached.

T-Minus 24 Hours

Started the day at 4:30am with a hotel shuttle to DIA for a tram to plane transition. Did my best to have a liter of water for every hour on the plane, people must have thought I had bad Chinese the night before with my frequent trips to the plane bathroom. Got into Orlando at 1pm.

This left exactly five hours for the following to be accomplished:
Get bags, pick-up rental car, drive straight to venue, assemble bike in parking lot, scope out transition, practice a few mounts, ride a few loops of the course, check out beach area, pick up packet, mandatory meeting at national training center, check into hotel, apply race-tats, and RELAX.

Only what actually happened was more like:
Pick up bags, wait in line at Budget car rental for 90minutes, which in that time I decide to assemble the bike (two birds with one piece of bread right?) Discover that somewhere in transit a spacer on my headset went missing, which meant the next stop had to be a bike shop. Get spacer, finishe assembly, change in bike shop bathroom while Justin grabs some groceries. Get to venue at 5:05pm to squeeze in a 30minute ride, 5 minute glance at transition, and a jog down to the beach to look at the swim buoys. Conclude venue preparation. Drive swiftly to the meeting and arrive fashionably late. Deep breath.

Elite Development Draft Legal

March 9th 2013

Cliff Notes:

Woof. Felt like a total re-introduction to swimming in open water. Had a lot of trouble sighting and getting into a rhythm the first 350 yards. At the first turn buoy things came together a bit, but the damage was done. 25th out of the water.

Draft racing is now officially in my top five list of best things ever in the whole entire world. Was lucky to be with a few other girls who could truly ride and who were willing to hammer. We closed a 1:10 gap and went from the back of ‘C-pack’ to the lead of ‘B-pack” it was incredible. Averaged 23mph. 2nd fasted bike split.

A little deceiving. Thought I was moving faster than I was, but still happy with my overall performance. 6:44 pace

Overall: 14th place
Impressions: Completely solidified my desire and vision to race professionally.

Age Group Non Drafting Sprint

March 10th 2013

Cliff Notes:

Lost an hour of sleep, because of the clock change. That one hour made waking up pretty darn impossible. I felt like that little kid begging their parents for JUST FIVE MORE MONUTES!

Better than the first day. Go figure. Was a mass start, men and women together. Swim starts with dudes kind of suck. They go out SOOOO hard and so fast, like a horizontal aquatic boxing match, but then 200 yards in the pace comes to every couple strokes I seem to be making my way up somebody’s backside. Ran out the beach and everyone in the crowd was telling me that I was the first woman out (Which is like the best thing ever to hear)

Felt solid on the bike. Lots of love to EK Endurance coaching for this development. Averaged 22mph solo.

Some days running is just truly fun, this was one of them.

Overall: First female
Impressions: While back to back racing might shred your body a bit, it is pretty freakin’ fun.

Ok. I know. I know.
Race Recaps aren't the most exciting of posts, so here is the comedic thought of the day.

Here's to peace, training trip & palm trees,

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Observations from Fitness Centers

Inappropriate Actions & Bad Choices Volume I

sunny 64 °F

As promised I have begun work on a compilation of all those WTF moments one observes while in public fitness facilities. Thank you to those who contributed, and as sure as people are weird this list will grow ; )

Before and After

- Public hair dryers are not meant to venture below your waist. (This is exponentially more important to know if you plan on balancing your 300lbs of naked flesh on one leg while the other is propped up on the bench)

-Reconsider your life choices if you apply make-up and accessorize in preparation of your work-out.

-Taking pictures of yourself flexing should be reserved for your private bathroom space.

-When you post these pictures on facebook people ‘lol’ at how lame you are.



-Wearing your tinted goggles in the hot tub doesn’t hide the fact that you are not using the hot-tub jets for their intended function. Gross.

-If your workout involves 20 minutes of goggle adjustment, 45 minutes of swimming and then 25 minutes of chit-chatting in the shallow end it does not equal a 90 minute swim session.

-Doing 50’s on 3minutes does not constitute an aerobic workout.

“Picking things up and putting them down”

-Walking around the weight area with a gallon jug of water does not make you look like a bad ass.

-Seek proper instruction for using free weights. This does not mean watch someone who looks fit and copy what they are doing. You will get hurt and people will silently giggle at your mashed-up weight lifting dance.

-FYI to 80% of the dudes:The human body has more muscles than just bi's, tri's and shoulders.

-“ I just love those shirtless sleeves and hearing your echoing grunts while you bicep curl” Said no endurance athlete ever.



-Singing out loud when you are wearing headphones…..is actually kind of awesome, that can happen. : )

-The mirrors are there so you can people watch. Stop checking yourself out.

-People notice that you are checking them out in the mirrors, don’t be a creeper.

-If I have overheard you telling somebody about your PALEO post-race snack more than 3 times chances are they too have heard you and want you to shut the f*ck up.

The Treadmill Race

-Every time the person next to you adjusts their settings doesn’t mean you need to spend 30-45 seconds awkwardly gawking at their ‘data’. Instead of worrying about me, just run faster.

-If you are running on a treadmill, looking out the window at beautiful sunshine and clean roads….you just fail.

Quote of the Day:
If you know what you want, why would you settle for anything but that.

The results are in. Back to back race days.
Stay tuned for the scoop, the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop.

Here's to peace, new friends and sun shiny days

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