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March 2014

DO Something For YOU

You're single. Be selfish. Race fast.

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The weekend is just about here. What are your plans?
Big ones? Little ones? Whatever it is you decide to do, do it for YOU.

That's my pearl of wisdom of the day. Take it or leave it. There are a lot of obligations, commitments, responsibilities....things we have to do / should do / are expected to do / tell ourselves to do. But seriously? Enough is enough. Throw it all to the wind. Be selfish. I give you permission. If you want to lay in the grass for 3 hours and bask in the glory of 70 degree weather, do it. If you want to watch reruns of friends all night, do it. There is a lot to be said for not only recognizing what makes you happy but then taking action to DO THOSE THINGS!

My weekend will look something like this:

Ready. Set. Go.

LIZ!, laugh as we stumble up stairs carrying boxes, long easy ride, short easy run, wear flip flops, get a massage, take the disc out for a cruise, saturday night!!!, phone date with momma, long-ish run, plan texas race logistics, yoga, brunch with the girls, play in the woods, take pretty pictures, lay in the grass, snuggle, drink iced things because winters gone (for now)....and I suppose whatever else comes up/along and sounds appealing.


Sooooo.....What are you going to do, for you?

Training @ A New Level:

This month 2013 : 12-14 hours/week
This month 2014 : 18-22 hours/week

Coolest part? I am understanding the rhyme and reason to everything I do.


There is so much to the science, the numbers, the connective tissue, the data, the power, the recovery, the big picture, the details, the perspective checks....It all just comes together. I love learning new things and being surrounded by such an experienced and deep pool of knowledge. It is pretty fantastic. Thankful for talented friends who are willing to teach, willing to listen and willing to encourage.

Throwback Thoughts:

Today I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on life at the Olive Farm in Tuscania, Italy. It was such a beautiful lifestyle we stumbled into / pedaled into . Each day was based around the concepts of: Working extremely hard, eating insanely well and enjoy wine by the gallons with good people every night. That is what sticks out the most (aside from the back breaking labor) Meals were Marathons. There was never a hurry when it came to food prep. Scooting out to pick some fresh cilantro from the garden as the olives you harvested the day before were now pressed into olive oil and ready to be spread on hot from the oven bread....it was pure bliss. Anyways. That's all. Just some memories.

Sleep Update:

Not that you care. BUT. It's a pretty big deal. This past week I have gotten sound, real, uninterrupted sleep every single night! Is this what all you normal sleepers have been experiencing your entire life? Because if that is the case I am intensely jealous and am glad to have crossed over to the "other side" at least for now.


Nautica South Beach: 9 days

Quote of the Moment

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

Here's to Peace, Bare-Feet and Moving Outta The Basement,

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Lessons to Remember

Life wisdom from mans best friend.

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“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” ― John Grogan

So. The next 5 weeks. Lot's will happen between now and then. I'll have a few cycling races (my very first this Sunday!) a couple triathlons in Florida, I'll have moved into my new home, hopefully by then painted some bright walls and bought some furniture. But almost nearing the top of this list is I'll have adventured across the country to bring Deely dog back out to Colorado. It's been almost a year without that little punkers out here and I've hit my max. We've been through a lot together and she needs a piece of this Boulder life ASAP.

Priceless Pearls of Wisdom from the Pup

Sometimes you just need to shake it off. Whatever 'it' is.

We all get into messes sometimes.
And sometimes there is no hiding it.

Getting to what you want may not always be easy.
The opportunity will come.

IMG_3891.jpg IMG_3893.jpg
Try new things. Even though you may not like the result.
Branch out. Live boldly.

Get dressed up every now and then. Go all out.
Feel like a princess. It's good for you.

Take time to look ahead.
But don't be restricted by the beaten path.

A bicycle can bring the biggest rush, huge thrills, and adrenaline...they can also bring you peace, calmness and clarity

Don't be afraid to run full speed
toward what makes you happy.

We are all a little bit awkward sometimes.
It makes us unique, adorable and imperfectly perfect.

Take time to sit in nature and enjoy its beauty.

If you feel for someone, show them.
Life is too short to hold back our appreciation and affection

There you have it.
More than just a good companion, I'm pretty sure they have this whole 'life' thing figured out better than most of us.

Here's to peace, living with passion and new chapters,

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My Relationship with Sleep

The Struggle & Some Solutions

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As far back as I can remember, sleeping never came easy.

I remember tip-toeing the hallway of Nonnie and Pepes sleeping house, the only noise being the clink-clink-clink of the dining room clock. I remember setting up pillows and blankets next to Mom and Dads bed, or outside their door....not to sleep, but to silently put on shows for them (as they slept) with my stuffed animals. I remember being the instigator at every single sleepover, just to keep my playmate having fun. If we were being silly, they wouldn't go to sleep and leave me as the only one awake in the house. And let's not even get into the sleep-walking adventures, mid-sleep laughing fits and lengthily conversations I'll have while in dreamland.


Nighttime routines helped a lot. When I was little my dad and I always had the same exchange of words after I was tucked in. He would rub my back in familiar patterns, all giving me a sense of security and helping me relax. As I grew up I slowly started to figure it out bit by bit. I would come up with my own routines. In relationships, I fear the other person has always had their share of gentle elbows waking them up for one last reassuring 'goodnight' or 'i love you'.


More recently, as training has increased I have found that I am unable to maintain my day to day if my sleep gets foxed with. Not willing to compromise training, recovery, or you know.....all the critical functions that sleep enables like hormone regulation, immune function, repairing cells and tissues, integrating new information and organizing long-term memories. I decided it was time to really address this chronic issue.


I can't tell you how many great friends and amazing people have helped me the past few weeks try and tackle this thing. Your suggestions, similar experiences and home remedies have made quite the difference. So, it is here that I will compile them and pay it forward to someone else.

Rest Easy My Dear

1. Plan Your Sleep.
Determine how much sleep you need and what time you need to wake up. Figure out a 'bedtime'.

2. Create a Bedtime Ritual:
The trick here, is make it one that you can do independently, and anywhere. This will help make transitioning to travel no big deal.

3. Un-Plug.
Start a “slowdown” process in the evening by turning off computers, and TVs. Yes, even try to push the cell phone away. (Work in progress on this one)

4. Set the Mood
Turn off any harsh or bright lighting. Dim lights will start to slow down your busy brain.

5. Your Belly.
Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. Even when you are to the point that you would wrestle a grandma to the road for her cup o' joe....It will not be worth it later (both the coffee and the taking down of grandma) This one is a work in progress for me too.

6. Body Clock
Waking at a similar time each day, including weekends will help train your body to stay on a sleep schedule. It seems to be working...hence, why I just happened to wake up at 6:30am today, a Saturday. Now I will drink my fair share of 'Morning Only' coffee and blog about sleeping. Hmm....

7. Wine or Tea.
There is nothing wrong with a glass of red wine a couple hours before bed. Have it with dinner, and really enjoy that time. I've been having wine a few nights a week and the others I'll have sleepy-time tea. Mostly as an experiment to see which works better. Or, let's be real, sometimes both ; )

8. Melatonin
I'm putting this one on the list, but I personally don't think it is a great idea for everyday use. I'll only use it to aid in sleeping after I've jumped timezones for travel.

9. Monkey Mind
If your mind is running in circles as you are laying in bed. It's not going to stop. Give yourself 5 minutes to write down anything and everything that is proving to be important to your mind. Make your to-do list, write down your concerns, list out things in your life that need resolution and how to get there, make your grocery list...whatever. Get it out of your head.

10. P.O.M
"Peace Of Mind" Remind yourself the value of today being today and tomorrow being tomorrow. Everything will happen in the pace it is supposed to. So no stressing, just get the F to sleep.

Well. Not the typical entry, but you know.
It's something I've been wanting to get out there.
Next up will be a whirlwind of life announcements, embarrassing stories and who knows.

Today is important. Let's keep our minds here today.

Quote of the Moment:
"Action expresses priorities" Mahatma Gandhi

Here's to peace, resting well and mobility,

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...Can Come True!

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After the race I headed straight for St. Petersburg. Oh man do I love that place. Needed to see the ocean and get my feet in the sand, at least for the afternoon. An hour or so into baking in the sun I got restless. I didn’t get a good cool down in after the race so I sneakered-up to do the easiest of easy runs…conveniently on the St. Anthony's run course that I’ll re-visit next month. I was ready to go, even threw on the visor for the extra bonus 'dork' points.

You’ll never guess what happened next!

How many times have you been out on a run, it’s super hot out and you silently wished for a lemonade stand or longed for an ice-cream cone to just magically appear? Well. I shit you not. Less than a mile in, an ice-cream truck was celebrating their anniversary and was giving out free soft-serve to anyone and everyone along the boardwalk.

And. Umm.....I kept running?!! You can call this “staying focused” or “feeling motivated” but honestly, it was probably just dumb. I mean, FREE ICE-CREAM? It was clearly a sign from someone up above saying “Aubrey, I love you and I want you to enjoy a treat after a great weekend of hard work. Get some freakin’ ice-cream” Pat-Pat-Pat-Pat ran my little toes, away from the fantasy I’ll have frequently in the up-coming summer months…and will most likely never in real life happen again.

However, all is not lost. I finished my run (which was quite nice along the ocean). And made up with the universe about ignoring their earlier signs by going to the froyo place downtown to make my very own delicious creation. Talk about a near-miss.

Now. Down to Business

The first thing I thought when my alarm went off for Day #2 was “This seemed like such a good idea at the time…..” Ugh. Then into auto-pilot. After a cup of coffee, some stability and muscle activation exercises (courtesy of the guru’s @ rally sport) and seeing sunrise from the venue….it most definitely was an excellent idea.


In my last entry I wrote about how the numbers don’t matter. Let me be clear this is NOT something I have mastered. After Day #2 at Clermont, I finished the race feeling very proud of myself. I felt that I put forth a solid and consistent effort. I worked, pushed and kept positive from horn blow to finish line. I crossed the line for 9th place, with 3 of the girls ahead being professionals who were doing this for a ‘training race’. I felt better about my swim, made some committed decisions on the first half of the bike (we’ll get back to that) and felt that I pushed what I was working with on the run for what I had that day. But…..then I saw numbers I didn’t like.

Two hours after the race, my mind had completely flip-flopped. I went from being happy with my performance to feeling a bit frustrated. Curse the monkey mind. My coach being who he is put things back into perspective with astounding clarity.



-Got out of the water in a better position, 11th.
-Caught up to and passed women up to position #4 and#5. As soon as I reached these girls it was apparent that they were not pushing the pace. That was it, where I made my mistake. I knew they were two professionals from the day before and I thought that because of that, they would be a good pair to work with. One was clearly stronger than the other, but they were teamed up and committed to staying together. It slowed the pace drastically.
-I should have kept charging through the field to the best of my ability. That time, even if it only amounted to an extra 30 second gap…could have been the difference of 3+places. So. Mistake made, lesson learned. Not a bad race, just a bad choice.

Last year, I was passed by 10 girls on the run course alone. (Talk about eff-ing miserable) This year between both races….just 2.
It’s all a continuous work in progress.

Quote of the Day:

Here’s to Peace, Orange Subaru's & being back in the 303,

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Dear Cannondale Evo:

I love you.

sunny 70 °F


I have learned (and accepted) that every single airport experience involves at least one (but more likely all of) the following;

1. Realizing you have one if not two full water bottles in your carry-on bags at security. Shit. Start chugging. You can feel the people behind you wondering if you can make this happen. For a second you flashback to college when you could drink beer this fast, water is a breeze. You’re able to grab two bins and slip out of your sneakers during the last few gulps.

2. You will always stop to get a coffee. Knowing that it is going to be overpriced and terrible, but you still get one….and it is. Overpriced and Terrible.

3. Once your plane has started boarding you will have to pee, worse then you’ve ever had to in your life! So you trash the still half full coffee scurry to the bathroom….that is obviously closed for cleaning.

4. You make it on the plane to sit either A. Next to someone with the plague. B. Behind someone who brought with them the entire menu of McDonalds or C. The epi-center of a family of 8, a high school cheer squad or the Brazilian professional soccer team…..no joke on any of those accounts.

More Important Things

Race #1

"Don't get too high.
Don't get too low.
Stick to the plan, and if you need to change the plan.
Change it, then execute.

EDR Womens Start Line - Day #1

Times/splits/paces aside because, well, A. It's boring to read about and B. Comparing year to year, from course to course, taking into consideration the conditions and the bazillion other variables that effect a race you go down a long slippery slope if you just look at the numbers. (*This was actually my first lesson learned today, courtesy of G-money himself)

At the end of the day the best way to review is to look at....
1. How Did You Feel? / How Hard Did You Work
2. Where Did You Place?
3. What Did You Learn?

So, today...for me.

I felt very focused. Maybe more so than ever before in a race. Some days your mind can try to hold your body back, but I didn't feel that today. I felt like I really emptied myself on the course. And how beat I've felt / how much netflix I watched this afternoon can confirm that. I worked hard....goal of making people hurt on the bike, complete. I placed 7th. My best performance at this event in 3 years. I am proud that I did not get passed on the run by anyone, big steps.

Now. A Few Things I learned.

1. I want to really dial in technical bike handling skills. The amount of hesitation I saw going in and out of corners today was enough to make being a legit cycling badass the top of my list.

2. Opening up your eyes to figure out the riders around you is clutch.

3. A girl was airlifted off our bike course today. Remember that in sport/in life you are not invincible to accident or injury, no matter how strong you feel.

4. Transitions need some dusting off.

5. It doesn't matter how someone races on paper, or how fast they were at another race...each race is a blank slate. Make your mark.

Goal For Tomorrow:


Countdown: 12 hours and 30 minutes. Yikes.

Here's to peace, being tired and wanting more,

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