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April 2010

The Official Kick Off of 2010

For being a seasoned traveling veteran....packing for this is freaking nerve racking!


It is officially more difficult to pack for a triathlon in Florida than it is to move to Ecuador for 5 months.

Moderate 5k today (21:50) just to wake up my muscles a bit, followed by a super stretching session. I have a killer knot in my shoulder, but it's starting to loosen up. Tomorrow is rest rest rest and traveling to the land of sunshine with my ladies!!

Packing is officially in progress (or it was until I started writing this!).
My biggest dilema is where I should put my bike shoes..checked or carry on? I know I want to carry them on, but I don't know if the metal fitting and weird soles will freak out the TSA nazis. Eh. They have got to be smelly enough that even if they did require a second check it wouldn't last very long. Done. Going with carry on.

Packed a bunch of snacks - I'm definitely not willing to risk a G.I crisis on race morning. "But there was only cheap chinese food to eat the night before, I thought I'd be fne..." No way! Not me. If I'm crapping my wetsuit Sunday morning the cause will be straight up nerves.
Sorry for that. Moving on....

Race jibber jabber aside, I am so excited to get away with Jordan and Bridgey for the long weekend.
HELLOOOO Tampa Bay, Sunshine, and a King Size Bed.

Other notes of progress:
-Orthopedic Appointment set up - May 4th
-First Physical Therapy Appt. set up - April 28th
-New sponsor - Really supportive & wonderful.

Thoughts of the weekend:
"My mind will not be my limiting factor"
"In the end you'll either have results or reasons...."

Goals: Officially. Here we go.
Swim - Top 1/4 of my wave
Feel Comfortable and Strong in my first ocean race

Bike - 21avg or better
Don't hold back - Push myself and my new wheels

Run - Break 42 (6:50 miles.)
Still really nervous about overall run performance ability. Should be able to go faster than that. Ideally.
It's been tough getting back in the groove, mostly out of fear of agitating / injury again.

Less than 58 hours till race time!!

Here's to Peace, Surprises and Parachute Cord Bracelets,

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Two timed headings in a row....I guess that basically means I'm a pretty big deal : )


Deely's version of triathlon.....
'Swim....Run through the mud.....Look extremely cute.....'


What a busy week.
Busy training week - lots of good rides, runs and even feeling pretty decent in the pool. I'm feeling like I could be about to peak (which would be awesome, considering race day is a week from tomorrow!!! (super anxiously running around like crazy excited energy face goes here).

Went out for a fartlek workout on tuesday.....and considering my running training has been repeatedly and epic-ly interrupted for the past four months I really surprised my self.
Even scored a new mile PR.
1st mile - 6:56 warmup
2 & 3rd mile - fartlek intervals (using telephone poles as markers)
4th mile - sprint. 5 minutes and 32 freaking seconds. (9 seconds faster than previous best time - plus this time I was starting with some miles done already and an elevated heart rate) Most importantly I was able to sprint and not aggravate anything in my feet, knees or hips.

Dropped of the TT bike at the shop in Glastonbury for shipping, I won't see 'er again until FL. I imagine that this was kind of like dropping off your child at preschool for the first time. Except that my bike didn't cry and hug my leg begging me not to go. It was really just me being overly worried and nervous as I left it in strangers hands. So maybe its not like that at all.

Dismounts are nailed down and am feeling comfortable with that - it's a little awkward bringing my leg up and over with such a high seat. It'll take a turn to really awkward if I come cruising into transition, get my leg stuck, can't clip out and tip over sideways. Oh well.

I've come to grips with the fact that this is a TRAINING RACE. If I really want to do this and go big, then that is what all these races are, despite how big and lofty and competitive. It's all about learning how I race and applying that knowledge so I can race better. Just like in paddling we say that 'We're all just in between swims'. In racing I guess it's more like 'We're all just in between flat tires, cramps, crashes, strains, bonks, and just general bad races'

ALSO... Swim waves were posted!
(Hellooooo....being on the same course as the pros.....at the same time.....HOLY CRAP!)
6:52 Pro Men Navy
6:55 Pro Women Navy
6:59 Elite Amateur Men White
7:01 Elite Amateur Women White (*me)

Quote of the Day:
"I is what I is" - Frank Zappa

Recovery day today - 5 days of tapering down, long and slow miles. Lots of stretching. Thoughtful nutrition.
-Transition practice (New shoelaces coming!! wow I'm such a loser)
-Wetsuit swim
-Think about packing up my gear bag

8 days til St Anthonys Race http://www.satriathlon.com/
That's really all I got right now

Here's to Peace, Practice & Performance

Our potential greatness is ever ready.

P.P.S. Understatement. (See above)

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There's not even a way to describe the past 10 days.
For sake of ease and organization we'll go with good 'ol bullet points.

1. Physical Therapy.
- Getting custom orthopedics for my shoes. HOLLERRR (I feel a little bit like a really old grandlady... 'getting me some nice orthopedic inserts dear...did you find your amazing dentures yet?'
- Starting weekly appointments and exercises at home to address muscle uneven-ness and some overly tight muscles and tendons.
- FYI: Performance Rehab is basically the most incredible, educated, and experienced place for identifying and fixing athletic related issues. (Where as the typical doctor or specialist says 'you should probally just stop running' and you say 'you don't understand...that is what i do' and then they look at you blankly and write you a script for a strong anti-inflammatory - bastards)

2. Bike is all pimped out and ready to UNLEASH in Florida. Running shoes are good. Running times have been bad lately. Boo.

3. New energy goo. What more could a girl ask for, it's got electrolytes, potassium, strawberry flavor - but most importantly it comes in a really BA plastic flask.

4. Heart monitor bit the dust - won't be able to have it to race with. HUGE bummer.

5. Nutrition and general hydration have been drastically better. Cut out some foods that are empty / crap (juice, pb, adding sugar to anything)

Today did the time trial 20 mile loop on my Transition (race bike). We staggered two minutes between the two of us, I was chasing. I finished at 57 minutes 41 seconds. Scott at 59:45. Yeah...That's a big deal. Avg. 19.7 with the gorge climb. Prior to today my PR was 59:50....and that was working together with two other riders. Solo time was 1:02.
So today was basically a WICKEDLY EPIC huge day.
What can I say....I have many leather bound books.

-Two week tapering schedule. This week is short and intense swims/runs/bikes.
-Stretches daily
-Practice bike to run transitions (timed & paired with race nutrition combos)
-Go to post office tomorrow : )

Quote of the Day:
"With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about."
~Brian Tracy

13 days until St. Anthonys Race
14 days until I can have an ice cold frozen daiquiri (or seven) on the beach with my ladies
48 days until Graduation

(& 30 more Mondays)

Everything seems to be shaping up and falling into place....with the exception of school.
Out of curiosity....does anyone know of a word that means "procrastination times 100"? Because that is what category I fall into right about now. Or who am I kidding, this whole semester.

Here's to Peace, Waffles and Pushing yourself,

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California II, Police, Aerobars, Bran Muffins, & Whitewater

The whirlwind that has become the last two weeks....


California spring break extension may perhaps go on my list of top 12 best decisions I've ever made.
That being said. I got back home and started riding on my TT bike right away. Super strange at first, getting used to being in the new riding position. I felt like a little kid learning to ride a bike and trying to find my balance all over again.

Second ride out on the new racing wheels....
So. There we were, completely demolishing the 20 mile loop in granby - At an empty blinking intersection we leaned in hard and took the corner somewhere close to 28 mph. A few hundred yards up the road - mr. police man in his cruiser came up behind us and yelled at us through the window to "pull over". Mind you, this is now my dad and I's second time being pulled over by a cop on our bicycles. (and yes, I am saying that with a hint of pride).

We were scolded for going through the intersection ''too quickly''.
The dialog (in my head) went something like this...."Oh really officer? We were going to fast? If you haven't noticed I'm on some pretty fast new wheels here, so if you don't mind - why don't you pull over some asshole who's going too fast on something other than 19lbs of carbon fiber heaven. Oh yeah....and we were going that fast because we're bad ass."
I'll take it as a sign that this season is going to be a rocking one.

In the nutrition game.....

  • Bran muffins = not a good pre-run food. Duh. But I was hungry, and they looked delicious. Next time I'd rather consume a cylinder block in instead.
  • Yogurt w/ cereal & PB/banana is the winning breakfast combo thus far.

I've been lucky enough to stumble upon two thoughtfully compiled cd cases filled with some solid jams.
I'm so super stoked to update the new pod and hit the road. (big happy face goes here)

I ordered new Merrell running shoes, a newer version of my old ones - which I should have done in the first place.
As a side note: Fast Feet can suck it. hard.

Given the monstrous amounts of rain....I obviously got some solid river time in this week (it's cross training right? plus it makes me deliriously happy, so it's just got to happen) I forgot how much I love every single second of being crammed inside my boat getting some good play. If only my kayaking hubby was here to catch the wave on saturday with me.....

Quote of the day:
"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did"
- Newt Gingrich

-Increase TT distance rides
-Hydration system, computer & repair kit for race bike (tomorrow)
-Every time I go swimming during the week = river play time for Deely (she looooves it)
-Nail down training and tapering schedule for the next three weeks.

St. Anthonys, Florida - 24 days. (YIKES!)
Graduation - 50 something days.
Colorado - 3-4 months.

Here's to Peace, Sycamore Canyon, & Spaghetti

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