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May 2010

Long Lost Updates.....

Well. I have officially graduated college.
I have come to realize since graduation that these entries were a great form of procrastination when writing papers or studying for exams....Which explains why now the huge gap in updates.
We'll go with a crash course update for now:

1. St. Anthony's Race - Florida
Choppy, rough ocean swim - but still was EPIC.
Windy, windy bike - felt great to be on the new wheels.
Horrible run - ankles and feet were a mess.
Learned so so much - over 3,500 racers were there!

  • *115th female out of 1,1105

2. Bridget and Jordan were my support crew - and they were incredible. They were also my post-race celebration partners in crime. A month later Tampa still doesn't know what hit it that night. I doubt it ever will.
P.S. We totally got to see an incredible Rusted Root show too!!!

3. The past few weeks.....
-Logging around 180 miles on the bike every week. Lots of it in the hills.
-Racing the 5k every monday - set a new age group record. 20:17.
-Open water swims start tomorrow with some friends from the bike shop.
-Paddling at the Ville 2 -3 times a week - Because I love it. and I can.

Overall conclusion:
Amazing. Everything about everything is Amazing.

Quote of the moment:
"Even though she may get hurt, she decided there were things she was going to do. One of those things was to hop on rocks across the river. The other was to love."

Leaving for Iowa: 10 Days
-Hy-Vee Race: 16 Days
-Quad Cities Race: 23 Days

Here's to Lilies, Surprises, and Explosive Laughter,

P.S. Where will YOU be one year from now?

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