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May 2011

"Plan B is.....

....that there is no Plan B"

rain 50 °F

"The minute you start talking about what you're going to do if you lose, you have lost." George Shultz

Happy Tuesday
I wore heels to work today, and thought to myself "hmm...it's nice to get dressed up just because...." that temporary moment of reflection was interrupted when I realized in the car that I was A. still wearing my heart rate monitor B. roadID bracelet was on my other wrist and that C. I had subconsiously put on my compression calf sleeves underneath my skinny jeans....while laughing at myself I pegged a HUGE pothole which hurled my coffee onto the floor and coincidentally the boots that started this whole thought process. Ha. Oh well. Happy Tuesday!

Have been having some really good training days in the pool lately and other venues of life are good. I <3 my roomie, and our outrageously inappropriate conversations / explosive laughter episodes which according to the old, single ladies who neighbor us...probally occur far too frequently. Miss Deely is still the cutest yellow lab on the face of the planet. All my swimmers at work are getting rather beastly, I'm pretty proud of them and their progress. The OWLs are inexplicably cool and summer staff / plans are epic. Kayak demo for the shop (www.weu.com) went really well - over 80 different boats for people to try on the water. I registered for 5150 US championships elite amateur (umm...first place is 5 grand and a new car!?!)...and Bridget is going to come with me.....to Iowa!

Pro women in T2 (Transition from Bike to Run) @ Last years Hy-Vee Race

Oh and running in the rain is pure bliss.
End blabbering recap 101.

The Ten Commandments of Racing
1. Train Hard
2. Make Sacrifices
3. Make Positive Choices
4. Seek your potential
5. Set High Goals
6. Relax Under Pressure
7. Attack Pain
8. Push the Pace
9. Live in Balance
10. Run To Win

Recent Results
Mothers Day 1/2 Marathon -
2nd Place = 1:35:38


Stanley 5ks
Week #1 = 19:24
Week #2 - 19:31

Upcoming Things of Excitement
Northfield Mountain 10k - May 21st Saturday

Memorial Day Weekend = 4 days of Maine, Whitewater, Hiking, Campfires and Good People.

June 4th - Cape Cod Sprint

  • Really excited for this one, a huge crew of my OWLs are coming out to watch me race! (And then of course play on the beach all day!)

June 5th - Ludlow Sprint

Quote of the Day:
"Obsession....is just another word to describe the passionate, unwaivering determination someone has to reach their highest, truest potential"

Mindset of the year
"I ain't settlin' for anything less than everything....."

Here's to peace, greek yogurt & blue macaws,

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St. Anthonys 2011

sunny 65 °F

It's amazing how much growth can happen in just one year.....
A baby panda will go from 3 1/2 ounces to over 75 pounds.
A tulip poplar will grow about 18 inches.

Babies will triple their birth weight, grow ten inches, hear/see as well as an adult and start to walk.

These are all very cool facts - and damn, if we really think about how much can happen in the course of a year it's mind blowing.
Really. What were you doing a year ago? Where did you think you're life would be in a year, or two?
We can plan and prepare for what we think we want, but the truth is that life just has a way of happening.
It is such a crazy, sweet and beautiful thing.

BBUUTTTTT what really gets me going right now is that with one year of time, energy,
dedication and training my St. Anthony race time went from a 2:32 and change to a 2:12.

Event Overview
Sunday May 1st
7:08am my waves start
3,125 finishers
994 females (non-professional)

Video of my waves start. All women 15-29 years old. 165 +/-
I'm in the front row, right corner - not that you can see me at all. (*4th +/- out of the water)

  • Southeast regional championships
  • Qualifier for 5150 US Championships in September
  • One of the deepest seeded pro fields in the country.

- Sarah Haskins - 1st place professional female

Sunrise over the swim start

The Race
1,000 meter swim*
1/4 mile run into transition*
40K bike
10K run

  • slightly modified course because of strong winds and rough ocean conditions.

Heading into T2

2:12:19 Total Time
1st out of 104 in 25-29 year age group
17th woman out of 994
I would have been 15th in the elite amateur division out of 32....still lots of work to be done.

Loaded up with goodies

Qualified for age-group elite 5150 championships (back to iowa.....)
This race is slated to be the most competitive age group race in the country - even offering cash prizes. HOLLER!

IMG_6847.jpg IMG_6845.jpg
We cleaned up nice for dinner.............. (as long as you don't look at my feet)

Next Event:
1/2 Marathon - May 8th in Whately, MA

Quote of the Day:
If you are tough enough any road is flat.

Here's to peace, flying mounts and neosporin,

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