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May 2013

There will be no bike course at tomorrows triathlon event...

Um. I beg your pardon?

rain 60 °F

Summer Open Triathlon

And by triathlon, we mean Aquathon

Some last minute changes in road closures and logistics left athletes two choices, a short or a long course swim-run event. Initially this was a pretty big bummer. But, getting to up the swim and run distances was cool. Swim was a 1.5K two-lap with a beach run set-up. The 10K run was also two laps, if you're any good at math you've already figured out that each lap was a 5k. Transition area was pretty lonely looking, with just a pair of shoes, a race number belt and some sunglasses.

I just realized that each local race I've done this year have awarded something 'drinking' as prizes. First, bottles of wine. Now, pitchers and pint glasses#coloradowinssoooooooohard

It was another great day with some of the EK Crew. (Although Elizabeth was dearly missed...stupid Texas!) Strong performances all around. I was 2nd female (first being a professional) Got a sweet pitcher instead of a trophy. Nice to come home with useful hardware! After the race there was lots of food and lounging in the grass. 2 hour ride out to Lyons turned into a speed-limit sign battle extraordinaire. I think the final score was Aubrey 5-Corey 16? Max power hit 704watts & 969 watts! Nothing like a little competition to throw a cruise ride into a cranked up interval session.

Other things life:

Got to garden quite a bit this week. Planting flowers and making pretty things. I haven't had access to a yard in quite some time, it felt really good to play in the dirt!

Yesterday while out and about I saw....
A man dressed as a pirate....
With brown paper bags on this hands....
Shaking his groove thang in the middle of a side street.
I'm not joking. Or exaggerating. #whateverfloatsyourboatpirateman

Words just can't describe how cool my Colorado family is : )

Spring-season love to LiteFighter Systems.
They have been beyond incredible in allowing me to pursue my racing dreams. Ohhh annndd they are now on facebook! So, you should 'LIKE' them ; )LIKE LITEFIGHTER SYSTEMS

Quote of the moment:



MOAB, UT : 1 day!!!!
Boulder Sunrise : 9 days

Here's to Peace, Late night runs for Ben & Jerrys and Getting dialed,

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Highlights & Happenings

sunny 80 °F

Dial in your Day to Day

small things can make a big difference

Tip One:
This one will change your life?? Are you ready for it?
Start prepping the good 'ol coffee machine the night before, so in the morning you can just press a button and then BOOM coffee!

Tip Two:
Charge your electronics. Because when you want nothing more than to dub out hard on a ride and instead your Ipod flips you the bird. It sucks.

Tip Three:
Use words like 'wowzer', 'wooftastic' 'jeepers' 'steeze' and 'holey-moley'.
Use them often.

Tip Four:
Love. Sports.

Tip Five:
Go to the store and buy 'Mom's Best Honey Grahams' cereal.
Make time on your calender in two days...to go back to the store because you will have already eaten the whole box.

Things of Excitement

Sold old bike frame on Craigs List.
Saving $ to register for my first 70.3 (IN PUERTO RICO)

Puppies. Puppies are very exciting.


Summer Open Triathlon: 3 days

Quote of the Moment:


Here's to peace, boulder res, and wearing flippy-floppies,

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Such Great Heights

Races, Training, HUGE Dreams, Laying in the grass, Staying on your toes & Listening to your heart.

sunny 60 °F

Well. The first big race of the season has come and gone.

St Anthonys Race Recap

T. Scott Cook - 9th Place Age Group 55-59 years
Aubrey Jeanne Cook - 9th Place Elite Amateur

It was a much needed father daughter race weekend. The swim was shortened, which made the transition run a long one. Bike was flat, fast and felt smooth. Run, got a bit hot but my overall race plan was executed well thru the finish line. Gained some quality knowledge to apply in the future and made some memories. No complaints (Except for the shortened swim!)


Training Weekend

The EK Endurance Crew @ the Boulder Triathlon Club Duathlon
2 mile run - 12 mile ride - 2 mile run


BTC Duathlon, 2 hour post race ride, lunch/brew with the crew, treats and snoozin'

Swim clinic & Run @ Magnolia Drive (EPIC)
(And of course some time in 'the boots' at fuelery recovery center)

Quote of the Moment:


Up & Coming Countdowns:

Astronauts/Dinosaurs: 4 days
Summer Open Triathlon: 12 days
Boulder Sunrise: June 1st
Elite Development Washington: June 22nd

Here's to peace, big dreams and magnolia drive

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