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June 2013

Time flies when your....

A. Having Fun B. Racing lots C. Treats! Answer: All of the above

rain 58 °F

Boulder Sprint
Sunday Funday

Yet another race weekend in CO. What’s not to love?

Woke up with the sun and rode to the venue like pros, which really does make you feel pretty cool. Went thru the typical transition area prep, I made a new friend who french braided my hair (I believe this is becoming a pre-race good luck charm) and meet with EK for some final words of wisdom.

Swim: Swim start was via ‘corrals’ where athletes seed themselves according to their 100yd swim pace. This was just a dumb set-up. I could go into a longer tangent but overall I had a semi-decent swim, and only a few really good tramplings so it was what it was. You gotta learn to be flexible.

T1: Now, transition usually doesn’t make the cut of anything exciting to talk about. However, when you screw a transition up as much as I did this one it deserves a few lines. Ran up the beach, into transition and was running down the isle of racks toward the porta-potties..when I thought, ‘hey I don’t have to run all the way down the rows and then cut over, I can just cut over now and get to my rack from the middle. Totally faster. Totally more direct” FAIL. I got lost. Just completely misplaced. I’d gather that a solid 45-55seconds were spent just roaming. Hearing people come in after me and rip out of T1 ahead of me. Moral of the story: Stick to your f-ing race plan.

Bike: Super good. Super fun. Fast.

Run: Felt like garbage. But got it done, relatively respectfully.

Overall and Funday:

Happy. Took home some hardware. Learned a valuable lesson. Hung out with my favorite CO peeps. Rode bikes back from the race, Post race swim at Rally afterwards and of course a solid 45 minutes of lounging around in Fuelery. Later that night I had a little interval run to get done, which felt better than anticipated. After Jamba Jamba goodness we made a test run of what normal people do….aka in non-spandex clothes, made popcorn, lounged around and watched a movie (a real movie, not an itu race) : )

June 22nd Monroe Triathlon

Elite Development Race. Draft Legal
A relatively last minute addition to the race season and the direct result of having way too much fun at the Clermont development event, back in March. After that race I knew NEEDED to get some more drafting on me... preferably this time will followed by a stronger run. I figure this event will double as good prep for future days on the ITU circuit ; )

Race Start: Saturday 2:15pst
Stay tuned for updates....


Monroe EDR: 2 days
Cohassett: 8 days
Boulder Peak: 15 Days

Nationals / A-Race / Epic Throw Down / Crushing 2:10 Day :
51 Days

Livin' with all of the focus:

Small choices will make a big difference. It will take mental strength and discipline to accomplish your goals. But…don’t you want it? You laid your goals out there. They are big and bold and beautiful. So….Go get them! Choose wisely and you will live the life you’ve imagined.

  1. #gettingdialed #havingfun

Quote of the moment:

"You can't unscramble eggs..." - John Morgan
Yeah..go ahead...think on that one for a bit. Good right?

Here's to peace, burgers and visiting new states,

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Getting Ohhhh Soooo Dirty...

In the mud-run....get your mind out of the gutter

sunny 80 °F

Go Pro Mountain Games

Some highlights of a great adventure in Vail.
8 crazy boaters/bikers/adventure lovers in the best apartment the 'Antlers' has to offer, one black lab, one chiwawa and one 'goose', at least 30 bananas, race bib numbers everywhere, 10 jars of face paint, 2 homemade super hero capes, a dozen packets of emergen-c, 3 trips thru the oatmeal mud, 410 points scored by the winning freestyle woman (who was 12yrs old!), one free latte, 4 bags of bear naked granola, snow capped mountains e'rey where.....
A weekend of new friends, laughter and just doing CO right.

Goal: Make it onto the website. #missioncomplete



Our moms all warned us of this as we grew up, our friends warn us of this at some point in college, our coach sees it on the horizon and subtly modifies your training plans.....but still we press on. Afterall, we are invincible right?! Being stationary is just so lame. We decide it is a good idea to do things like toss 'the incline' in the middle of a 90' run,,,after a bike,,,after a race day. And then it happens. The germs invade. Hard. Before you know it, BAM. Sick as a dog. Lost a few quality days of training, slept for 20 out of 24 hours, and consumed at least 20,000mg of vitamin C over the course of 5 days. But, here we are. On the other side. Back to being healthy. Back to the grind, with a renewed appreciation for health, getting enough sleep and listening to your body.


LiteFighter Systems are still making the highest quality military approved backpacks and tents out there. They are also still INCREDIBLE sponsors to my 2013 race season. LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK


Boulder Sprint: 2 days
Monroe, WA Elite Development: 9 days
Hugs for Nick Davis!: 10 Days
Cohassett, MA Race: 17 days

Ohhhh yeahhhh. #beingbusy #racesracesraces

Quote of the Moment:


Here's to peace, kombucha and playing in streams,

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Two Weeks of Wonder

Deep Thoughts, Fast Legs and Brutal Germs

sunny 65 °F

How can I be expected to keep this thing up to date when so much life just keeps happening!?! When I stop to think about any snippit of time lately there is just so much jammed in there, that I almost have to do a double take and wonder how so much could actually fit and how was so much accomplished. Once again I am reduced to bullet points to try and capture the last two weeks.


Hanging lake, TT Bikes, Icecream dates, Art festival, Full moon, Long rides, Brick runs, Freezing cold lake 'dunk', Climbing on rocks, Campfire smoke, Quinoa bowls of deliciousness, Shooting stars, Continuous fireworks, Annies mac, Muddy feet, Country music, Not country music and Just good ol' adventure time.



Yoga & Trail Runs

I've been doing yoga once a week. Not so much for the physical benefits (however, my body does looove the yoga). I find that even just once a week clears out the brain cobwebs. It keeps things clear up there and helps me focus. In the beginning of each class we are all asked to set an intention. I like this practice. To take just a moment and dedicate some clear focus to the next x-number of moments. Maybe we should all set intentions before we go about, well, anything.

“You must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it's like you have four legs, instead of two...But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look thorough your heart, instead”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

Red Rocks Amphitheater

What a great night. Red Rocks is just incredible. Big rocks, stars overhead, good music, great company.....and just a carved out majestic piece o' Colorado. I'm feeling pretty darn lucky these days.

Boulder Sunrise Race

This was my first overall womens win, in Colorado. This was a big deal for me, especially when paired with a new all time personal best 10k time 40:18.
Lots of good times with the EK Endurance crew. Huge shout outs to everyone who came out for a strong day!

The Sickness

This is why I am sitting inside, in bed, staring at a computer screen on such a beautiful day. I've just been so exhausted. What started as a sore throat has grown into just wicked tiredness, headachy, lame, blah, frustrating sick-land of being 'off'. Not training makes me feel so useless. So I am doing my darnedest to get well ASAP. I'm on my 4th liter of water so far today. Woof.

Superhero Prep

Go Pro Mountain Games this weekend (another reason I can't be freakin' sick!) Elizabeth and I are working on some pretty epic costumes. Three races. Two Days. Hoot. Hoot.Stay tuned.....

My New Mantra


Here's to peace, vitamin C and family,

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