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June 2014


(No, not the Usher Album)

sunny 60 °F

The inspiration for this post originated in a bathroom stall.
I proceeded to develop the thought while drinking my $5 glass of Southwest Airlines best merlot. You’ve been warned.

Dedicated to the family of six who brought over 10 bags of McDonalds on the plane
#EveryoneHatesYou #IsmellLikeAChickenNugget


There are day-to-day things that happen, that I think, feel, experience, fear…Most of which make me laugh. Here are some that I became aware of today. In no particular order and with no relevant sorting of ‘serious vs. silly’

My quads were so tired today that I couldn’t even attempt a ‘hover-pee’ in the airport. Eww. (que blog-inspiration)

I have woken up in the morning accidentally still wearing my heart rate monitor. Ugh..I know. Don’t judge me.

My “Sunglasses on head” habit is not about ‘style’ or ‘UVA’. It originated as a way to hide when I became too emotional…For a while anything too happy, too sad, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated would = tears. #teenagehotmess

Almost every single Tuesday, without fail I forget clean socks and or a pair of underwear for after training. I have deemed the day “Comando Tuesdays”

I don’t think I have the “I want to settle down, get married and maybe even have a baby” internal clock that a majority of women seem to have. I'm watching a handful of my friends listening to the 'tick-tock' and can't help but think that if mine is in there somewhere...its batteries are surely dead. No complaints there.

I believe the center-consoles true purpose is to hold apple cores, banana peels and breeze bar wrappers.

I am (for the first time in 5 years) able to handle my night terrors on my own. This is actually a double confession. Part A: I still (not nearly as often) get very intense nightmares about the robbery. Which, in itself I am embarrassed and it is difficult to admit. Part B: For the first time ever, I don’t need someone to help me calm down, talk me through, dry my tears, or rub my back to help me back to sleep. It is all me. I can do it. I can sit in my bed in a pool of sweat and tears going through my own routine of getting back to the present. It’s taken a long time and I am really proud of myself for getting here. (Serious confession over)

I haven’t had to buy shampoo or conditioner in 8+months.
Thank you RallySport!

Speaking of RallySport, my ability to consume grilled chicken has been severely hampered. Smelling it at 8am in the middle of a swim set has ruined the bird for me.

I have eaten the last serving of a 4-year-olds honey nut cheerios for dinner, and in the morning felt zero remorse when he didn’t have his favorite cereal. #soulless?!?!

By calling me “Aubs” whether you intend it or not, makes me feel genuinely cared about. I love it and probably love you a little more as well.

Well. There you have it. As I approach 13% battery life I will wrap up this exhilarating post. Exhilarating for me at least, I should now be $10 in the hole to Southwest….but I’m pretty sure I am not getting charged. When the flight attendants name is also “Aubrey” – you drink for free.

Quote of the moment:


Here’s to Peace, Looking within, and Laughing at yourself

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Mid-Season Break

3 days OFF and then on Day 4 I walked for 90 minutes.

sunny 70 °F

In a Nut Shell


Thursday - Day 1

The first 24 hours of 'down-time' revolved around Deely being incredibly sick. I'd get into details but that would just be shitty...ha. Get it? Venturing out for a walk every 30 minutes through the night was certainly draining. Poor little baby.
Which reminds me...NO. BABIES.

After that riveting experience I went antiquing for the first time, bought pink nail polish (just because) and for the first time in a long time had ZERO dirty laundry. Sigh. Productivity.

Friday - Day 2

Friday became the new Sunday. Made the most amazing breakfast with Liz, drank a solid 3 cups of coffee and watched the first 2 episodes of "Orange Is the New Black". That lazy endeavor brings us up to noon on Friday. Went to work with the little guy, played on Pearl Street and ate way too much Almond Butter. #MYVICE


I practiced being a home owner today. A role which involves Home Depot and results in a very long receipt. Lots of repairs and home-improvement projects in the works. Things are getting comfy over here. Had fabulous coffee with a friend and then drove to Denver for an APEX BBQ where some of us discovered our true calling....BASKETBALL. If there is no future in multi-sport at least we can each easily sign multi-million dollar deals playing hoops. #SoMuchAir


Amongst other things, I WALKED with Deely for 90 minutes. Want to hear my conclusions about walking? It's not running & when it's not hiking...IT SUCKS. Thank god tomorrow is back to the groove. Looking forward to getting back into training. Feeling motivated and fresh. This was the first recovery break that I A. Didn't cheat (sneak in a workout) and B. Didn't even have the desire to cheat.

Quote of the Moment:

Here's to peace, playing 'catch-up', and 14 bottles of juice,

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I Found My Legs!!!!!

....they were hanging out in the trash can.

semi-overcast 60 °F

It's been a bit of a whirlwind since Texas that's for sure.

I essentially jumped right into a full work week, a decent training load and then some more racing. It turns out that two tri's, an open water swim (dubbed #skillsday) and a time trial is a whole lot on the 'ol bod. Just to make sure I was completely fried after Vail there were three more quality days of training to get through. I'd say that halfway through the ride on Wednesday (and half-way is being generous) I started to lose it. I felt completely wrecked not only physically but mentally. Being so far behind the group, practically different zip-codes just ate away at my brain while my body just tried to hang on. But, you get through it, Get over it, & the get super lost riding back to Rally. Somethings never change, and for me being navigationally challenged is one of them.

After the ride I was going to "Save the run for later" AKA "I don't think I can handle a 20 minute run right now" but as the crew geared up, I followed suit. Nell, Flora, Brian, Tyler and I had a nice jaunt down the Boulder Creek path, but I mean let's be real the best part of capping a 5hr training day was that Rallysport had POPSICLES again! #WatermelonDelicious #PopsicleParty I am thankful to be surrounded by encouraging, talented and just damn hilarious friends.

Selected Highlights of Athlete Chatter

Q: "Why the hell am I wearing Jeans?"
A: "Yeah....why are you doing that?"

Statement: "Ugh. I really just want to take my bra off"

Realization: "I can just combine all the partial water bottles from my car to make one full water bottle for this ride....."
Realization #2: "Actually...there are chunks in this one"

Statement: "I can't find any water bottles" - Said NO ATHLETE EVER

Statement: "This round is 30/30's...But I have a deal for you...." (NCAR repeat discussion)
Response: (Interrupts before actual deal) "OK. EIGHT GOOD ONES?!"

Defeated Thought: "I wish I could find time to shave my legs...."
Fellow Athletes Defeated Thought:: "I think I am growing extra eyebrows this week..."

The Working Athlete: "I want to kick everyone in the face and then go to bed"

Q: "Will you be at Rally tomorrow?"
A: "What a stupid question"

Summarizing The Week In Pictures

Actually. No Additional Images Needed. #LifeExplosion

The End.

Up Next: A glimpse into my Mini-Recovery Week AKA Cleaning up dog shit and going antiquing. WTF. Stay tuned that was only Day #1.

Here's to peace, recovery and banana bread

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Starting June The Right Way

Texas. Racing. Kharma. Being Silly.

sunny 70 °F

Welcome to Texas!

Who doesn’t want to take a breath AND get hydrated at the same time. Some may call it humidity. I call it efficiency. There were of course some other subtle reminders encountered along the way, just in case I had forgotten which state I was racing in #boulderbubbleoutthewindow

You know you’re in Texas when:

The televisions automatically default to Fox news when turned on. No matter what channel they were when turned off.
Explains. So. Much.

The bike course passes Exxon/Mobil corporate

You got to your hotel by driving on the George W. Bush thruway

There is a shooting range nearby said hotel, which apparently is open on a 6am-6pm schedule…including Sundays.

Anyways, travel to the Lonestar State was smooth. Usually there’s a glitch (or series of glitches) somewhere along the line, but departure was just easy. Right down to zero line at security in DIA. (Little did I know ALL the “glitches” were being stocked up for my return flight) Flora and I got into Dallas around 1:00. Plenty of time to get situated, sneak in a run, swim in the lake, gander at a few gorgeous Latino athletes from Nell’s lake view balcony and grocery shop. All-in-all, a good day.


Got to spend some time with Dad, which was great. Our weekend of course included several spontaneous dancing breakouts. We’d be great instigators of flash mobs…except the dancing is below par at best. Rhythm and choreography aside there’s nothing like totally rocking out to some Ghostland at 4am on race morning…in your kit…with your dad.

Race Day

“I don’t know about you, but I love reading long race day recaps…especially the ones including details of every thought, emotion, food consumed, ritual followed, twinge of discomfort, interpretations of competitors, a step-by-step guide on how your transition area is set-up, and for heavens sake please don’t leave out the minute by minute weather review. No recap is too long”

That being said….Here's my official race day recap
Thought: No wetsuit?! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Emotion: Never to high, never to low
Food Consumed: White rice, banana & honey
Ritual Followed: Wore my grandmothers earrings
Discomfort: The time between the swim start and the finish line.
Interpretations of Competitors: “There goes my dad! That’s so cool”
Transition Set-Up: I put my bike on a rack & my run flats next to it
Weather: Resembling the surface of the sun.
What was Missing?: As always when I travel...a cup of quality coffee. #missedmyRedRockCoffeeHouse


3rd Place Woman
Swim: 22:58
Bike: (22mile course) 56:31
Run: 38:15

Post Race

Packed bike, ate a Breeze Bar, got slowly cooked by the Texan Sun, fell asleep with shoes on, had lunch with dad, was escorted by TSA, flagged as a ‘watch-list traveler’ AND taken through security twice. That renegade CO2 cartridge certainly caused some excitement. Glad I could keep the boys at Dallas Love Field Airport on their toes.

On the plus side, at check-in I didn’t have to pay for my bike! *Totally wearing the bootie run shorts to the airport from here on out……or continuing to say that it’s not a bike, but my mothers wheelchair that is in the bag. Yep. Let’s see you question me on that without sounding like a complete ass. (Credit/Thanks goes out to my mom for the idea...she’s awesome) But get ready, because Kharma doesn't mess around. Got to DIA and they lost my bike bag. Spent 3 hours waiting to ultimately leave with no bike and no answers.

Well. There you have it.
Texas in a nutshell. Airport traveling in roller coaster form.

Next on the docket: Small, local and fun @ The Boulder Sunrise

Quote of the moment:
“Life is too short to blog without wine”

Here’s to Peace, High Altitude Triathlon and Being surrounded by wonderful people,

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