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October 2010

Oh Western MA.

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What does one write about after a day of work, sitting in a wooden rocking chair, in western MA after such a long stint of excitement and traveling?
I guess we'll find out.

Saturday Morning:
"Want to go to Phish tonight?"

Sunday Afternoon:
"Want to go Phishin' again?"

What a great weekend. Really unbelievable. JW, Lauren & I on Saturday - and Lauren, Claire, myself and an assortment of old friends and new faces from the Meadow on Sunday. I never quite got the whole Phish thing before...all the built up hype about seeing them, the powerful energy, and the 'addictiveness' of it all. Well, let me tell you....It is all completely true, under-rated and something everyone should open themselves up to (for at least one weekend every year for the rest of their lives) That being said. Monday was a wasted sleep-filled day. Off season has been rather enjoyable, Im not gonna lie.

Now, back to business.
Met with my running coach, Robert Rouche. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with him. He's putting together three-three month training cycles that will plan to peak at Nationals in August. (Which will be here before I know it)

I lined up my races for next season, registrations start November 1st and December 1st.
Training for the Season starts up hard again on November 28th, and won't let up until mid October '11
One more month......

In less than two weeks I'll be 24...I will also be in California. (The later obviously being the more exciting of the two)

Here's to Peace, New Asiscs, and Going West,

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Post Big Event Return to Reality Let Down Syndrome

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I've only been back for four days, but that is long enough to declare that I feel like a visitor in a far off land.

It's been great to see everyone, the fall colors are fantastic, I've already clocked 70 miles on the bike in the past three days, I'm teaching private swim lessons to some all star kids, and got to spend Sunday making pancakes and being underwater on scuba with 30 of my OWLs....but man, am I already itching to bounce around the world again.
I guess that is what traveling does huh?

In any case, I'm sure it'll be a few fast weeks until I am off on the road again.
I signed up for a duathlon (run, bike, run) on Halloween - I'm pretty stoked, It'll just be a fun event.

Much of the last couple days has involved me putting together my race plan for next season. Choosing races, researching series event, contacting race directors as well as pursuing possible sponsorships. All of which needs to be set in stone by November 1st at 12:01am (When registration opens) And some of these events are so huge that they will sell out in a couple hours. It's the athletes version of sleeping out on a sidewalk all night to get concert tickets. Speaking of....if any one happens to have an extra Phish ticket for this Saturday......just saying : )

Well. Off to climb a mountain with my Deely girl and then sit in front of a computer for most of the day at work.

Here's to Peace, Plans and Cornbread,

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Cliff Notes....Because thats all you could handle.....

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5 train segments to get to la Spezia, Italy.
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich on the Train Staion Floor.
Getting on the wrong train, finding out that information as it was starting. And literally jumping into the correct train as it was departing. It was exactly like the movies....only more stressful and less graceful.

Got to our Hostel in La Spezia.
Lights out. Doors Locked. Random Residential Neighborhood, 10pm.
The neighbor had a sign on their door with pictures of knives, handguns, shotguns and dogs....we opted to not ask their advice.
Finally got inside, and had a laughing fit when we counted over 20 frogs in our room. (Not real ones...stuffed, painted, ceramic...you name it)

Hiked in Cinque Terra National Park
Top ten most beautiful places in the entire world. End of Story.
Aside from our getting involved on a 5 hour uphill hike through vineyards, along a rocky coast. Exciting and tiring.

Lake Como Ferry to Belagio
Bridget and I had prime seating for an absolutely grotesque people watching couple. To give you some perspective on how outrageous it was, the man was wearing a red silk scarf that was tied around his waist as if a fashion accessory. Oh, and he was also forcefully making out with greasy girl who had a boyfriend. We photo-documented for our ever growing WTF album.

Lake Como Bar Snacks.
Put any excuse the US has for bar snacks to shame. We are talking platters of deliciousness. It was also super cool because the same group of old italian men came to the bar every evening to split bottles of red wine and talk about life, women and sports...very loudly.

Bottles of wine are 4 Euros. (5 Dollars). Bridget and I split one at 1pm, another at 2, and started our third just after 4. Which explains our laughing melt down in the middle of a cobble stone alleyway. Lots of Honking and Walky-Talkying.....Which resulted in very peculiar looks from other tourists and locals. We did not do a good job at being vigilant and descreet travellers that day.

Aqua Alta
A rare occurance in Venice....When the entire San Marco square and surrounding streets is completely flooded. Lame tourists wait in line to walk on elevated boardwalks throughout the city. Bridge and I take off our shoes and run splashing through the center of the square. Ending up on Italian news and in a lot of random peoples photo albums. Again, not a very low profile day.

Montevegelio, Italia
An interesting day of attempting to track down my old, old relatives. More to Come Later. (My hands are getting tired, and the sun is shining.....anddddd there are ripe figs and pomegranates that need to be picked)

Farm Stay.
Heaven. Hiking. Horses. Fruit. Blue Skies. Mountains. Camp Fires.

Is there really only a few more days left.....
Thank goodness I have a bike, a puppy and some incredible people waiting for me at home, because leaving is going to be pretty tough.

Quote of the Day:
Smile. Inside and Out. Even smile with your liver.

Next Race:
October 31st - Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run)

Heres to Peace, Memories and Prickly Pear Fruit,

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