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October 2014

I'm Officially Going Nuts..

..with a little help from an amazing new sponsor!

sunny 55 °F

Changing of seasons is a great time to take a step back and do some self reflection. As the landscape around you changes, look at how you have changed and GROWN over the past weeks, months, years. One of the greatest gifts of life is that we are constantly presented with new opportunities. Opportunities to change, or stay the same. Opportunities to embrace your own successes and share in those successes of others.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a companies "mission statement" - I had tried their product before (courtesy of good friend and amazingly talented swimmer, Christine Jennings) so I already knew they were 'to die for delicious'....but what really got me hooked was reading about their values and outlook on life. I thought "YES! This is what it is all about!"

So. If you like nut butter...hang on to your boots because you have no idea how good it can really be.
With that warm introduction, I introduce you to KOLAT SUPERFOODS! #boom


Five for Friday

My fav 5 from KOLATs Manifesto...and of course my little ramblings as to why they are my favorite.

take risks and find comfort in the discomfort, for this is the only way you grow. *As an athlete this place of discomfort in a strange way almost brings comfort. Push yourself to new places, you might like the view.

all is perfect as it is, everything happens in its own time when the conditions are right, trust in this; of yourself, you are capable of handling anything that comes your way; of life–happiness does not depend on anything outside of yourself. *This one reminds me of my moms advice 'listen to your gut, trust your instincts' Our body has a way of knowing perhaps more than our mind allows us to see...trust your heart, and create the life you have imagined.

seek knowledge, seek truth; view others as if they were a gift, waiting to be discovered and listen intently. *Family is family, they are your number one, your backbone. Friends are the family you choose. Strangers could become your newest friends. Be thankful for those in your life, and open to those who might walk in when you least expect it.

never settle, never give up, setbacks are just a universal test to see how badly you truly want it and how far you are willing to go to make it happen;
success comes to those who are willing to fail many times & adjust their strategy along the way; when told you cannot, let that be a driving force to prove that you can; have an unshakable belief in yourself. *I have a quote taped to my fridge that says 'When she undoubtedly believed, everything became possible'. You are your own CEO, with limitless potential...and it's up to you to realize that.

dream big, you have the power to create what ever it is you truly desire; do the impossible and when you are told it is, know that there is always a way, it just hasn’t been done yet; be the exception, be a visionary, be a pioneer. *There is nothing better than hearing "you can't do it" or "you won't make it"....it's all fuel for the fire baby. Whatever 'it' is, you should do it.


In Other News...

At The Gym. WTF

There are certain things that just baffle the hell out of me.
Maybe you can share some insight as to why people do the things they do.

1. Why is there a huge population of older women who choose to put body lotion on while in the sauna? I feel like this would be nothing but the most unpleasant and sweaty experience.

2. In an entirely empty locker room, as I have my 3-sport life sprawled over the bench and the floor....why would you choose the locker immediately next to mine? I get that we are creatures of habit...but seriously, live on the edge. #StopSteppingOnMyShit

3. The things I have seen people doing with free weights as of late has grown scary. Literally doing the YMCA with dumbells. #wtf

4. Dear Crossfit Man: You are still my favorite. Please continue to walk around with your gallon of water, ripped t-shirt (because your biceps are clearly too big for sleeves) and do some of those kipping pull-ups. So hot. #sarcasm.

Training and Such

Getting back to the grind this month. AND LOVING IT! It certainly doesn't feel good to realize the loss of fitness that occurred after season end....or the affect of one (or nine) too many icecream and wine nights....but here we are, October, and with a serious sense of direction! #patience #progress #potential.


Well. Folks. There you have it.
Grab a spoonful of KOLAT Superfood (I am digging the Blueberry Cinnamon Walnut these days) and do whatever it is you do...and do it well!

And because sometimes you just need to eat some sushi and watch a whole lot of zombies.

Cheers to peace, the icing on the cake and big visions for 2015,

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The End of an Era.

Pack it up September.

sunny 50 °F

There I sat, on my bedroom floor. Deely dog snuggled up on my lap, looking up at me with those "I know something is wrong" eyes. My packed suitcase was next to us both....Deely despises that suitcase. She knows it means I am traveling. What she didn't know, was this time she was coming with me. Instead of traveling thru DIA with a bike in tow...I would have a pudgy yellow lap. Explanation: *After a lot of thought and looking ahead as to what my next year will likely involve, I decided it be best if Deely go back home to live in Massachusetts with my parents. It certainly wasn't an easy decision, but when I took emotion out of the equation it was clearly the right choice for us both.

Anyways. There we sat. Her in my lap and me starting to cry. Then I really started to cry. One of those, it just kept coming. I had panicked thought where I was certain 2014 was going to be my "best year ever"...and the unraveling would now begin. I thought "Wow. In this summer alone...I got to live with my dog in Colorado, move into MY house, train with the best, reach what was up to this point my biggest goal, experience what it is like to win lots of races, AND stumble into a fairy tale when I least expected it....yikes, it was a hell of a summer." I looked at all those pieces and thought that it just couldn't get any better. So, clearly it would have to fall apart...and Deely leaving was the kick off. Then I realized.....actually, this year was like "set-up". Everything happened just as it should and the foundation is laid for work to be done, new goals to be set, and memories to be made...So I reigned in that little emotional outburst and said outloud to Deels "The best is yet to come". And I believe that is the truth.

Now begins a new chapter...where with some of patience and heaps of dedication you can have it all. Oh and a side note: Now that I've been back in CO without a pup to care for....HOLY SHIT is my day to day a thousand times easier. #gooddecision

At this point Hyvee 5150 Champs was a month ago so we'll just not even get into it. Aside from saying the race was changed to a sprint course (eh, it is what it is) and I finished 2nd place Elite Amateur. More importantly our High Altitude Triathlon boys BOTH won 1st place in their age groups. It was a pretty epic cap-off to a fun summer. Nell and I were pretty proud. Oh, and I also had someone pretty special waiting for me at the finish line after having a great race himself. I felt #blessed that weekend (I really hope you detected the elevated sarcasm there with the whole hash-tagging of 'blessed'......)

Clearly not happy....at all.


In Other News:

Instead of racing Galveston 5150...I spent the day running with a friend on his birthday, mountain biking with my dad, doing yoga with mom, eating blondie brownies with Nonnie and Pepe and not worrying about a damn thing. I think I made a good decision.


So, clearly after Hyvee there was some time off off for recovery. I ate icecream 4 days in a row....ok 5 days....but I put just a littttttle bit of granola on it and would tell myself it was just really cold protein packed greek yogurt....That works right? Eh. Fuck it. I fully committed to this month of taking a break. Dusted off the bottles of TRIFECTA WINE to celebrate a great season. So delicious! You really should check them out! Trifecta Wines It took a bit to want to even think about getting back into training. Losing momentum is tough for me.

Me & Momma hiking in the Berkshires on our yoga retreat day at KRIPALU

Getting back to Boulder was like the flip of a light switch. I think the plane touched down and I was instantly feeling excited, focused and ready to set my sights on next season. Taking some time now to get back into training a little bit more, but still just whatever feels good. Reminding myself that this year of training is a marathon, not a sprint and I need to slowly build back into things. Spending some time on the mountain bike has been a blast, good for the soul.

Yep. My dad is pretty freakin' cool.

3 Signs You Are Surely In Boulder...

-You see a woman running intervals around the park with a neck brace on....
-During a lunch play date one 5 year old asks the other if they are "gluten intolerant" or "just enjoying glutenfree crackers"
-There are more than 3 milk alternatives at any given coffee shop...not counting soy

Quote of the Moment:

Cheers to changing aspens, climbing mountains and lots of check marks,


My girl AMANDA WILSON is following some pretty amazing dreams and has moved to middle of nowhere ALASKA for a year. Her and her hubby are freakin' amazing. You should maybe check out her blog too.....CRAZY ALASKA LIVING BLOG O' FUN #moose #norunningwater #abillionbelowzero #catonaleash (<-yes, a cat on a leash)

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