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November 2010

2011 Training Season

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. -Joe Paterno

rain 38 °F

Well. It's here. No more "Off-Season", "Pre-Season" or whatever else I was calling the past two months of travel, relaxation and late crazy nights.
Now its time to ramp up, build up and get the routine figured out. The winter months are where you trade in the V-4 for a V-6.

Here's what we got so far.

Brick Workout
Rode Knox + The 30 Loop
Ran 4

6am - Swim @ the Y
Mile Repeats. (Funner than it sounds....or at least I think so)
Cross Fit & Free Weights

6am - Swim
Mid-Distance, Approach Stroke & Kick Drills
4,000 Yards
Yoga Class

Swimming at the Y....is for lack of a better word, 'interesting'. I find my mind wandering a lot about what is going on around me. When the 250 pound woman shows up I subconsciously start thinking about various sudden illness emergency action plans, when the swim star from the class of '85 shows up I'm stoked to see how many times I can lap him - while pulling, and while wearing my 6 pounds of drag. (Did I mention that I'm swimming in knee length denim shorts now....is it weird that I find that fun?) And when the familiar looking racers show up for 'gossip and water jogging' I recite lots of motivational quotes to myself that remind me why I am working so (much) hard(er).

I'm surprised with how easy it's been to wake up in the mornings and get out the door.
Frosty and 20 degrees....It's certainly no Cali sunshine weather, but I am happy.

I've gone and done some mystery something or other to my right knee. I'm thinking its a result of riding too much too fast after being off my bike for a while. Typical. A little concerning because I don't want to screw up or be limited at all this season. So I've just stuck to the pool for the past couple days.

-Helping Coach the Westfield High Swim Team.
-Got Sponsored by Big Y - which is pretty awesome. I'm up to 4 sponsors now! Mucho Thanks!
-I have a website now! In it's beginning stages thanks to the technical genius of Web Designer Jerry Loughman : )
-50/50 Raffle Drawing is Tomorrow - It's looking like a pretty hefty chunk of change to the winner.
-No more Cozumel....BUT I GET TO SEE PHISH NOW!

Race Schedule 2011
Ones I've Registered for so far....

June 18th
New England Regional Championships

June 24th
Philidelphia, PA.
Lifetime Fitness Series
Qualifier for Toyota Championship Series

September 11th
Washington DC
The Nations Triathlon

Here's to Peace, Progression and Moving into a New Apartment(!!!),

P.S. The night sky can still take my breath away. I love that.

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40 minutes of decisions and 50 miles of clarity.

Running in the rain, biking in the dark, and the search for answers.

rain 48 °F

Curled up and reading 'Ultra-Marathon Man' - I was going on hour number 3 of non-stop page turning....When my brain hit the tipping point - The Mario Brothers theme music that had been in the background for the past couple hours had finally saturated my entire brain to the point of implosion. It was too much. 10pm on a Tuesday - I left to run. Not the 'pre-planned' or 'have a specific target' kind of run...this was the kind of run where you open the door and just G-O. I don't think I even noticed that I was barefoot, in my pajamas (bra-less even!) and on a soaking wet sidewalk until after the first mile. It was the kind of run where you just leave all your thoughts at the curb and just clear everything out. It's almost unfortunate that you can't plan those kinds of runs, these are the runs where you make huge decisions without even really knowing you are doing it. You come back feeling cleansed.
In any case.

Back in Massachusetts, for the winter.
The only thing you can be guaranteed is that "Your experience will be exactly what it is".

No matter how you plan, or think or prepare - life has a way of just happening.
All we can do is be flexible, accepting to change and know that everything will be how it is suppose to be. Life is funny like that.
Even if you can't see it at the time of collapse - later things become clearer and you realize that there is/was a rhyme or reason to it all.

Where ever you go. There you are.
(Read it)

Spent the night after my flight snuggling with JW in Boston, then went home for epic, unplanned outing number two.

I hoped on my bike at 2:30pm.
By the time I realized I was in east-you-know-what Middlefield.....it was 4:15 and getting dark. 20 miles from home I turned around. Despite the fact that the moon was already out and I had just seen the first star poke through, I couldn't force myself to take the most direct route back. I looped around in Montgomery first. Turning onto my street, and approaching my house....I couldn't even turn in the drive way. I HAD to squeeze out a couple more miles. (I did however wish my street had streetlights....every pot hole was a jolt of adrenaline since I couldn't see them coming - which in this town, that's a lot of adrenaline boosts)

50 miles later I got home. Happy. So So Happy.
It certainly is freaking dark out at 6pm. But what a rush.

Quote of the Day:
Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
~Albert Einstein

Being Present.

Here's to Peace, Mindfulness and Trail runs,

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From the Archives of 1989.....

sunny 75 °F

After taking your first step into the new house, in the new town, you toss down your nap sack and excitingly ask your parents where all the other neighborhood kids are! Your three years old, and are ready to tear up the neighborhood with what would be the “Loomis Street crew”. It’s then that you are told, that there aren’t really any other kids on the street. Your heart stops, jaw drops and your eyes even fill up a little, “They tricked me! Those meanies! They knew all along that you’d be the only little one, but they didn’t tell you till the deed was done and there was no turning back.” Feeling betrayed you grab that bright purple Jan Sport and storm to the backyard. (You’re currently in the Stomping and slamming phase of getting attention)

After retreating to the back deck, you can’t believe what awaits you. A lush green mingle of trees and bushes extends as far as the eye can see. So many tunnels and paths to explore and create, you forget that your new residence is in the heart of a retirement neighborhood. Wiping away the tears that have hardened on your cheek, you go back inside. Trying to hide the excitement that is bottling up you march straight past mom and dad (must not let them know your happy about the move quite yet) and you go right to the boxes, labeled “Aubreys’ Adventure Equipment”. Tearing off the tape and ripping open the cardboard flaps, a lifetime collection of mountaineering tools is revealed. Stuffing the Jan sport with old shoelaces, harnesses made from discarded ties, and an assortment of cardboard ice-climbing tools you are ready. Mission 001 commences in 3 minutes.

After taking another glimpse at the almost intimidating woods, you decide to send companion and fellow adventurer, Thumbelina out first. Tying knots and fitting her harness, finally the rappel off the deck is ready to go. Thumbelina dangles off the edge and you slowly lower her into the depths of the jungle below. This is not Thumbelinas first descent however; over the years she has mastered the art of climbing and rappelling staircases across the globe. A simple deck drop should be no problem. Once she has safely reached the bottom, it is now your turn. Strapping scarves and ties to your waist you climb the banister and shout down to your partner “I’m ready! Hold on to the rope and keep it tight!” A last glimpse over the shoulder and off the banister you went.

SMACK!! The ground is hard, really hard. The pain thunders to your knee and the throbbing sets in. Looking down at your denim covered knees; you start to sniffle as the dark blood seeps through. “Wounded again!!” you grumble. Then the lecture begins, “Thumbelina, darlin’, I love you to death baby girl, but you have got to work on your belaying skills, This is the 3rd time this week you dropped me.”

This explains so much....Big thanks to my Pops for digging this up and sending it to me.
Spent the day in Santa Barbara, Cali today - ocean, sand and sunshine....

Quote of the Day:
"When you're lost in those woods, it sometimes takes you a while to realize that you are lost. For the longest time, you can convince yourself that you've just wandered off the path, that you'll find your way back to the trailhead any moment now. Then night falls again and again, and you still have no idea where you are, and its time to admit that you have bewildered yourself so far off the path that you dont even know from which direction the sun rises anymore." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Glimpse of Clarity of the Day:
Sometimes life feels like a chess board.....It is when you realize that you've always been more of a checkers girl and don't know the rules of Chess that things can feel pretty overwhelming. It is with that realization that I am going to attempt to figure out who all the players are, what my piece is - and the most pressing decision of where I am going to place the board down. AKA Things fall out of place as quickly as they fell in....Still unsure of where I'll be hanging my hat for the next few months. Any suggestions ???

-Two more weeks till season really starts....For 11 months!
-Big plans, Big Goals - Very Very Excited.
-Met with both my Run & Swim Coach who are so unbelievably helpful and inspiring.
-Next Registration round happens December 1st.
-I am thankful that I am so passionate about pursuing this racing career - because right now it feels like my concrete island in the middle of a choppy ocean.

Here's to Peace, Vision & Journals,

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West Bound.....

M-O-V-I-N-G & H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S

overcast 50 °F

24. Yikes. Is it weird that the only reason I'm excited to get a year older is so I can move up an age bracket for racing?
Yeahhhh 25-29!!! Already went on my run and ride to celebrate the transition.

That whole 'moving to California' thing has crept up - We've gone from a countdown of 38 Mondays - to 38 hours (give or take).
Nervous? Maybe a little.
Excited? Maybe a lot.

Here's the 101:
Heading out tomorrow - Ha.
That's about all I got. The rest will fall into place.

Quote of the Day:

"Knowledge is power, community is strength and positive attitude is everything"
— Lance Armstrong

Stay tuned - I'll be checking in from the west coast soon <3
Much love love love

Here's to Peace, Positive Direction & The Pacific Ocean,

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Entry #22. Dun-Dun-Dun.

overcast 42 °F

Monster-Dash Duathlon was on Halloween. Run 3 - Bike 14.5 - Run 3
An awesome race - aside from on the bike with the crosswinds making me feel like I was on the wooden roller coaster at Riverside (oh...excuse me, 'Six Flags') But to be honest, bring on the wind!! - It's a little bit fun....in a weird makes you work way freakin' harder kind of way.
My dad raced too! (Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming) It was pretty awesome - I haven't seen him race since I was a wee -little peanut. He beat his time goal and placed in the top quarter overall!! Hoot Hoot!

I finished 1st place female - by over 6 minutes!!!
I never saw another woman the entire race.
I was also pretty stoked because I passed 10 guys on the bike, and only got re-passed by two of them.

It was C-O-L-D waiting around for awards.....for an hour and a half. We had to wait for everyone to be off the course, and then there was problems with the timing. In any case it was worth the wait BECAUSE my 1st place prize was......drum roll please......A huge ceramic skull!!! No, No, not just any Halloween decor item, let me tell you, this thing can even light up - AND (are you sensing the sarcasm yet) it is personalized on the back with our the race, date and finishing place! 2nd and 3rd place overall got epic-ly cool looking trophys. Big ones. Which means someone in the organization of the event actually deemed that the 'better' and 'more sought out' prize would be this random skull creation. Hmmm.....It is a damn good conversation piece.


Here's the deal. Ready. Go.

50/50 Raffle

Tickets = 1 for $1 - 6 for $5 - 25 for $20.
Half of the money raised goes directly into the prize pot. So if we raise $1,000 - the prize that YOU could win would be $500. C-A-S-H.

The other half will go into a race account. Which will be used solely for upcoming race registration fees.
The races that I need to do in '11 have some insane registration fees. (Insane being an understatement) Pairing that with the fact that the races are all over the country - is going to make things pretty damn tough for this athlete, and I'm determined to not let money hold be back from going pro. Creativity is needed - and this is what I came up with. I figured the best way to raise some money would be giving the chance for someone else to make a bunch too. Who's feeling lucky???? : )

What to do......

If you'd like to buy some tickets (which would be beyond appreciated).....

Send a check to....
ATTN: Triathlon Raffle
PO BOX 265
Southwick, MA. 01077

Important Info:

  • **Please include your name, email and best contact phone number so that I can fill out your tickets for you and put them in the drawing.
  • **I will fill out the appropriate number of tickets for you and then you'll get an email confirming the amount you sent and the corresponding ticket number. Remember.....25 tickets for $20....... <3
  • **The drawing will be November 29th, so there is plenty of time.
  • **Spread the word, Share the love, Rack up some kharma, and Thank You.

Quotes of the Day:
"At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient....only the universe rearranging itself."
-Jon Kabat-Zinn

"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream"

Here's to Peace, Ticket-Stubs and Skulls,

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