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November 2013

Back To College

but just for a hot second.

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Every aspect of life is mental. Sometimes when things just aren't feeling right upstairs, it is tough to get back to that place of strength, persistence and clarity. The past couple of weeks have been a little sporadic, mostly in that I was allowing my head to create unnecessary stress. Then letting that stress affect other important avenues of my life. I suppose my lesson learned is that "it's not necessarily about WHAT is going on...it is more about how you CHOOSE to respond" Moving forward, ya just gotta keep in control and remember that your power comes from inside your head.


I'm utilizing this week to rest. Rest all of it, body & mind. Usually with this recovery period comes the fear of going absolutely stir crazy or getting agitated because of the lack of training/exercise. But, I'm thinking that might not be the case this time around. I am just totally toasted, and ready for a genuine reset. Next Monday will begin a new chapter in training. New coach and new team training schedule. I'm looking forward to some mega-leaps. But for now, my feet are firmly planted in today and enjoying whatever I am immediately surrounded by.


One day in college I was directed to the ENVS office. Little did I know this trip through Wilson Hall would not only cause me to change majors, but it would shape my direction well beyond any college career. With a flannel on, socks with his sandals, whitewater pics adorning the walls, and tea cup in hand...I met who would become my college advisor, life inspiration and despite being states and years away from out last tea and bagel chats..a continued daily influence on who I am and the path I am pursuing.

As I take some time to look back and reflect on where I have gathered motivation, understanding, and strength....an overwhelming amount of the things I draw from each day originate with him. When I was torn and half-hearted about applying to graduate school, he helped me believe that pursuing my real passion, racing, would be worth it. Don't believe that any human can be this super, gnarly, awesome, and cool. Well. If the socks with sandals doesn't prove it, maybe this will....

Words O' Wisdom that have stuck

"Time to put the distance on...not all animals hibernate in winter."

"Let your shoes be your therapist. Let the road hear your thoughts. It's fall. Time to lay the base for next year, time to put on the distance that makes the foundation for next year's speed work. Strap on your heart rate monitor and go. Get the volume of work way up. Focus on improving technique."

"The mark of an elite athlete is consistent results. It takes 6 years and 10,000 hours to become a world champion." - September 19th 2010

"Keep your eyes and ears and soul open, and learn. Keep your expectations reasonable. Race against yourself, not against them"

"Don't extend your ladder so high there's nothing to lean it on when you try to climb up. You've got to keep your package together several more years...don't try to unwrap it right away, or it may well be empty."

"Remember, when you're all done, ALL you have are the memories of the experiences, and maybe a few trophies or medals. Make the memories. Live the life"

And of course, the clincher.....
"Save your money for peanut butter and jelly."

Graduation 2010

Here's to peace, 3 more years, and never hibernating,


I suppose half of you reading this were enticed by the 'back to college' title....So to be fair....I guess we can dive into the evenings of that era for a just second. Syracuse and WSC reunite : ) And those who might have thought I was going back to school. Nope. Too much learning going on in the big big world right now!

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I'm talkin' about a little place called Aspen...

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Multi-sport athletes have more laundry than an entire family of four combined.
It sure is a good thing that we also believe in things like the 'smell test' to determine if things are truly dirty.

Packing for an adventure, no mater the duration....always involves a series of track bags. Typically packed by sport or fabric type (cotton / tech)

There are three food guaranteed to be in an athletes apartment at any given time.....no matter how tight the budget. 1. bananas 2. Greek yogurt and 3. Whatever free junk you got with the last race packet (gels, bars, shotblocks, crap) I think a runner up #4 would be eggs.

Is there a way to determine which sport an athlete gravitates toward the most? Perhaps its something in the ratio of spare tubes:bathing caps:running shoes in the car or apartment? Which for me at this moment is 4:8:3....maybe some truth there?

Birthday Weekend

Surprises are the best. Especially when they involve the trifecta of travel, mountains and bikes. I was told what to pack (including the mtn bike) and that was the extent of my knowledge. After a coffee stop at Red Rock we set out on the road to Aspen (but I didn't know it yet). Arrived to our Swanky suite in a fancy pants hotel and got ready to hit the dirt.
The weekend snapshot included: Pandas. Sidewalk lunches. Fireside snuggles. Stars. Amazing Italian dinner. Smugglers Mountain trail of up, up and more up. Mojitios. Brunch. Red Hill's trail of technical, switchbacks and more technical...which was fantastic walk-a-bike practice ; ) And just an overall weekend of celebration in the mountains.

Thanks to all my family and friends for the birthday wishes. It means a lot to hear from friends old and new, near and far.

Things of Great Excitement:

Relationship with ROLLrecovery
The Revolutionary ROLLrecovery System
An absolute gift to your body. More to follow soon!

The ol' right knee has been throwing a wrench in my groove the past couple weeks. I've been forced to slow down, focus on recovery and staying smart. There is nothing worse than have a little break-down drag out for months on end. So. Here's to hoping that being proactive (even though it's not easy to sit a home while team run is happening) pays off and I'll be back course asap. *That is not something of "great excitement." But, it's something...and it certainly doesn't deserve it's own bold title.

There are times to be patient, and slowly walk the road of your goals and then there are times to look at where you want to be and do whatever it takes to get there. No excuses.


March 2010. My very first time in Colorado. I spent one day in Boulder, with two dear friends and I left secretly promising myself that someday I would live there. There hasn't been a single day since this summer that I haven't at one point thanked my lucky stars for being able to call this place home.

Quote of the moment:

"Keep every door and window open. The more opportunities you remain open to the better. And worst case scenario, you're living each day in some fabulous fresh air."

Here's to peace, changing seasons and looking forward

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