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World Champs - New Zealand

Racers, Airplanes and Kiwis..Oh My!

overcast 60 °F

Airport Notes:

Triathletes are a funny breed. I think sometime in the future I'll do an entire entry devoted to the idiosyncrasies of a multi-sport athlete.
Until then I stand by the belief that no matter how hardcore you are, visors in the airport?
Not. Ok.

However, race shoes, clutch for TSA security screenings.
I got to practice 'transitioning' into my race shoes like 4 times. BAM. ; )



"What was the water temp?"
me: 56 degrees.
"Was it cold?"
me: blank stare. um. are you serious?
for the record anything below 60....f-ing freezing.

Profile Design wetsuit gave me quite the slashing on the neck. The abrasion was so bad that it was dripping blood onto my legs when I was riding.
It also added a nice and gruesome slit-throat look to my finishing photos. Eeek.
Product testing? Anyone? Anyone?

Course was beautiful. 2 laps, 4 decent climbs on each one.
Was able to redeem my swim performance a little bit by jumping up 20 places.
Haven't had that much FUN on my bike since....since....the last time I raced, I suppose!

Flat. Fast. Double Loop.
The ultimate in venue set-up. New PR.
Passed by a fish market (x2). There is nothing quite like the over-powering, gut-wrenching smell of fish guts during a race.

16th in age group / 76 total. 1st in from the USA
64th women / 686 total


Overall Season Impressions

Went thru quite a lot of ups and downs. The majority of the season felt like a butt kicking all the way around.
Nationals and Worlds were by far my strongest performances, which made the season feel progressive and overall productive.
A shift of overall commitment next season will be a big factor.
The small decisions develop into the big picture, which will become your performances.

New Zealand Sneak Peak:


Sarah Groff did an interview recently and when asked about her off season plans.
She answered: "Very little physical activity, beyond taking the dog on hikes and some yoga.
I try to get as stir-crazy as possible on my break; I appreciate my return to training more!"
Sounds good to this girl!

Out of Order until December 2nd ; )

Quote of the moment:
"There is a time for everything: A time to relax and a time to be busy,
a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish"
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Here's to Autumn, Love & Chilly Mornings,

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