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Rock & Roll - Sun & Snow

Juggling Balls & Dodging Needles

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December & January

Three Places. Three Take-A-Ways
1. Canada for Christmas.
Pepe: "How happy are you on a scale of 1-10?"
Me: " A 12" (When my Pepe asked me about RJ) I'd say that accurately sums up that trip.

2. Massachusetts. I'm thankful that no matter how long (or short) my visits back home are, Nick and I never fail to have a long run and a coffee together. This time around we had to forgo the quality of Mrs. Murphys and settle for a Dunks in the truck, but it was great. "Dunks in the truck" Hmm....I feel like I'm knocking on the door of an epic hip hop jam.

3. Bonaire. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with my mom & dad. The week was spent with lot's of time blowing bubbles, open water swimming and just one quick trip to the Emergency Room.

Now that the summary is out of the way. Let's take a peak at the present.
And Yes, I know, that was not the most worthy summary to encompass these past couple months.

I recently realized that I might have too many balls in the air.
Too much going on, too many responsibilities, too many people waiting on me for something....
So. I'm streamlining. Embracing the selfish and remembering that this year is about creating a career.

I was all prepared to go get my MRI on last week....going to the hospital with out my mom or a significant other was a new experience. After the mornings power test on the bike I was totally prepared to be tough. Then I found out that the contrast dye needed to be injected directly into my hip joint via the monster daddy of all syringes. Phew. That was a curve ball. With tears streaming down my face I made continuous jokes with the doctor in effort to diffuse my own anxiety. Ultimately, I survived unscathed.

Next, it was time to enter the 'waiting period' AKA call imaging department every 2 hours over the next 36 hours. You know what they say, the squeaky wheel gets the fastest radiologist reading.
Results: Not ideal but not the end of the world. Doing my best to stay on track until we figure out the next step....even though sometimes I just want to run away back to Bonaire and never look back.

When we do have to be inside, thankful for the Apex crew.
Resources. Inspiration. Friendship. Goals

Winter has finally arrived in Boulder but I am ready for summer.

Cheers to peace, overcoming obstacles and comfy clothes,

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List It Out.

Turn on your brain and your heart

overcast 65 °F

In Massachusetts one of the biggest and most important roles I fulfilled was "Advisor" to the Outdoor Wilderness Leader youth group. The "OWLs". Now this goes way further back than just a handful of years. To best paint this picture you first need to understand a little bit of where I come from.


Wilderness Experiences Unlimited

This was and continues to be more than my families business. It is our lifestyle. It represents passion, challenge, dreams, fulfillment, stress, growth, change, constancy, and so much more. I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in adventure sports. Skiing at two, rock-climbing at three, riding on the back of my dads training bike at ten months....I was scuba certified at the age of 12.....with my grandfather who was 75. My dad and I went sky-diving on the day of my senior prom because it made no sense to me to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress when you could jump out a plane instead. Mom and I have led groups of divers to Australia, Egypt and the Philippines. As a family, I have to say we're an ass-kicking trio. Anyways.


A big part of our business was and continues to be the youth group. Founded on the belief that Mother Earth needs our youth to stand up for what is right, and use their voices to speak for those that don't have voices of their own. Environmental education and value clarification were keystone.

As a toddler, I was the OWL 'Mascot'. Climbing underneath chairs, sitting on laps and getting piggy-backs from teens of the 80s. As a little kiddo the OWLs and Summer Camp staff were my biggest and most crucial role models, and continue to be with their accomplishments to this very day. As I got older and took on more responsibility the groups of kids brought me genuine hope for the future. Teens embracing one another for their differences, being passionate about protecting the natural world and being able to "unplug" for days at a time to sleep close to the earth.

The OWLs are my little brothers and sisters. And distance hasn't changed it. I love the letters, email updates and phone calls I still get....mostly when high-school drama strikes again and a listening ear is needed. I've even grown used to the SOOO high-school snap chats. (Do I really need to see a picture of your teacher drawing on the white board? No. But I love you anyway ; P )


101 Background Complete.

Now. 'List It Out'

(*You'll want a scrap piece of paper and a pen)

Often in OWLs, activities were meant to challenge your mind and encourage you to look within.
Self-awareness and Self-confidence makes for some strong, devoted and incredible leaders. This is an activity that we would do every year, and I want to share it with whoever is still reading this damn thing.

1. On your paper create the following headings.

3 Pivitol People

3 short-term goals (6 months)

3 mid-term goals (2 years)

3 long-term goals (5 years+)

3 Defining Moments

2 Things I Love About Myself

2 Things I Am Working On Within Myself

If I could give one sentence of advice it would be......

2. Spend some real time on each topic. Reflect on the past year of your life and project forward. What you accomplished? Where you've been? What made you soar? When did you stumble? How did you get up from those stumbles? Who has made an impact on your heart along the way? Then thoughtfully fill in the blanks.

3. When you are done, envelope it, date it and stash it somewhere safe. Repeat next year ; )

It is amazing to look at these over time. I have a handful of these dating back over 15 years. To see the personal growth, identify trends, and see how much so things change is so freakin' cool. It's never too late / you're never too old to spend some time taking a "Self-Inventory"


That's all I have to offer for a Throwback Thursday.

Take time to look back at yourself.

And so continues 2014...."The Year of Me"

Here's to peace, faith and working hard

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I've Got A Bike & A Plane Ticket

...What more could a girl ask for?

sunny 45 °F

A brief summary of winter....

"It's only December....plenty of time"
"It's still just January, so early in the season"
"We're only at the beginning of February....still plenty of time"


It's wild how fast time flies. Every now and again I'll get all nostalgic about how much has happened, or how much has changed over X amount of time. It is something that just continuously blows my mind. That being said, I'm getting prepped for the first (and second) race of the 2014 season this upcoming weekend. (2014!?! What?!) This one kicks it all off. Clermont EDR is a good benchmark for me. It's a course I've done twice before, it's fiercely competitive and it gets me in a mind-space ready to crush people for all the races yet to come. This years race strategy is quite a bit different that last year and I'm feeling fired up to do some work.

But, Today We Take A Flash To The Past.


Let's rewind 10 years....ages 14-21? This period of my life my bestie Jess and I were river rats. We'd spend 4, 5, 6, days on the river, paddling hard, playing big, eating PB and J in an eddy while we fantasized about new rivers, waterfalls and well....of course the whitewater boys.

I still find some pride in not having a single 5 -day week of school my entire senior year....something about getting lots of rain, or having a big snow melt that seemed to result in a lot of 'doctor appointments' Jess and I would be off, fearlessly scouting some new section of the New Boston, dancing bluegrass in West Virginia after a day on the Cheat, hucking of an 18-footer in Maine, or just playing hard at the local play hole.

Some mornings weren't so easy....pounding headaches have a certain way of complicating thule straps.

But we would make it to the river, stay until it got dark....or a little bit after that because our "one more rides" just kept happening

Boating Was Life.

Now, this next chapter.
Same passion. Same hunger. Same fulfillment.
(Only a lot more work and a lot less tequila)

Quote of the moment:
Anyone you have danced in the rain with....are true friends. Keepers.
(*If you've done it in underwear, sober, on the side of the river....you'll be friends until nursing home status, where you will, of course, relentlessly harass the cute male nurses)

Countdown: 4 1/2 days. What?!?!

Here's to peace, flashing back and pedaling forward,

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Visit to the Flatlands

From the 303 to the 413

snow 12 °F

Massachusetts was a whirlwind visit. Techincally it continues to be....since we are getting dumped on with snow and it's looking like attempted flight back #2 might be bagged tomorrow morning. TBA I suppose. Anyways. Certainly packed everything I could into being back east. Feel pretty lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

On to the Highlights:

(To be read in that really fast auctioneer voice)

Drive to the Berkshires. Eat kale for breakfast. Seminar on desire. Ponder intention. Run hill repeats. Yoga Dance with mom. No inhibitions. Reach Z5 heart rate dancing hard to Adele. Vinyasa Class. Organic chicken and homemade bread. Snuggle with my dog. Swim 4500. Get hair done. Nonnie and Pepe over for Lunch. Base run in the slush. Raid closets with Mom. Laugh so hard it hurt. Ask where the ladder was to Nicks Truck. Listen to songs about trucks, in Nicks truck. OWLs Youth Group 60's Prom. See all my little kiddos, who aren't so little anymore. Be really proud of them. Win the limbo. Teach 20 high schoolers the electric slide. Do the cha-cha slide. Hugs. Be cold. Drive in the truck again. See Jordan. See Neal. See Steve. See the Southwick Inn. Leap off of chair, over Steve's lap to get the last spoon, while playing 'spoons'. Stay up til 2. Sleep in til 10. Start phase one of making a homemade South African wine with Dad. Run 8 miles with Dad. Make recycled bike part jewelry. Coffee date with Jess Wenig. Early morning swim. Get a facial. Curse the cold. Drink Mrs. Murphys. Visit Uncle Ray in Soldiers Home. Spend time with Nonnie and Pepe. More hugs. Write articles on cycle touring in Europe. Dinner with my girls. Flight gets cancelled. Movie with my Nick. Snuggles with my dog. Dentist appt. Really good swim wkout. Submit articles for publication. Search for the sun. Miss Colorado weather. Coffee date. Become distracted. Solid Tempo run. Work remotely. Wait for tomorrows flight to be cancelled.

So weird to add oak chips to the first fermentation step.

So. Freakin'. Cold. #overNEweather
17 Degree High Today in Westfield, MA. 61 Degree High in Boulder.

Getting busy. #recycledjewlery #bikeparts #newcalling?

Getting my limbo on. I swear its more quad strength then bendy-ness. #bikes

Look at these munchkins. Who are not my 10 year old munchkins anymore.
College freshman? Highschool team captains? Driving? #feelingold
So proud of who you all are growing up to be. Keep following your dreams. Keep working hard. And for goodness sake, keep laughing!

Also, gotta send a little love to Colorado MultiSport. Getting set-up with the fit-master, Ryan next week.
Can't thank them enough in advance for the support. #gettingdialed

Here's to peace, run miles & new adventures

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