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The Scene

When: 11:30pm. 5 hours before scheduled arrival time to hospital

Where: The streets of Boston, North End.

Who: Three of my nearest and dearest, who took me out, made me laugh and snuggled all over me - keeping me happy and distracted the night before my surgery.

Dialogue: "Wait. Umm...It looks like Umass Medical Memorial Campus is not here in Boston, it's uhhhh.....back in Worchester*."
"What. The. Fuck. How do I not know what CITY my surgery is scheduled in!?" "Seriously. You can't make this shit up"

  • for the CO crew it is pronounced 'Wooster'

So. We laughed a bit, set our alarms for even earlier in the wee hours and hunkered down for a couple hours of sleep before driving back in the direction I had started in. Navigation has never been a strong suit. Always thankful for old friends and new beginnings.

Anyways. I made it where I needed to be, for when I needed to be there, and by 7:30am I was laughing hysterically, in a super sexy hospital johnny asking the birth dates of everyone on my surgical team...then came 'lights out'. By 10am I was groggy, repaired and EXHAUSTED.


  • rest easy, just a little cornea irritation warranted this bad ass eye patch.

Now. Other stuff.


Summer turned into fall.

Had some big realizations of what it is that I love doing, and the direction I want to go. I also remembered that the people in my life are the best kind of friends because where we are just doesn't matter...Colorado, Massachusetts, Anywhere in between, If it's been 4 months or 14 years, somethings never change and that is amazing. Priceless.

I learned a lot, lead a lot, grew a lot.


Early Morning Meeting

Kennebec River Trip.
Outdoor Wilderness Leaders 'Start the Year Off Right Trip'

Afternoon Commute

Kayaking Day Camp Program

Business Trip

Different office, Different day
NAUI Scuba Instructor Course

Oh. And.
This happened, and now I need to learn to sail.
The power, pulse and peacefulness of the ocean is where I feel at home.
Hmm...I wonder if I know anyone who can teach a girl to sail..

Quote of the moment:

Embracing each day as it comes. Countdown free. But, I mean technically....if we WERE going to be counting down something it would likely be Surfing in Panama. And in that case it's 3,352 hours. #recovertosurf

Cheers to peace, patience and recovering little by little

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Rock & Roll - Sun & Snow

Juggling Balls & Dodging Needles

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December & January

Three Places. Three Take-A-Ways
1. Canada for Christmas.
Pepe: "How happy are you on a scale of 1-10?"
Me: " A 12" (When my Pepe asked me about RJ) I'd say that accurately sums up that trip.

2. Massachusetts. I'm thankful that no matter how long (or short) my visits back home are, Nick and I never fail to have a long run and a coffee together. This time around we had to forgo the quality of Mrs. Murphys and settle for a Dunks in the truck, but it was great. "Dunks in the truck" Hmm....I feel like I'm knocking on the door of an epic hip hop jam.

3. Bonaire. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with my mom & dad. The week was spent with lot's of time blowing bubbles, open water swimming and just one quick trip to the Emergency Room.

Now that the summary is out of the way. Let's take a peak at the present.
And Yes, I know, that was not the most worthy summary to encompass these past couple months.

I recently realized that I might have too many balls in the air.
Too much going on, too many responsibilities, too many people waiting on me for something....
So. I'm streamlining. Embracing the selfish and remembering that this year is about creating a career.

I was all prepared to go get my MRI on last week....going to the hospital with out my mom or a significant other was a new experience. After the mornings power test on the bike I was totally prepared to be tough. Then I found out that the contrast dye needed to be injected directly into my hip joint via the monster daddy of all syringes. Phew. That was a curve ball. With tears streaming down my face I made continuous jokes with the doctor in effort to diffuse my own anxiety. Ultimately, I survived unscathed.

Next, it was time to enter the 'waiting period' AKA call imaging department every 2 hours over the next 36 hours. You know what they say, the squeaky wheel gets the fastest radiologist reading.
Results: Not ideal but not the end of the world. Doing my best to stay on track until we figure out the next step....even though sometimes I just want to run away back to Bonaire and never look back.

When we do have to be inside, thankful for the Apex crew.
Resources. Inspiration. Friendship. Goals

Winter has finally arrived in Boulder but I am ready for summer.

Cheers to peace, overcoming obstacles and comfy clothes,

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Racing Ghosts & Near Death Laugther

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It feels very strange to be writing an entry from a place other than sandwiched between two large men in the middle seat somewhere on the back-half of a Southwest flight. Got to L-O-V-E having boarding position C48 every. damn. flight. Anyways.


Swim openwater, ride bikes, run track, run trails, boston harbor, american authors / the script / one republic show, grilling out, playing with puppies, holding hands, mrs. murphy coffee, little sisters, staff meetings, Nonnie's home-cooking, riding the "T", hugs from Nick Davis, lay on the beach, briefly trespass to enjoy the lazy life of the rich and famous, long walks on the beach (cliche as it is), the beauty of small town Southwick, gossip with the girls, sushi, red wine, more red wine, lobster chowda, the worlds best salad, following your heart and working toward your dreams.


Cohasset Race

Great weekend for the crew. RJ was 2nd pro, I was first amateur, Dad was 3rd in his age-group and Nick was 2nd in his age group. Not a bad morning.


It started a bit interesting though.....at swim start for the 2nd wave I noted lots of women around me a wearing caps with their hair sticking out, still in flip-flops, race number tattoos were backwards and upside down. Being a little unsure I asked what wave this was, and got the bright eyed blue-bell answer of "GOODMORNING! This is the Beginner Wave. It's for novice racers. This is my very first triathlon! Are you nervous too!?" Uhhhh. Oh Shit. There was some confusion at check-in and I was given a random number, ended up being assigned to rack with the 45 year old men and apparently a start with the newbies. My actual wave of EA's and pros had gone off 10 minutes prior. It was no doubt the friendliest open water swim I had ever done, zero body contact with anyone. This brings me back to the title "Racing with Ghosts" After half way through the bike and catching the back half of the first wave, I was on my own. Nobody in sight behind or up front. The run course was just as lonely. It was a good mental game of staying motivated and focused knowing my competition was out there..somewhere....working hard and moving fast. Better splits than last year so no complaints. But the icing was being able to share the day with family and friends.

The east coast has a huge chunk of my heart on reserve and getting to spend time on the shore is priceless. But it is great to be back to the 303 where I truly belong.

So this brings us through June. (Sometimes life just gets crazy, busy, fun, and there isn't time to blog. Deepest apologies. Sarcasm)
Next post will be much more exciting.....much. more. exciting.

Quote of the moment:


Here's to peace, laughing until it hurts and then laughing more,

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List It Out.

Turn on your brain and your heart

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In Massachusetts one of the biggest and most important roles I fulfilled was "Advisor" to the Outdoor Wilderness Leader youth group. The "OWLs". Now this goes way further back than just a handful of years. To best paint this picture you first need to understand a little bit of where I come from.


Wilderness Experiences Unlimited

This was and continues to be more than my families business. It is our lifestyle. It represents passion, challenge, dreams, fulfillment, stress, growth, change, constancy, and so much more. I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in adventure sports. Skiing at two, rock-climbing at three, riding on the back of my dads training bike at ten months....I was scuba certified at the age of 12.....with my grandfather who was 75. My dad and I went sky-diving on the day of my senior prom because it made no sense to me to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress when you could jump out a plane instead. Mom and I have led groups of divers to Australia, Egypt and the Philippines. As a family, I have to say we're an ass-kicking trio. Anyways.


A big part of our business was and continues to be the youth group. Founded on the belief that Mother Earth needs our youth to stand up for what is right, and use their voices to speak for those that don't have voices of their own. Environmental education and value clarification were keystone.

As a toddler, I was the OWL 'Mascot'. Climbing underneath chairs, sitting on laps and getting piggy-backs from teens of the 80s. As a little kiddo the OWLs and Summer Camp staff were my biggest and most crucial role models, and continue to be with their accomplishments to this very day. As I got older and took on more responsibility the groups of kids brought me genuine hope for the future. Teens embracing one another for their differences, being passionate about protecting the natural world and being able to "unplug" for days at a time to sleep close to the earth.

The OWLs are my little brothers and sisters. And distance hasn't changed it. I love the letters, email updates and phone calls I still get....mostly when high-school drama strikes again and a listening ear is needed. I've even grown used to the SOOO high-school snap chats. (Do I really need to see a picture of your teacher drawing on the white board? No. But I love you anyway ; P )


101 Background Complete.

Now. 'List It Out'

(*You'll want a scrap piece of paper and a pen)

Often in OWLs, activities were meant to challenge your mind and encourage you to look within.
Self-awareness and Self-confidence makes for some strong, devoted and incredible leaders. This is an activity that we would do every year, and I want to share it with whoever is still reading this damn thing.

1. On your paper create the following headings.

3 Pivitol People

3 short-term goals (6 months)

3 mid-term goals (2 years)

3 long-term goals (5 years+)

3 Defining Moments

2 Things I Love About Myself

2 Things I Am Working On Within Myself

If I could give one sentence of advice it would be......

2. Spend some real time on each topic. Reflect on the past year of your life and project forward. What you accomplished? Where you've been? What made you soar? When did you stumble? How did you get up from those stumbles? Who has made an impact on your heart along the way? Then thoughtfully fill in the blanks.

3. When you are done, envelope it, date it and stash it somewhere safe. Repeat next year ; )

It is amazing to look at these over time. I have a handful of these dating back over 15 years. To see the personal growth, identify trends, and see how much so things change is so freakin' cool. It's never too late / you're never too old to spend some time taking a "Self-Inventory"


That's all I have to offer for a Throwback Thursday.

Take time to look back at yourself.

And so continues 2014...."The Year of Me"

Here's to peace, faith and working hard

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