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What happens in Key West stays in Key West.

Actually, No. These memories will last a lifetime.

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First: Little Tidbits Of Travel

Assorted airports and assorted quotes that sums up 6 flights. Yes, it took 6 different planes to get to and from Key West.

“Name one food you can’t put bacon on and it will taste better”

Q: May I just have an omelet with all the veggie options you have?
A: Well, we can do onions and bacon.
Q: Umm…let’s skip the bacon, and how about some of the other options from other places on the menu…peppers,,,broccoli
A: Ok. onions, tomato and bacon
Thought: We aren’t in boulder anymore Toto.

“I’ve just found this to be a good use of time while I’m waiting to board….”
-Says the man who is (literally) bicep curling his carryon bag.

“Awwwww hell no….I did not just only bring my short lashes” <crisis mode voice> Says the woman gluing eyelashes on in the public bathroom.

Shuttle 1 of 4:
“Insert Video Clip Here (If I had one)” Of the shuttle driver belting out some pretty intense ‘praise to the kingdom’ ‘amen’ ‘hallejuigh, love thy savior’ jams at 3:45am. #americanidolworthy #myfillofreligionfortheyear


1. Dear You: Just take the entire cookie. Because you know when you break it in half, and leave one half behind….It is only a matter of time until you go back, break that half in half and….Seriously ¾ of a cookie!? Who does that. (Yeahh…you know you do…it’s ok, we all do)

2.Your ‘delicates’ and ‘tech clothes’ getting hung to dry is a direct reflection as to how much spare time you have on laundry day. AKA, I’ve got 90 seconds before I have to leave…screw it it’s all going in the dryer.


Life is a river...It is not a straight line.
Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun. Be silly.
Being scared is ok, it means you care.

In kayaking we would rate rivers by class, but not just the rapid itself. A section could be “Class IV” for example, but with “class V” consequences. Meaning there was something about the rapid that if you were to get into a bad spot the repercussions were more dangerous than the technical skills required to get through. Maybe there were under cut rocks, or some strainers (downed trees) Before putting in it all comes down to, “Is it worth it?” ”Is it worth the risk”. You would make that decision knowing that once you dropped in, you were committed to paddle your little butt to the best of your ability, and have an intense amount of fun while doing it….because something about the sport brings you great joy.
Maybe it’s inexplicable. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you all the time. Perhaps when you think about it you can’t pin point the how or the why it makes you so happy. Why are you wiling to devote so much time to the river?


I've been thinking about how scary and confusing it can be to begin to let someone into your life, and into your heart…..like on the river, there is a similar level of uncertainty..of risk. It is something that takes time, energy and commitment to make forward progress. Maybe sometimes in life we need to stop all the calculating and just drop into the river, not knowing exactly what each rapid ahead holds…but knowing that at the end of the day it is worth it…because being there brings you great joy and that is enough.
#LifeIsARiver #GoGetWet


Quote Of The Moment

"We are all afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to us. Caring is not synonymous with crazy. Expressing to someone how special they are to you will make you vulnerable. There is no denying that. However, that is nothing to be ashamed of. There is something breathtakingly beautiful in the moments of smaller magic that occur when you strip down and are honest with those who are important to you. Let that someone know that they inspire you. Tell your mother you love her in front of your friends. Express, express, express. Open yourself up, do not harden yourself to the world, and be bold in who, and how, you love. There is courage in that." #MakeYourOwnPath #BeBold #BeBrilliant #NeverSettle


Key West Tri

I created a roller-coaster for myself the week leading into this trip. Understatement. Debating on whether I want to race, whether I wanted to go, dreading travel, totally fighting getting sick, and just feeling 'off'.

When push came to shove / it came time for the aircraft doors to close….I stayed in my seat, found a big smile and got ready for a 12 hour travel adventure.

My hesitations about traveling were quickly resolved as soon as I found myself in RJs arms at the Miami airport. Feeling sick lingered, and not wanting to race hung around even longer…essentially right up until the gun went off.

I told myself that there are going to be days where my mind just doesn’t want to show up, and you need to make yourself race well and get over it. So, the day became about finding focus, finding good form and having fun. 3 successful missions. I had the 2nd fastest swim out of the men and women, 14th fastest bike and 3rd fasted run. Playing catch up to the boys and placing 3rd overall , 1st out of the women. It was a tiny race, 500 people total but just like all the races I’ve done this year it became a good learning / building block for next season.
In some ways it was a confidence boost and in many others a reality check…..I realize the amount of work, progress and improvement that needs to happen. I also realize that I am on a time sensitive path, and with how high I am reaching I can’t afford to waste time, energy or resources. I feel pretty lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive network at home and abroad….


That night we tore it up in the streets as a band played downtown Key West,. A couple of lone dancers we were as everyone else stood on the curb, head bobbing and foot-tapping with enthusiasm along to the music. Super lame. They were missing out, not us ; ) We were (per usual) just a couple of crazy kids, out to have a good time and make the most of our time together.


The next day I woke up early to ride and then the four of us (RJ & his folks) spent the day snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and playing in the ocean. Oh and we went para-sailing, no big deal ; ) It was the “ultimate adventure day” – literally. That is what the package was called….and appropriately named for sure. Saw a turtle and reef shark while snorkeling, got me excited to do some diving in Bonaire next month.

I suppose that is enough for today…since my battery is about kicked.

Quote of the Moment:

Cheers to sunrise rides, caring deeply and laughing until it hurts,

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What's In A Goal?

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It doesn't have to be the start of a new year to make commitments to yourself, dedicate some energy to change or take steps towards something you want. Setting goals and following your dreams can start right now. All you need is a plan.

First things first...Goals & Dreams are Different.

Dreams are just that, dreams. Intangible thoughts that motivate us, they give us something to yearn for, to desire. Goals on the other hand are all about action. Goals are what turn those dreams into reality. Goals change you and can change your life.


Let's talk strategy:

Numero Uno: What do you want? You gotta define it. Write it down. It can be a scribbled sentence, it can be a long rambling memoir of where you want to be and why. Whatever your goal is, define it so you understand it and write that shit down!

Numero Dos: Big goals require hard work over an extended period and you can't not do the work. Often times people think they can work toward their goal for a few days and that will be it. Depending on what your goals are it could take months, even years to accomplish them. Goals are dreams with a deadline. So. Next. What's your deadline? Be realistic and honest with yourself.

For me, I am not going to be racing ITU this season. Duh. I know that. But, if that is THE GOAL I need to be able to truthfully evaluate where I am today. And then, can I understand how long it is going to take me to steadily persist to where I need to be? With quite an obscene amount of work, some ambition, and a little luck....2016.

Numero Tres: You've got the goal, you've got the timeline, now back track. Fill in the gaps from there to here or here to there. What small things need to happen BEFORE you get to your Mecca? Here's the cool part, those things serve as your check-ins, your successes, bits of fulfillment along your path.

Numero Quatro: Remember. No one is going to do it for you. And that my dear friends, is an unwavering fact.

So. ASK YOURSELF....What is your dream? What is your goal? Don't be afraid to list out those steps and start climbing. Don't be afraid to get started. The worst that can happen is you will be one step, one day closer to what you want.

Other Things Life:

The hunt for a Condo has officially begun. Step #2 is underway and hopefully I will be getting approved for a mortgage loan this up-coming week.

Spent a lot of time at the Breeze Bar kitchen over the past couple weeks. Breeze Bars will be hitting the shelves Nation-Wide of SPROUTS in just a couple weeks. So amazing to see other people work so hard toward their dream, their goal and get to a big, new, exciting benchmark. Congrats to the Breeze Bar family. Many more exciting steps to come.

Winter has finally arrived in Boulder. Which means lots of time in the APEX studio, lots of time on the treadmills and some scattered bits of paradise running out in the snow and sunshine.

Saturday was fabulous. Casino Royale in the bike studio with a totally full house. Then got to see 'Second City Improv' @ the Boulder Theater. Freakin' hilarious...the company was pretty great also ; )

Continuing the tradition of Sunday Brunch with good people. Loved spending some time with Hayley, Charles & Laura. "Dirty Chai" now might have to be on my list of top ten favorite things ever.

Fun Facts for Y-O-U

It takes 17 muscles to smile --- 43 to frown.
Sometimes using less muscle is good. Choice wisely.

The human brain is about 85% water.
On that note, go ahead. Grab a glass of water....I'll wait.

In 2011, 29.9 million pounds of antibiotics were sold to the US for meat and poultry production. In 2011 7.7 million pounds were sold in the US to treat sick people.
It's OK to be a picky eater. As our grandmothers used to tell us, "You are what you eat"

The oldest person to ever set a record in Kona was 75-year-old Jim Ward. His 15:51:46 record for the 75-79 age group set in 1992 still stands.
It's never to late to set, work toward and achieve your goals. No Excuses.

9 in 10 Americans are not getting enough potassium.
Ummm....I've eaten 3 bananas today, so far. Not me!

Alright ladies and gents, that's all for today.

Leave some comments on what YOUR goals are.

I'd love to follow your story as you put in the work to get there.

As always...rest up and hit Monday H-A-R-D!

Here's to peace, laughing loud and blueberry cornbread,

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